The kiss
Fri Jan 22, 2010 19:21

"Bring it on," Kai answered and glared at him. "Only here and now is hardly the appropriate place Willoughby," he glanced at Sash and Sal. The dark head and the blonde were close together now, they both looked very lovely, but Kai only had eyes for one of them.

He had tried to cure himself of this stupid obsession/crush whatever it was and there had been a time even until quite recently when he thought he might be on the way to being cured. He had dated other girls this year of course, but after one or two dates, on which nothing whatsoever had happened, he had allowed it to fizzle out and to die a natural death. His heart just wasn't in it. It was tragically with the girl in front of him who had so callously dumped him in front of the entire school after what he had thought was the happiest year of their lives. He still to this day didn't really understand why she had done it. They had been so happy. It was lucky that Kai had no inkling that the sister whom he defended against all comers, had been one of the main forces behind Sasha's decision.

It seemed so natural, so right, to reach for his Sash, but the game had to be played and Sally James had turned out against all odds to be a natural player.

So he reached for Sal instead and moved to stand beside the girls. He put one hand around Sally's waist and stroked a loose curl from round her face,

"Hey baby," he said, "Wanna dance you and me?" he grinned and hoped she would understand. Now if at all was surely his moment to make Sasha think twice.

Hoping desperately she would not protest he leaned forward and kissed her full on the lips.

For at least ten seconds.

  • They're all the sameAaron, Fri Jan 22 18:10
    So the dirty girl was just the same as all the rest. A wannabe. She wasn't usually like this, the drinking, the giggling, the designer clothes. This was some made up doll and she looked just like a... more
    • The kiss — Kai, Fri Jan 22 19:21
      • The FalloutSally James, Sat Jan 23 09:11
        Sasha started talking about shoes and dresses and other girly things that, despite appearances, Sally knew next to nothing about. Calliope could dress her up like a B, make her walk like a B, but she ... more
        • Such a loserAaron, Sat Jan 23 15:16
          Katini was really pissing him off. The dude had a bad attitude problem. Aaron had never picked a fight with the guy, so why had he come looking for trouble in the first place? Whatever was between... more
          • Lightning strikesSasha, Sat Jan 23 15:39
            Sasha had known their had been a fight before. There had been talk and she knew Kai well enough to understand the reasons for it. He had a total belief in fairness and fair play. He was always... more
            • Anything you can doAaron, Sat Jan 23 15:53
              Aaron was not to be outdone. Katini stopped his stupid display and Aaron put his arm around Sash. "We'll see you around then," he nodded at Kai and Sally then with one swift, fluid and practised... more
              • Who Does It Better?Sally, Sat Jan 23 16:24
                The testosterone that was flying between the two boys was heating up the air around them. The posture she was trying desperately to hold was failing quickly. Her fingers clasped around Kai's, just... more
                • CongratsMattia, Sat Jan 23 17:02
                  Mattia took a moment while plying Sophie with punch to look around and noticed the Willoughby, Kaitin and there dates. There was a face off going on which was drawing looks from around the young... more
                  • The competitionAaron, Sat Jan 23 17:41
                    Aaron grinned. Matto was a funny guy. From being initially deeply irritated not to mention appalled that he had had to share a bedroom he had quite come round to this deeply messy individual and the... more
                    • Knotch in A BedpostSophie Coulten, Sat Jan 23 17:55
                      Sophie waited patiently for almost two minutes before turning impatiently on her heel to see where Mattia had gone. In those two minutes she caught Ted's eye. He was sitting not too far away at a... more
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