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Sally James
Bigger Pig
Sun Jan 24, 2010 22:08

Sally nodded as he obligingly agreed to everything she had said both tonight and every other time she had seen him. That didn't mean she didn't pick up on the fact he was being sarcastic. She refused to let him wind her up though he knew exactly which of her buttons to press. "Well I'm glad we can agree on something!" she smiled at him sweetly.

His grin was disarming and an involuntary smile crept across her face. It was lost with his next words. "Oh no! Don't you dare. I didn't mean you you, I meant you," she made a completely undefined gesture that in her head meant anyone and everything except Aaron Willoughby.

He reached forward and she shrank away from him. She wasn't used to touching. There was a very red twinge to her cheeks when he said every guy in the room was looking. He plucked the diamonds and she felt something like a static shock. Quickly, she batted his hand away and pulled the strap of her dress back onto her shoulder. "Don't ever call me baby," she muttered under her breath at him.

Sally had never been sexy before. She was that girl, covered in mud that was obsessed with horses and really only the last if someone was really pushed for a way to describe her. She considered herself entirely average mostly, nothing special but then again she didn't think she needed to be. He looked right at her and she looked back.

She knew she hated him, in fact he down right disgusted her but then there were these moments. Moments that made her think that there was something hidden in his depths and maybe he wasn't the pig she thought he was. Then again one of them always managed to spoil it.

"Oooh," she let out a mock sound of awe, "Lord Willoughby approves does he? My life ambition has been realised and I can die a happy woman," she continued, a familiar sneer creeping back into her features. "Can't you hear yourself? Just how stupid you sound? I know you la-de-da purebloods think you're all fancy but darnit, Willoughby, you sound like a complete idiot. You," she prodded him hard in the chest, "are smarter than that. You don't have to be an arrogant prick just because that's what your pureblood parents have told you to be."

  • The vileness of meAaron, Sun Jan 24 12:09
    "You're right," he agreed with her, "I am indeed as you so rightly mentioned an absolute pig. Moreover a beast, an arrogant prick and possibly.." he considered all the words which had been flung his... more
    • Bigger Pig — Sally James, Sun Jan 24 22:08
      • All the wrong buttonsAaron, Sat Jan 30 17:30
        Wrong thing to say. She couldn't have made a more ill considered remark if she had tried really. Ever since his birthday Aaron's moods had been unpredictable and often violent. He had actually felt... more
        • All Things Sally James, Sat Jan 30 18:28
          There was a definite snap in the air as the nice little bubble they'd been sitting in together was popped rather viciously. She didn't know if it had been her fault or his fault but whatever she had... more
          • What women areAaron, Sat Jan 30 19:10
            Aaron held the look a moment. "You are a nobody. A mudblood and a nobody," he said finally in a tone of controlled anger that was more chilling than all the yelling he could do. "Get the hell over... more
            • Last Man on EarthSally James, Sat Jan 30 19:50
              In all the time they had known each other she and Willoughby had been at each other's throats. They had thrown insults at each other that made the people around them wince with their severity and... more
              • Well thenAaron, Sat Jan 30 20:02
                Aaron was sorely tempted, particularly when the first tears formed in her eyes. To drag the stupid girl upstairs right now was probably what she really wanted anyway. They just liked to protest... more
                • Which way is Up?Sally , Sat Jan 30 20:33
                  There was a long terrifying minute when she could tell from the look in her eyes that he was going to do it. It brought on another wave of salty tears that almost blinded her. Then the grip on her... more
                  • On bloodAaron, Sun Jan 31 09:40
                    Aaron ordered his whisky neat on the rocks. He stood facing the bar for a few minutes and his mind was full of darkness. The dirty girl was harmless enough he knew, but the constant taunts about his... more
                    • How it HurtsSally, Sun Jan 31 21:12
                      Sally was just as, if not more, prejudice as he was when it came to blood. She regarded the ditzy purebloods as something of a disgrace to human beings. Especially their views on money. Money didn't... more
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