Stripping and Humiliation

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Stripping the Babysitter - 3 - Blackmail
Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:42pm

Chapter 3 – Blackmail

“Ok these are the ground rules. You cannot cover your underwear or you’ll be punished. If you are a naughty perv and get a boner again you will be punished worse and worse each time until you learn your lesson, and finally if you get to exited and spunk in your little undies you will have to get totally naked, washed off and then really punished so you better not be a perv again tonight or else. If you do all we say we’ll delete the pictures and promise not to tell anyone”

I nodded solemnly trying to keep the pure fear from my face. I know I had no choice, the girls untied me, instinctively I tired to cover but a warning look moved my hands away, it was even worse now, before I felt like I had no choice but now I had to stop myself and keep exposing my undies to the girls. The girls made me get them drinks and snacks laughing at me as each time they wanted it with ice or with the crusts cut off.

After a while the girls started making me do things just to embarrass me, Kerry told me to go outside and make sure the gate was locked. “Please let me put on some more clothes I begged”

Kerry’s smile never disappeared “Ok then” she threw me my trainers. All the other girls burst out laughing. I swallowed my shame and made a run down the garden path covering my undies the best I could. The gate was locked and when I got back to the door they had locked me out.

“Please let me in” I begged fear welling in me.

“Nope you’ve been naughty and covered up this is you punishment to stand out there for five” said Kerry leaning out the window to laugh at me exposed to anyone walking past.

“Please its freezing” also it had started to rain lightly but I didn’t want to give the girls any more ammunition.

“Ok instead you can come in the back and use the dog door, and remember no covering.” laughed Kerry

I knew what the problem with this was, to get to the back I had to leave from the front gate and go down the street at the side of the house. I ran forcing myself not to cover, a car went past but before I knew it I was at the back door. I crouched down and was about to crawl through the dog door when I was interrupted.

“You’ve got to come in feet first” shouted someone from the other side followed by loads of laughter. I obeyed squeezing through the dog door legs first which isn’t an easy feat. Just as I get half my body through on of the girl’s jumps on my legs getting me stuck with my little undies on display on the inside.

“Maybe we should just strip you naked after all what do you think?”

“No please don’t we had a deal!” I begged panic rising in me again.

“I suppose” I felt a finger on the waistband of my underwear I was terrified but the close to imitate contact felt good which made me even more nervous.

“So perv did you enjoy seeing the girls in their bra and knickers?”

I didn’t reply. “answer me! Or else”

“Yes ok I did” I confessed knowing that if I tried to deny it they would only make it worse for me.

“Did you like Emily kissing you, showing her little boobs in that pink bra?”

I realised what Kerry was doing but I couldn’t help myself being turned on again by her words and the images from earlier.

“Oh maybe we should all get undressed for you, hmmm, right now I’ve just taken off my top would you like to see…” Kerry burst out laughing “oh dear you’ve been a bad boy again!”

“Here is your punishment” I felt the waistband of my undies lift up, I was terrified they was going to expose my boner but instead I felt an ice cube slide in. I screamed the freezing coldness against my penis was awful, soon my boner was killed and the ice melted giving me damp undies. The girls let me come all the way in laughing their heads off at me.

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            • FantasticJeepman89, Sun Apr 29 9:29am
              Fantastic story! I can't wait for the next part.
            • Thanyou bmw1957, Fri Apr 27 2:12pm
              Love it more please.
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