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Headmistress Blackwell
End of Year
Fri Jan 22, 2010 10:12

The Dining Hall had been redecorated since the Masquerade Ball. It was now adorned in sweeping folds of purple velvet trimmed in silver and across the staff table the three house crests were flapping airily in a gentle spring breeze that seemed to come from no where. The students had gathered, sitting at the several small tables that were placed throughout the room. Headmistress Blackwell rose to her feet, barely needing to clear her throat to silence the room.

"The ending of one year and the start of the summer holidays is always an exciting time," she began in a stern tone, "but this does not mean we have to loose our heads..." she glared in the direction of a group of her own students. "As ever I have some announcements to make. The Thundering Thestrals are the winners of this years Quidditch Tournament," she waited for the cheering to subside. "I must also take this time to congratulate the students that are graduating and leaving Aelcrest Manor. There are many opportunities out there that you are all more than capable of following and achieving your goals. I wish you all the very best of luck. Now, without further ado I have nothing more to say than enjoy your holidays. I hope you are ready to start the new year when they are through." With a curt nod she sat back down for their last meal of the school year.

    • The crowded tableRandy, Wed Jan 27 22:09
      Their table seemed to have gotten more crowded, Randy noted. Thom had brought Evangeline, Leo had Talora, and Troy had a gaggle of girls who were eager to try for an invitation to his Summer Party.... more
      • Morning After DarkOrion, Thu Jan 28 10:39
        Orion was slumped in a heap at the edge of the table, the tips of her glossy black curls being dipped in lava milk by Troy. Her head was pounding and she was sure if she moved her head it would fall... more
        • Re: Morning After DarkRandy and Grace, Fri Jan 29 19:08
          "You see." Grace told her brother " now even she's telling you to shut up." He rolled his eyes and reached for the carafe in the center of the table. He emptied his cup and shook the contents of the... more
          • Ignorance is BlissOrion & Leo, Fri Jan 29 21:10
            "I don't want to know do I?" she mumbled and Randy shook his head. She held her nose and downed the liquid. Her spine shivered and she almost choked but once it was down she felt better for it. She... more
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