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Re: Homeschooled
Fri Jan 22, 2010 17:11

I was going around picking up bits of food here and there because I hadn't since dinner which was hours ago. I used two plates holding them on my arm so my hands were free just so she didn't have to carry it or nothing.

"It was okay. I mean there was only like five or six other kids in my class, cuase we're not one of those big places like Barnum Bailey and stuff. But I got to learn all sorts of stuff. I was all set for them to send me here though, Sora said I was hand picked because I was just that talented and that a magic school'd be a great start for me. But I thought we'd be learning other stuff beides just magic, but I guess there's a lot to learn about that first huh?"

Then it occurred to me, so i asked "Hey wait a minute, you're an older kid right? So you must have taken all the older year classes. Have you seen when they start teaching us business management and Makeup Artistry and stuff do you?"

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  • HomeschooledLayla, Tue Jan 19 13:01
    Layla laughed as Jordan seemed to get so excited for her to be homeschooled. I love to dance. She said with a smile. Its not a private dance; this music just isnt the type to do the sword dance. ... more
    • Re: Homeschooled — Jordan, Fri Jan 22 17:11
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