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The crowded table
Wed Jan 27, 2010 22:09

Their table seemed to have gotten more crowded, Randy noted. Thom had brought Evangeline, Leo had Talora, and Troy had a gaggle of girls who were eager to try for an invitation to his Summer Party. It was hard enough to try and eat without getting his elbow into Thom’s creamed corn in the process. Which was why Thom had picked creamed corn to begin with. He looked over the plans his parents had for them this summer. It was just possible, with a lot of luck, that he might actually enjoy it and not end up Grace-sitting again.

“Hey check it” he nudged her, taking the tomato she had left on her plate “ they have a glass blowing demonstration. “ and when she didn’t respond he leaned a bit closer. “Real live fire.” he said in a teasing voice. Grace shuffled her casserole around and didn’t even try to steal his sweet roll. “You getting sick or something?”

“Guess so.” she muttered. She didn’t look up. If she did she’d see him and ..that…girl. And they’d be laughing at the joke they’d played on the stupid Reym girl.

Randy sighed. “ You can’t be sick before summer break Grace. They won’t let us on the plane. “ She shrugged. “ You spent this whole week telling me how you wanna go home, you can’t wait to go home.” she’d nearly run away back home . “We’re going home and now you’re all.. this. Is this--” he stabbed his shrimp pasta thoughtfully, trying to figure out a delicate way to say it. He came to realize there was no delicate way so he tried. “ Is this a female…thing?”

She looked at him and her lips quivered just a little. “You’re an idiot.” she told him.

“You‘re a dork. “ he answered.

  • End of Year Headmistress Blackwell, Fri Jan 22 10:12
    The Dining Hall had been redecorated since the Masquerade Ball. It was now adorned in sweeping folds of purple velvet trimmed in silver and across the staff table the three house crests were flapping ... more
    • The crowded table — Randy, Wed Jan 27 22:09
      • Morning After DarkOrion, Thu Jan 28 10:39
        Orion was slumped in a heap at the edge of the table, the tips of her glossy black curls being dipped in lava milk by Troy. Her head was pounding and she was sure if she moved her head it would fall... more
        • Re: Morning After DarkRandy and Grace, Fri Jan 29 19:08
          "You see." Grace told her brother " now even she's telling you to shut up." He rolled his eyes and reached for the carafe in the center of the table. He emptied his cup and shook the contents of the... more
          • Ignorance is BlissOrion & Leo, Fri Jan 29 21:10
            "I don't want to know do I?" she mumbled and Randy shook his head. She held her nose and downed the liquid. Her spine shivered and she almost choked but once it was down she felt better for it. She... more
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