Sat Jan 23, 2010 19:22

Guy was pleased he had bothered to be nice to the kid. So she was a Bastrova and a Princess. Despite her youth he decided that she would appreciate being taken seriously,

"A pleasure Princess," he said holding the little girl's hand. "I know you brother slightly and I have had the pleasure of attending one of your parties several years ago with Aaron. I take it you are acquainted with Miss Katini," he said, disentangling himself from her with some difficulty.

  • ReliefLexie, Sat Jan 23 19:03
    Lexie sighed with relief and even managed to let a tiny smile spread gently across her face. She nodded at the vanished stain and took his offered hand. Her mother's training of her took over and she ... more
    • Royalty — Guy, Sat Jan 23 19:22
      • Securing an AcquaintanceAlexandria and Anastasia, Sat Jan 23 20:11
        Alexandria had barely opened her mouth when she felt a presence at her shoulder. She turned to find herself staring into a mirror though none was present. The only difference she could distinguish... more
        • Little peopleGuy, Sat Jan 23 20:27
          And suddenly they were overrun by little people, including his ever annoying brother. Guy was glad he had a chance to check up on the kid, but Felton's presence usually ended up exasperating him. His ... more
          • UncouthFelton Archer, Sat Jan 23 20:40
            Felton winced. His brother was always so embarrassing. Well in a way of course it was really rather super cool to have an older brother but why did he have to be so rough? He had no absolutely no... more
            • Outta hereGuy, Sat Jan 23 20:48
              Yup the kid hadn't improved any. Still a loathsome little toad with his affected mannerisms. That and calling him Guyon. Such a dumb name as he had been saddled with by his parents, who apparently... more
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