Leo Hardy
My favourite girls
Fri May 28, 2010 23:40

Leo had spent the last two hours in the Library, locked away in one of the study rooms, quietly studying something he knew he shouldn't be studying. The folded, yellowing pages of his practice book were well worn in now, thumb prints belonging both to him and his former practice partner etched into the corners with sticky black ink. For all that Leo was undoubtedly upset with Grace, confused by her sudden outburst and abrupt termination of their practice sessions, he couldn't help but miss her just a bit. Not her the person, her the practice partner, obviously.

He spotted Talora through the throng of people in the Dining Hall and sailed through the crowd towards her. She was glowing, a cute happy smile spread across her face, her long black hair flowing around her shoulders. Damn she was beautiful. He spotted Grace beside her, the two surprisingly close. He began moving towards them slightly more cautiously. Although he had asked Talora to get to know Grace better, hoping that maybe if they were friends, Grace would see that Talora wasn't evil and Talora would see that Grace wasn't really as prickly as she seemed. Having seen what lay beneath her tough exterior he didn't like to think that anyone could only see Grace as a trouble maker. She was a lot like his sister in that way.

He reached their table and wrapped his arm around Talora gently. Grace looked as though she was ready to leave. "Schuler," he replied, giving her an equally off handed response. His smile couldn't help but creep onto his face when he glanced down at the pretty girl in his arm. "Going somewhere exciting? You look like you're in a hurry," the sentence came out in a hollow tone. He hadn't meant it to sound like he didn't care but it had sort of slipped out. Their awkward silence was broken however, by the interruption of a girl.

"Hey, Leilha," he offered her a genuinely welcoming smile and took a seat beside his girlfriend. "I'm Leo, pull up a seat." He offered, waving his free hand at one of the many available seats.

  • Tired, worn and hopelessLeilah Calagari, Sat Apr 3 16:36
    Leilah walked into the Dining Hall and looked around, trying to find a place to sit. The only open spot was with a group of kids, and she didn't know any of them. Well, a little voice in the back of... more
    • My favourite girls — Leo Hardy, Fri May 28 23:40
      • Pretty Harmless thingsGrace, Fri May 28 23:49
        "And now it is getting to crowded." Grace said as a third girl joined them. " I need to get going. Detention with Sernbee and then I practice. " he made a point not to look at him as she said that... more
        • Confused, a bitLeilah , Tue Sep 14 14:37
          Lei smiled at Leo and sat down, but as she went to sit, Grace stood and said good-bye. "Oh, please, don't leave because of me! I'll just go, I don't need to sit here, sorry." She slowly got up and... more
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