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Sat Jan 23, 2010 22:02

Leone didn't notice them leave, still feeling a bit concerned for Ted after Sophie's departure. Only when Sally brushed against her as she left the circle did she notice that they were missing. Underneath the chandelier the world had stopped turning for one couple. Kai and Sasha were holding each other close.

She looked at her feet and twisted the ends of her shawl between her fingers. Sally she could have handled, that was just a fling. Kai had had many of those over the past few months, nothing to worry about. Sasha was an entirely different matter. Leone couldn't hold up a candle to her.

She tugged on Ted's sleeve and leant in to whisper in his ear. "I'm going to call it a night, sport. See you on the train yeah?" she turned and left the ball room, feeling just a little bit heart broken.

  • AbandonedSally James, Sat Jan 23 21:57
    In the confusion of people arriving and leaving the circle that she had unintentionally created there was little chance of anyone noticing Sasha and Kai go off together. Sally noticed. She heard each ... more
    • Trouble — Leone, Sat Jan 23 22:02
      • Odd man in Ted, Sun Jan 24 22:32
        He watched Sophie - his Sophie- leave with Mattia Desai. It was all he could do not to abandon Leone and run after them to take his hands off his girlfriend. THey had vanished before he could put... more
      • Booby prizeGuy Archer, Sun Jan 24 08:53
        Guy winked at Aaron. "You owe me here big time Willoughby," he grinned and picking up Calliope by the waist he flung her over his shoulder in a fireman's lift. She giggled weakly. "Let's check out... more
        • Plotting revengeAaron, Sun Jan 24 09:04
          Aaron had been having such a good time with Guy that he had pretty much forgotten Sasha and indeed everyone else. He saluted Guy, who was jogging off with the semi conscious Katini flung over his... more
          • Last Person on EarthSally James, Sun Jan 24 10:48
            Sally had kicked her shoes off to rest her aching feet. Now that Kai was off with Sasha, and Aaron clearly hadn't looked twice there was really very little point in keeping up the appearance. They... more
            • On familiar groundAaron, Sun Jan 24 11:03
              Aaron grinned. Despite appearances it was it some ways reassuring to know that you could rely on the dirty girl to be sarcastic and snide. "Such aggressive manners for such a pretty little thing,"... more
              • PigSally James, Sun Jan 24 11:32
                She let out a short laugh and shook her head at him in disbelief. Her drink was empty and she could so easily just get up and go fetch herself enough, severing all need for conversation with him. But ... more
                • The vileness of meAaron, Sun Jan 24 12:09
                  "You're right," he agreed with her, "I am indeed as you so rightly mentioned an absolute pig. Moreover a beast, an arrogant prick and possibly.." he considered all the words which had been flung his... more
                  • Bigger PigSally James, Sun Jan 24 22:08
                    Sally nodded as he obligingly agreed to everything she had said both tonight and every other time she had seen him. That didn't mean she didn't pick up on the fact he was being sarcastic. She refused ... more
                    • All the wrong buttonsAaron, Sat Jan 30 17:30
                      Wrong thing to say. She couldn't have made a more ill considered remark if she had tried really. Ever since his birthday Aaron's moods had been unpredictable and often violent. He had actually felt... more
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