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Guy Archer
Family obligations
Sat Jan 23, 2010 09:23

Guy had not been particularly looking forward to this evening. Had it not been for the fact that he could catch up with Aaron and check up on his appalling little brat of a brother, he would probably have refused the invite.

After all it was a kids party, at a school, not exactly the highlight of his social year. Plus he only had leave from the dragon reserve for 72 hours and he would have preferred to have spent it at some wild club or other.

But Calliope had invited him and the invitation had shown up at the Archer house - his mother had seen it - and that was pretty much that. She had told him that the Katinis were valuable acquaintances along with all the usual blood talk, and so it was that Guy found himself on the last day of leave at the front doors of Aelcrest school. He was late he knew it but he hadn't been able to tear himself away from the very seductive charms of Aisha Wilding and the pumping beats of the Ministry of Souls.

Not that a date with Cal Katini was altogether a bad thing. Guy knew her slightly and she was a hot little number herself. It's just that he corresponded with Aaron and he wasn't so keen on sloppy seconds. But he grinned to himself as he entered the hall. Perhaps just for once he could cope with a beautiful girl throwing himself at him. He had a hard life damn it.

He walked into the hall as if he owned the place and grabbed a drink from the bar. Now where was Calliope?

  • Alone? Impossible!Calliope Katini, Fri Jan 15 15:58
    Cal had taken a very long time, even by her standards to get ready for this ball. But then she had had the little mudblood to dress and lah somehow time passed. Probably somewhere within the... more
    • Family obligations — Guy Archer, Sat Jan 23 09:23
      • Me and the bar meet Guy ArcherCalliope, Sat Jan 23 16:23
        Calliope was propping up the bar. She felt sure that's what she was doing anyway. The bar was after all swaying slightly and looked like it really needed propping up. She slapped it lightly. Good old ... more
        • The beat goes onGuy Archer, Sat Jan 23 16:51
          Unfortunately for the luckless Cal, unbeknownst to her, she had probably chosen the one male figure in the world guaranteed not to annoy Aaron even if he had liked her. Guy Archer and Aaron... more
          • The accidentCal, Sat Jan 23 17:09
            Cal clutched onto Guy and giggled. She wasn't sure she trusted herself to stand unaided without her friend the bar at this moment, so she held on to him tightly as they danced. His arms snaked around ... more
            • Accident ProneLexie, Sat Jan 23 18:15
              She couldn't think straight. Everything was slightly blurry and all she could see when she blinked was flashing images of Van and Kaspar. She was so lost in the whirl of emotions that she didn't see... more
              • Little MissGuy, Sat Jan 23 18:36
                With a quick wave of his wand the stain shrank back into itself and vanished with a reluctant splash. "Don't stress it," he said and his eyes twinkled. The little one had a very serious and alarmed... more
                • ReliefLexie, Sat Jan 23 19:03
                  Lexie sighed with relief and even managed to let a tiny smile spread gently across her face. She nodded at the vanished stain and took his offered hand. Her mother's training of her took over and she ... more
                  • RoyaltyGuy, Sat Jan 23 19:22
                    Guy was pleased he had bothered to be nice to the kid. So she was a Bastrova and a Princess. Despite her youth he decided that she would appreciate being taken seriously, "A pleasure Princess," he... more
                    • Securing an AcquaintanceAlexandria and Anastasia, Sat Jan 23 20:11
                      Alexandria had barely opened her mouth when she felt a presence at her shoulder. She turned to find herself staring into a mirror though none was present. The only difference she could distinguish... more
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