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Sat Jan 23, 2010 10:10

He smiled at her story. Leave it to Aya Gee to panic over a paper that she didn't even have to do. She drew the boquet towards her and he couldn't help but think that she was one of those girls who looked good in pink. Most girls he knew tried too hard with it and ended up looking like something out of his grandparents time or cartoons. Aya had that soft sort of look that made the color look attractive.

That's what he thought. Outloud he said "Miss it? There's flowers everywhere here."

  • Roses are Red Aya Gee , Wed Jan 20 20:16
    Aya was glowing, simply glowing. Her dress was simple but she had taken some advice from one of the older girls and she had managed to make the lace glamerous. Her arm was wrapped tightly around his, ... more
    • Pink — Bradley, Sat Jan 23 10:10
      • FloralAya , Sat Jan 23 18:29
        She shot him a playful smile and gently arranged the petals back into their place with a small sigh. "These are cut flowers," she tried to explain to him, slowly so that he'd understand. The boy... more
        • Let's walkBrad, Sun Jan 24 22:36
          Bradley smiled. Aya could be girly. That was part of her charm. But there was more to here than that. She was just the type who refused to see it. He stood as she did. "I've got a better idea." he... more
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