Stripping and Humiliation

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Bully in the Street
Mon May 10, 2010 12:15pm

I used to live in the same street as a large rough family who had a lad about my age Ken,(16). He used to hate me for some reason I never understood and we never really got on. He was a bit of a romeo and dated a string of girls and he always seemed to make a point of rubbing my nose in it by displaying his latest conquest. He knew I didn't have a girlfriend and caught me once spying on him and his then girlfriend when they were in the garden sunbathing. I think he told her I was some sort of pervert as later she always used to sneer when they passed me in the street.

Anyway, the sneerings continued for a while, but slowly this turned into more physical threats and I felt he was really out to get me and I feared a proper beating as he was always out with other lads who he'd obviously "poisoned" agaist me. For several months I lived in fear, but managed to avoid getting caught in a direct confrontation. Until one night that was, when he finally snared me while I was walking home from the pub thorough a local park. But instead of a beating he and his mates humiliated me by stripping me off in front of his girlfriend and a couple of her friends, who all found it totally hilarious.

It was a warm summer night and I was taking a shortcut through the park. I'd just walked past a playground and was faintly aware of some teenagers slouching on the swings, but wasn't really paying too much attention, that was until Steve, one of Ken's mates stopped me in my tracks and ordered me to go with him. Steve was a big guy and having already a tight grip on one of my wrists, I didn't think I'd get too far if I tried to make a run for it. He marched me over to the group where I saw Ken grinning. There were 3 other lads I didn't know with him, Stefanie his girlfriend and two of her friends, Louise and Vanessa. I quivered with fear, knowing I was trapped and something unpleasant lay ahead....

As we met the group, Ken greeted me sarcastically "Caught up with the little snide at last!" he snapped. Everyone laughed, and Stefanie jokingly pleaded: "Aw don't hurt him Ken, he's only little!"
"OK love, we'll be gentle! he replied
He looked me up and down a few times and started conferring with the other lads in hushed tones while Steve put his hands on my shoulders, then pushed firmly down so to force me into a kneeling position. Feeling like a lamb to slaughter, I pleaded, "Please Ken, I haven't done anything......"
Louise looked down at me with pity, then turned to the lads "what are you gonna do to him?"
Ken looked at his pals, nodded and announced "we gonna debag him!"

With that Ken and Steve moved towards me, each grabbing an arm. Before I could break free, another lad lifted my legs off the ground and I felt myself struggling horizontally in the air before being dropped to the floor. As soon as I'd hit the deck, Ken dived on top of me and sat on my chest,holding me in a schoolboy pin. I tried to throw him off, but he was too strong and had me pinned firmly. I heard the girls giggling as Steve yanked both my shoes off. I was powerless to resist, as Steve and another lad grabbed my legs and started to pull at my trousers. I couldn't see much, but amid the shouts and squeals I felt someone fiddling with my belt and heard my flies being unzipped. Within seconds they had my trousers halfway down to my knees, I tried to stop them going any further, but it was all in vain as they tugged hard and whoosh! they were whipped clean off. Steve held my trousers aloft triumphantly, like a trophy before twirling them in the air.

Stefanie shrieked 'oh my God, they've nicked his trousers, how embarrassing!
This set the other two girls off in hoots of laughter. "Oh no, how cruel!" I heard one of them remark.
Ken however hadn't finished yet and had started ripping at my shirt. Held down by him and trouserless in this humilating position was embarrasing in the extreme, and I lost my will to fight back. Just to get the humiliation over with I allowed him to pull my shirt off and he threw it to Steve who was still holding my trousers. He then rose to stand back and view his handiwork. As I sat on the grass, naked apart my white underpants, Ken started to taunt me mercilessly. He seemed to take great pleasure in having humiliated me so comprehensively in front of his girlfriend and his mates. I was shit scared he'd go further and have my underpants off, and leave me totally naked. He did threaten to, but instead I was ordered to lie down on the grass, shut my eyes and stay there until they shouted I could get up. The whole group then dispersed, taking my clothes and finally 5 minutes later I got up. My tormentors were nowhere to be seen and I eventually found my clothes in a ditch. I ran home, scratched and burning red from the humilation.

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