Speak of Dark wizards....
Thu Apr 1, 2010 19:29

She looked. Nothing. She felt nothing for him. No anger, no happiness, no mooniness. Nothing. Because he was just like every other kid who lived in the manor, except he meant less. He was just some guy who happened to be Ri's brother and happened to be Randy's friend.

He had his arm around that girl so easy. He smiled. If Grace hadn't spent so much time learning about the other side of him, Grace would've believed that girl about him. But she had, so she didn't. Casue she felt nothing.

Except maybe that little ping where the butterflies had died.

"Hardy." she said off-handedly.

  • But look...Talora, Thu Apr 1 19:07
    But just as Grace turned to go, Talora's face lit up. Through the crowds milling behind Grace, getting ready to go back up to the dorms and catching a last quick chat with their friends, she saw his... more
    • Speak of Dark wizards.... — Grace, Thu Apr 1 19:29
      • Tired, worn and hopelessLeilah Calagari, Sat Apr 3 16:36
        Leilah walked into the Dining Hall and looked around, trying to find a place to sit. The only open spot was with a group of kids, and she didn't know any of them. Well, a little voice in the back of... more
        • My favourite girlsLeo Hardy, Fri May 28 23:40
          Leo had spent the last two hours in the Library, locked away in one of the study rooms, quietly studying something he knew he shouldn't be studying. The folded, yellowing pages of his practice book... more
          • Pretty Harmless thingsGrace, Fri May 28 23:49
            "And now it is getting to crowded." Grace said as a third girl joined them. " I need to get going. Detention with Sernbee and then I practice. " he made a point not to look at him as she said that... more
            • Confused, a bitLeilah , Tue Sep 14 14:37
              Lei smiled at Leo and sat down, but as she went to sit, Grace stood and said good-bye. "Oh, please, don't leave because of me! I'll just go, I don't need to sit here, sorry." She slowly got up and... more
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