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I give up, what's the joke?
Mon Mar 29, 2010 06:41

Grace watched like each word that girl said was some sort of trap. She was half-sure it was, if only she could figure out how it worked. there was no way anyone could be as good as this one pretended to be.

"Duelling tournament." she answered. Her hand brushed agaonst her left pocket, assurring hersef that her wand was still there. They sat there in an awkward, weary silence for another moment. Grace hated awkward silences. Too much thinking went on in them.

"So, what you want then?"

  • Innocence lostTalora, Mon Mar 29 06:19
    Talora nodded. This wasn't so bad. Sure the girl looked hostile, but then she always looked hostile, it was probably just her natural expression. At least she was talking, and her wand was nowhere in ... more
    • I give up, what's the joke? — Grace, Mon Mar 29 06:41
      • For LeoTalora, Mon Mar 29 17:42
        "Want?" Talora asked, her eyes on Grace's right hand. Was this it? Was she actually going to hex her? And...and she'd won a duelling tournament too! Talora knew all the defensive spells of course,... more
        • Easy doggieGrace, Mon Mar 29 20:11
          Aha! She knew Leo'd been planning something. Ever since their final conversation she'd been certain he was planning someway to get back at her for knocking him into the wall. Naturally he'd be taing... more
          • A funny sort of friendshipTalora, Tue Mar 30 04:51
            Talora looked at the girl wonderingly, trying hard to see what Leo had told her was beneath the abrasive exterior, but she could not. Everything; her tone of voice, the expression on her face,... more
            • Word of adviceGrace, Tue Mar 30 12:10
              She had spent the end of last year raging. She had spent most of the summer moping. She had officaly broken them up. She ahd gotten all her feelings about Leo noddlebrain Hardy, the goody-goody... more
              • A silly smileTalora, Wed Mar 31 03:38
                Talora raised her eyebrows in astonishment. "Cook for him?" she asked with mild astonishment. "No honestly I couldn't that is..." she shrugged. "I don't know how I am afraid." Really why would she... more
                • Honor among aquaintencesGrace, Wed Mar 31 13:40
                  "Yeah. Yeah. I got that." And either that girl was really that good at faking innocent, or she really was just anoher pawn. Grace opted for the latter. She stared at the table, littered as it as with ... more
                  • Mean?Talora, Thu Apr 1 05:24
                    "Mean?" Talora snapped out of her reverie. She shook her head slightly and propping a slender elbow on the table she looked seriously across at the other girl. "Mean?" she said again. "Are you... more
                    • the gentlemanGrace, Thu Apr 1 11:28
                      She had it bad for him this one. Or maybe Weir girls just weren't as smart as they were supposed to be. "He's my brother's friend" Grace pointed out "not mine. An' I'm not making fun. Fine, he's all... more
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