Stripping and Humiliation

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P8 - Fin
Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:51am

The feeling of totally undressing herself naked in front of an audience was the worst moment of her young life. It took all her willpower to force herself to pull them down. The going was Awkward due to her shaking fear and the size of the underwear. the boys gasped with shock as her little pale bottom came into view. The boys started at the flawless ivory cheeks as they got a quick unobstructed view before she managed to cover it with her hand. The Knickers bunched up around her knees and at that moment she couldn't feel more exposed. Tears streamed down her face as all eyes were on her naked form. Amber got a good full frontal view of Mollies little wisp of ginger pubes before the girl crossed her legs slightly and failed to cover everything at once. Mollie’s mind was everywhere but in the end she tried to cover her ass one one hand and her crotch with the other.

Amber couldn't be more pleased with the poor girls shame as her little white breasts were again exposed to the cool breeze. Although the boys couldn't see them Amber knew how much it must have shamed Mollie to keep them bared. ”Please, there i’m naked, please just let me in please” begged Mollie. Amber laughed at the girls pleading and said through fits of laughter" "you still have them on i want them all the way off and posted through here before i let you in.” again Mollie begged and was only answered by more laughter. In total shame and humiliation the poor girl adjusted her legs so that the panties fell down her legs onto the ground. Somehow this felt even worse there was not one piece of clothing on her body.

In one swift naked blur Mollie stepped out of them and bent down to grab them. The boys looked on in shocked awe as the naked girl exposed more of her milky white flesh to their eyes. One kept glancing up the street anxiously to see if their friend was coming back with the camera. She chose to keep one hand trying her best to cover her shame from the boys while her front was totally exposed to the grinning Amber again. The panties were deposited into the house leaving Mollie stood outside butt naked in view of some neighborhood boys her own age with not a shred of clothes to hand. The shame she felt couldn't have been worse she was totally humiliated and would have done anything to not be there even if it meant going back to the dreadful care home.

“She’s bare ass and titty naked!” shouted the younger boy in disbelief finally coming out of his stunned silence. The two boys stared at the sight of the little skinny teenager wearing absolutely nothing. They were tormented by the view of her bare back and hand covered bum, at that moment they would have given anything for her to turn around. Amber meanwhile lapped up the situation her plan had created, she was over the moon with joy as she had totally humiliated her foster sister past any expectations she had thought possible that morning. The chubby girl had two clear choices now she could leave the girl outside or keep her word, the first one was very tempting but she knew the psychological advantage she would have for the future if she let the sobbing girl in. She had a devious mind and she knew now she had the total advantage over poor little Mollie and if all went as expected would soon be showing far more of her flesh one demand whenever she wanted.

So there she stood the shy little redhead who had just a short time ago agonized about showing too much leg, she was now butt naked stood on an exposed doorstep in front of some young teens. Her small breasts were slightly paler than the rest of her skin and now they were exposed to the world as her hands tried to cover up her front and back. right then Mollie just wanted to die, the shame was so intense and her flowing tears dripped down onto her exposed chest further highlighting to her her public nudity. How could she ever show her face outside again the boys would remember her and their was no way Amber would ever let her forget.

After a few agonizing seconds that felt like an eternity to the very naked Mollie, Amber closed the door and unchained it. The naked ginger girl pushed her way in nearly knocking Amber over in the process. The boys got one last look at her bare ass as she used both hands to push the door open. As she entered and ran into the kitchen she showed some slight side-boob as she darted in and away from the door the boys were left disappointed but laughing happily about what they had seen. Mollie collapsed on the floor in a naked ball sobbing, she cried so much she couldn't stop her nose becoming runny and her eyes went red and puffy with the tears. Amber stood over her looking down on the little naked girl whose dignity she had destroyed and was now putty in her hands. ‘This is going to be an amazing few months after all,’ thought Amber smiling with the pleasure of power.

  • P7SDS, Sat Nov 10 8:44am
    The boys realized what was happening and booed and shouted their protests as Mollie started to pushed the door open, finally letting her out of the public eye. Mollie pushed the door open with all... more
    • P8 - Fin — SDS, Sat Nov 10 8:51am
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