Out of Reach
Wed Jan 20, 2010 06:27

It had all been going so well. He had her hand in his, he was snmiling, she was smiling, Ri had Ranger distracted it was almost perfect. Actually, he looked long and hard at his little sister while she danced...dshe might be disracting him too well. But Talora brought him bacl from his thoughts and he living in the present again. He swung her around, his fingers stretched out to curl around her waist but in the moment he had taken his eyes off of him, Ranger had already taken her away.

For a few moments he seethed with bitter disappointment. There was some weird fate getting in the way of him and Talora. Every time he tried something (or rather someone) got in the way. He glared at the couple and just like when Troy had kissed Grace a switch flipped in his head. Instead of walking away he was going to deal with this. There was more to Leo than the teachers pet and he was going to proove it.

He'd always been fast on his feet so it took him no time at all to think of what spell would be suitable. Muttering quietly as he edged closer he could see the effects working. Soon Ranger would find his feet to heavy to move let alone dance. Taking his opportunity he swept her away from him, twirling her around. “Sorry about that” he grinned at her.

  • The PlayRanger, Thu Jan 14 19:38
    Now don't get him wrong, Ranger wasn't the sort of guy who just danced with anyone for any reason. But Ri was insistent and he just couldn't bring him to break her heart like that. So they danced,.... more
    • Out of Reach — Leo, Wed Jan 20 06:27
      • ConfusionRanger, Fri Jan 22 10:25
        He'd had her in his arms which wasn't easy. Talora de Black was cute, but she was small and felt almost fragile. Didn't help any that she wa shaking a little with the nerves. But he did his best to... more
        • Pass the parcelTalora, Fri Jan 22 17:27
          Talora had been nervous enough about her first ball, but this evening was turning our much much stranger than she could ever have imagined. She had just taken her first timorous steps onto the dance... more
          • No FightingLeo, Sat Jan 23 17:17
            Leo didn't really have the soul of a fighter, not like his sister and all the other members of the Thestrals. The move with the spell had been a bit brash even for him and he didn't for a moment... more
            • So?Grace, Sat Jan 23 18:40
              He had winked at her and she had pressed her tongue against her teeth to keep from grinning ear to ear. Even then she felt like grinning the entire time. She watched as he went on pretending with... more
              • SmugLeo, Sat Jan 23 19:26
                Leo was feeling pretty smug with himself. He hadn't technically won but he hadn't lost. He'd gotten what he'd been after and not just a dance but a smile too. Damn she had a pretty smile. So smooth,... more
                • DancingGrace, Sat Jan 23 19:50
                  She laughed in agreement. "It's not like anyone would know it was us though." sh informed him "That's what the masks are for, noodle-brain." The next dance wasn't slow. That would have been weird if... more
                  • Cutting InTroy, Sat Jan 23 19:57
                    "Well hello there," he grinned wryly looking down at the bouncy Grace he had just narrowly avoided being knocked over by. He had a drink in hand that would certainly get him in trouble if any of the... more
                    • a grand old timeGrace, Sat Jan 23 21:29
                      "Having a wonderful time my dear ol' Han'some Bastrova." she answered. She sat in the seat he'd offered but even then she bounced a little like an overexcited puppy. She leaned forward a bit, elbows... more
            • WinnerRanger, Sat Jan 23 17:51
              Ranger watched as Hardy boy walked off, making sure he got out of shooting range and stayed there. To think the little brainiac would just try to muscle in on his date. He turned back to Talora,... more
              • A calm breezeTalora, Sat Jan 23 18:03
                Talora smiled with relief as much as anything. They hadn't fought, Leo hadn't been hurt. True he had walked away and left her, but then what else could he have done really? Talora did not have much... more
                • Ranger's movesRanger Pitt, Sat Jan 23 18:53
                  They danced and he had all the right moves and she knew just enough to keep up. She was smart and cute, anger would give her that. And after that incident with Hardy boy, she seemed to have realized... more
                  • In need of a heroTalora, Sat Jan 23 19:43
                    Talora struggled in his arms. He was holding her tight, pinning her down. She couldn't breathe! This was not not not not how it was meant to be. Her very first kiss! She wanted to weep and indeed a... more
                    • Re: In need of a heroRanger, Sat Jan 23 20:14
                      She was moving and he was certain that meant she liked it. Of course she would. He waited for her arms to go around his neck or waist like they were supposed to. When that didn't happen he figured he ... more
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