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Randy and Grace
Re: Morning After Dark
Fri Jan 29, 2010 19:08

"You see." Grace told her brother " now even she's telling you to shut up."

He rolled his eyes and reached for the carafe in the center of the table. He emptied his cup and shook the contents of the carafe, muttering words. He poured some of the orange contents into the cup, then performed the same trick again only this time the liquid came out red. He grabbed some of the fruit and tossed it into the cup, mixing it together. Grace wrinkled her nose, but took the cup when he handed it to her and plopped it in front of Ri. "Drink that." she told the younger girl. "Makes things quieter."

  • Morning After DarkOrion, Thu Jan 28 10:39
    Orion was slumped in a heap at the edge of the table, the tips of her glossy black curls being dipped in lava milk by Troy. Her head was pounding and she was sure if she moved her head it would fall... more
    • Re: Morning After Dark — Randy and Grace, Fri Jan 29 19:08
      • Ignorance is BlissOrion & Leo, Fri Jan 29 21:10
        "I don't want to know do I?" she mumbled and Randy shook his head. She held her nose and downed the liquid. Her spine shivered and she almost choked but once it was down she felt better for it. She... more
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