Stripping and Humiliation

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Stripping the Babysitter - 5 - Naked Spanking
Thu Apr 26, 2012 6:47pm

Chapter 5 Naked Spanking

“Oh my god Look he’s cummed his undies.” Shouted Kerry excitedly pointing at my undies. “you know the rules, time to get naked”

“No please no” I said tears of humiliation and pain dripping down my face. “It’s only precum I haven’t done it properly please no!”

“Take them off now” Kerry replied with a hungry look in her eye.

I don’t know what I was thinking but I tried to make a break for it, I ended up tackled to the floor. They grabbed me turning me over so I was face up,

“Resist and the whole school and not just us will see you naked”

I froze, Kerry reached down and grabbed my undies. Without mercy she pulled them straight down my legs. The girls screamed laughing at my small penis as it came on display. It was down again but this somehow made it worse, they laughed and all I could do was cry. Lisa still wasn’t dressed and suddenly she came over to me her cleavage inches from my face. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her boobs clad only in a yellow bra, I’m sure she did it on purpose.

My boner shot straight back up to the girl’s great amusement. Lisa got dressed and Kerry made me stand up with my hands on my head and boner standing up in front. It was so humiliating; they threatened to spank me again if I tried to cover up so all I could do was stand there totally humiliated in front of them with my boner sticking up in the air in front of the five girls. Kerry ran upstairs and I could here the shower running after a few seconds, the remaining four girls got stared with wide grins at my naked humiliation. Jane stared the hardest and blushed almost as much as me, I was obviously the first boy she had seen naked and my boner furthered my humiliation.

Kerry returned and quickly snapped a picture before I could cover, for trying I got another large smack across the naked bum. I had managed to stop crying and before I knew what was happening I was led upstairs to the bathroom. “Ok girls are you ready to see a disappearing act!” said Kerry laughing. “I’ve herd that when it’s really cold boy’s willies shrivel up and get really small.”

I suddenly realised that the shower was running cold water. “No please don’t d…”

“Shut up slave, unless you want your butt naked boner picture on Facebook?”

I shut up quickly my face was red. Kerry pointed at my lack of boner and frowned, “That won’t do I want to see what happens if you start big and then we freeze it”

Kerry whispered something to Jane the youngest looking girl and eventually she nodded grinning. “It’s your lucky day perv, Jane’s going to strip for you.” I couldn’t believe it Jane pulled her arms out of her dresses strap and slowly lowed it exposing just the top of her bra. Then in one swift motion taking Jane totally by surprise Emily and the ginger girl had grabbed the dress pulling to straight down in one swift motion.

Jane had only been pretending to undress but had actually been tricked and in one swift motion her summer dress was pulled down her body to her feet. Her face went from a grin to one of shock and finally to white faced horror as she stood in front of me in her little Hanna Montana panties and white bra showing her small breasts and lack of cleavage. She screamed trying to fight them but they held her between them laughing, Jane was short and skinny with very pale skin and her innocent look made her humiliation all the more real. When they let her go she got dressed quickly tears running down her face, they then made me get in the freezing shower. My new excitement was met with laughter as the freezing water hit me.

“Oh my god his willy has gone from standing up to small to tiny !!!” shouted Kerry pointing at my nakedness.

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    • Stripping the Babysitter - 5 - Naked Spanking — SDS, Thu Apr 26 6:47pm
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        • FantasticJeepman89, Sun Apr 29 9:29am
          Fantastic story! I can't wait for the next part.
        • Thanyou bmw1957, Fri Apr 27 2:12pm
          Love it more please.
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