Stripping and Humiliation

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Spanked, Stripped, Diapered...TRUE
Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:15am

When I was 12 or 13, my cousin (who was about 9 or 10) had a sleepover at her house which was right beside our grandma's house. My mom took me down to visit her mom who wasn't feeling well and told me to go over and say hi to my cousin. I didn't want to, but I didn't want to hang at my boring grandma's house either, so I went.
When I got over there, the girls were playing "house" and they needed somebody to play the boy and they asked me to play. I told them that I was a teenager and not about to play their stupid little kiddy game! My cousin told me that I used to play it with her all the time (the girls snickered) and I responded that I did, but I wasn't a mature teenager then. My aunt told us to settle down and play nice together and quit arguing while she took my baby cousin over to my grandma's house to visit for a bit with my mom. After she left, my cousin told me that I could either play with them or they would just play with me. I asked her what that meant, and she told me that I had until the count of 3 to decide. I'm not (1) playing your stupid (2) kiddy ga(3)....the girls (7 of them) came over and they all grabbed at me. I pushed a few away, but eventually tripped and fell down and they all sat on me; I was helpless!
My cousin told me that since her mom had taken their baby away, they needed somebody to play the baby now and that I would be perfect! I protested and tried to squirm, but I wasn't going anywhere. 1 of the girls commented how fussy I was and must need a diaper change and a nap. The girls all agreed and I could feel them starting to tug at my shorts. The girls got off my legs and I saw an opening and started to kick and buck wildly to get free, but my legs got tanlged in my shorts and finally the girls were able to grab my legs and finish stripping me. There I was, a hot shot teenager stripped naked by a bunch of little kids!!! My cousin told them to roll me over onto my stomach while she went and got her dad's leather belt. I begged them not to spank me and that I would play for a little bit, but I didn't want to be the baby and I didn't want spanked! To no avail, the belt came crashing down on my bare defenseless butt and in no time I was kicking and bucking my legs again trying to avoid the spanking. Crying my eyes out I begged them to stop. After about a million licks with the belt (it was only about 10 or so) each of the sleepover girls gave me about 5 spanks with their hands. I was defeated!
They rolled me back over and then told me to get up. I did on wobbly legs and was told to lay on the couch and I did. My cousin came back with a diaper and some powder. I tried to protest, but was told to be quite or I'd get spanked again. 1 of the girls put a pacifier in my mouth and the diapering began. The girls laughed and pointed at me in just a pacifier and a diaper and I just laid there and cried. The girls told me it was naptime and made me climb into the crib in the nursery for my nap.
I took my nap and woke up about an hour or so later. I looked at myself and thought this is just crazy and I climbed out of the crib and went to get my close back from my cousin and her friends who were outside. I opened the door and there stood my mom and my aunt coming to get me and tell me it was time to leave. I was so shocked that I was just in a diaper that I began wetting my diaper. My mom and aunt looked at me with a disgusted look on their face. I tried to tell them that my cousin and her friends did this to me, but they weren't buying my story! My mom took me right back into the house and tore my dirty diaper off and wore my butt out with her hand! I cried all over again. Then she took me back into the nursery and put me on the changing table and wiped me, powdered me, and put a new diaper on me. I went to say something, but she shoved a pacifier in my mouth and told me not to say a word!
She grabbed my hand and let me outside where all the girls were still playing and then they started laughing when they saw me. My mom just dragged me along telling me I should be ashamed of myself. My cousin came over and told me bye, and gave my diapered covered rear a spank for good measure!

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