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Sally James
Last Person on Earth
Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:48

Sally had kicked her shoes off to rest her aching feet. Now that Kai was off with Sasha, and Aaron clearly hadn't looked twice there was really very little point in keeping up the appearance. They lay to the side, completely abandoned and glinting in the dimming lights. She was sitting on the top step, her feet flat on the bottom step with one elbow resting on her knee and in her other hand she held a drink. A rather large one at that.

She was tired and she was drunk and the last person on Earth that she wanted to see right now was Willoughby. Just her luck he was the person who sauntered over and flung himself down beside her. She eyes him with the look that was reserved just from him. The kind people gave to their arch enemies.

"What up, James?" he asked her and she turned her face towards him. She sighed, she was really too tired to fight with him but the moment she opened her mouth she couldn't help herself. He inspired such immense hatred she just had to bite back. On the other hand, she couldn't help that little niggle in the back of her mind that said she liked him despite the fact she hated him. And his surprisingly genuine display of warmth towards Guy had knocked her off track a bit. Now she didn't know what to think.

"What do you want, Willoughby?" she snapped back at him, downing the last of her drink. "Have you come to converse about the weather? Or perhaps you would rather discuss the latest fashions, daaaahhhling?" she mocked him in a high-pitched girly voice.

  • Plotting revengeAaron, Sun Jan 24 09:04
    Aaron had been having such a good time with Guy that he had pretty much forgotten Sasha and indeed everyone else. He saluted Guy, who was jogging off with the semi conscious Katini flung over his... more
    • Last Person on Earth — Sally James, Sun Jan 24 10:48
      • On familiar groundAaron, Sun Jan 24 11:03
        Aaron grinned. Despite appearances it was it some ways reassuring to know that you could rely on the dirty girl to be sarcastic and snide. "Such aggressive manners for such a pretty little thing,"... more
        • PigSally James, Sun Jan 24 11:32
          She let out a short laugh and shook her head at him in disbelief. Her drink was empty and she could so easily just get up and go fetch herself enough, severing all need for conversation with him. But ... more
          • The vileness of meAaron, Sun Jan 24 12:09
            "You're right," he agreed with her, "I am indeed as you so rightly mentioned an absolute pig. Moreover a beast, an arrogant prick and possibly.." he considered all the words which had been flung his... more
            • Bigger PigSally James, Sun Jan 24 22:08
              Sally nodded as he obligingly agreed to everything she had said both tonight and every other time she had seen him. That didn't mean she didn't pick up on the fact he was being sarcastic. She refused ... more
              • All the wrong buttonsAaron, Sat Jan 30 17:30
                Wrong thing to say. She couldn't have made a more ill considered remark if she had tried really. Ever since his birthday Aaron's moods had been unpredictable and often violent. He had actually felt... more
                • All Things Sally James, Sat Jan 30 18:28
                  There was a definite snap in the air as the nice little bubble they'd been sitting in together was popped rather viciously. She didn't know if it had been her fault or his fault but whatever she had... more
                  • What women areAaron, Sat Jan 30 19:10
                    Aaron held the look a moment. "You are a nobody. A mudblood and a nobody," he said finally in a tone of controlled anger that was more chilling than all the yelling he could do. "Get the hell over... more
                    • Last Man on EarthSally James, Sat Jan 30 19:50
                      In all the time they had known each other she and Willoughby had been at each other's throats. They had thrown insults at each other that made the people around them wince with their severity and... more
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