Little people
Sat Jan 23, 2010 20:27

And suddenly they were overrun by little people, including his ever annoying brother. Guy was glad he had a chance to check up on the kid, but Felton's presence usually ended up exasperating him. His parents had spoiled him, utterly ruined him. Ten years younger than Guy and his sister he had been the 'mistake' that his mother now counted a blessing. The kid was a brat pure and simple and Guy often felt embarrassed by him.

And the twins. He had forgotten now that there were twin Bastrova girls, but thinking back he did have a recollection from several years before of two little blonde headed dolls in the corner of the Bastrova ballroom.

He greeted the second one, identical in every way it seemed to the former, except perhaps that this was Miss Confident instead.

"Delighted," he said to the second girl and gave Felton a hearty punch, "How you doing mate?" he asked, hoping against hope that his brother wouldn't come out with something pompous or stupid.

  • Securing an AcquaintanceAlexandria and Anastasia, Sat Jan 23 20:11
    Alexandria had barely opened her mouth when she felt a presence at her shoulder. She turned to find herself staring into a mirror though none was present. The only difference she could distinguish... more
    • Little people — Guy, Sat Jan 23 20:27
      • UncouthFelton Archer, Sat Jan 23 20:40
        Felton winced. His brother was always so embarrassing. Well in a way of course it was really rather super cool to have an older brother but why did he have to be so rough? He had no absolutely no... more
        • Outta hereGuy, Sat Jan 23 20:48
          Yup the kid hadn't improved any. Still a loathsome little toad with his affected mannerisms. That and calling him Guyon. Such a dumb name as he had been saddled with by his parents, who apparently... more
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