Stripping and Humiliation

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Board Guidelines
Wed Jan 30, 2008 8:51am

As always, some moderation will be in order, though we have a pretty good group that (fortunately) keeps my moderation at a minimum. I’ll try to keep the guidelines as simple as possible.

This is a humiliation board, and I would prefer to keep it focused on that topic only. Note: There is a difference between exhibitionism and humiliation. Whatever your sexual proclivity, there is something elsewhere for you. If not, you can start your own board here or elsewhere. Again, this is a humiliation board; that’s what we do.

Flamers and spammers will be escorted out forthwith. So will anyone posting someone else’s story. And no personals. If you want to be humiliated, please don’t solicit here.

No need to troll for your posts, e.g., “I have a very humiliating story. Would you like me to post it?” Duh, the reader wouldn’t be here otherwise. If you’ve got a humiliating story, of course we’d like to read it. Just post it already!

And last, but most certainly not least: no stories or posts involving sexual contact of any kind between adults and minors, or any sexual contact involving preteens. For the purposes of this board, an adult is 18 or older. Sorry, no exceptions.

Pretty much everything else is allowed, but with a caveat: Posts are left up at my discretion. If a post doesn’t violate any of the above guidelines, but just has a bad “feel” to it (hint: very young children, and/or sexual violence), it may be deleted. That being said, in the few years I’ve done this, I would say that at least 95% of the posts (probably more) have remained.

Please feel free to e-mail me at if one of your posts had been deleted and you feel slighted. I promise I will give you an answer.

That’s it. That leaves a lot of possibilities open. We have some excellent writers here, and they’ve posted some wonderful, exciting humiliation.


    • Questionspecs4, Mon Dec 8 10:59am
      OK, I've read the guidelines and I have a few questions. I remember way back that Tommy's story had a chapter which involved the examination of his anus by Miss Richards and the entire class. It was... more
      • Re: QuestionsBlondie., Mon Dec 8 8:06pm
        I did remove the anus scene that I had originally submitted. I decided it was a little too extreme for the type of story I wanted to depict. If interested, you can reach me at
    • Boxing with MJ-a different kind of first date!dewey041, Thu Feb 9 9:47am
      A coworker of mine-a girl named MJ is 29 y/0,5'4" and 125 lbs---she is VERY athletic,competes in triathalons,is always lifting weights and about a year ago took up boxing. She invited me to her... more
      • Rematch w MJ in front of her friendsdewey041, Tue Mar 13 6:05am
        MJ told me some of her friends didn't believe that she could take me in the ring. She asked me while massaging my crotch if it would be OK if they watched us spar. She was talking in my ear softly... more
      • punch drunk?victoreastman, Fri Feb 24 9:56am
        I guess you will soon have a chance to sock it to her. Was it the sweat on her body or the fact that a girl beat you that gave you that hard on?
    • The Rivalrysuitcase, Sun Jun 26 5:08pm
      The van from my school, St. James Academy, drew up to Somerset Academy with me as the lone passenger. I wore my school uniform, which included a navy blue blazer and grey trousers, and was met by a... more
    • I Thought I Would Win: Chapter 1rorb38305, Tue Dec 28 3:35pm
      ________________________________________ My name is Roy and when I was 16 years old, I hung around a small group of younger boys (12 – 14 years old) Allen, Rick and Mark. Being the oldest, I was... more
      • losing but winning toovictoreastman, Fri Feb 24 9:26am
        Clearly you enjoyed being messed with.. but did you enjoy being stripped by your friends as much as being made to do as your were told?
    • too BLONDIEberryroy, Thu Apr 1 8:32pm
      HI BLONDIE, first may i congratulate you on bringing this brilliant site to my eyes. and secondly, have you read any of my offerings yet?, and if you have!, what do you think of them?. i would love... more
    • My "cool" cousin Donnyclaradevries, Thu Mar 12 1:54pm
      Hi all, and thanks for a really cool forum. I thought I might chip in with a contribution, and here it is: I don't know how many women are into stripping and humiliation, but during my years as a web ... more
      • CHANGED STRIPberryroy, Thu Mar 25 5:33pm
      • Donnyhumillator, Fri Mar 13 10:32am
        Wow! Excellent story, Clara: great plot (I love little arrogants humiliated, like Donny), and great quality writing. Congratulations and thank you. I canīt wait for the next story!
      • Nice & ThanksShyboy, Fri Mar 13 7:59am
        It takes time to put a good story together, wanted to say thanks. I love it too when someone is humiliated in a revenge sort of fashion, you know after so much time going on putting others down and... more
        • Re: Nice & Thanksclaradevries, Fri Mar 13 6:41pm
          Thanks for your comment guys - you're very kind, I appreciate it. Shyboy: I've read your Skippy-story and I loved it: Very well done. It's a bit awkward saying something about Donny as a possible... more
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