Stripping and Humiliation

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Emmet's Naked Run Pt. 1
Wed Oct 12, 2016 12:10pm

Okay so I wanted to do some writing and this is what happened. I forced myself to pick a thing and place at random and what I got was "Streaking" and "The Mall". I hope you guys like this first part, and hopefully I'll write other "randomly generated stories".


“Okay so dude, all you need to do is run from one end of the mall to the other and back and we’ll let you in.” He said this shaking his head affirmatively “You’ll be a full brother, one of us.” He continued “And you’ll need to be naked of course.” He said as if this was obvious.

I felt myself freeze up at the thought of running naked through Oak Shopping Plaza naked in the middle of the day. Hundreds of people went in and out of our mall daily, and it wasn’t small either! Even just jogging there and back with no interruptions would take about ten minutes I estimated roughly in my head. And that didn’t even account for the throngs of people or any other sort of problems!

“I can see you’re freaking out a bit,” Mason my potential brother said laughing visibly at my reaction to him telling me I would have to streak through our local mall. “Well don’t worry it’s gonna be early in the morning and hardly anyone will be able to see it.” He saidw reassuringly.

I felt myself start to calm down a little. Okay I reasoned maybe it wouldn’t be so bad.

“But how are we getting in that early?”

“One of our brothers, Jason, he works at a store there during the morning shift and he has to open so he’ll get us in.” Mason replied answering my query “The only people you’ll really need to worry about are some possible janitors, and mall security.” He told me this as if it were no big deal. “I’ll be at the starting end and another brother Marc will be waiting at the Sears on the other end to make sure you go all the way.” Mason said filling me in on the rest of the details. “As long as you run there and back without getting caught you’re golden.” He finished smiling crookedly.


I was feeling nervous the entire morning waiting for Mason, Marc, and Jason to come and get me to head to the mall. I was up an hour before they even got me. Fumbling with getting dressed. Should I wear anything particular? You’re streaking! Another part of me yelled at myself. They’re not gonna be looking at what you’re wearing they’re gonna be laughing at you as you make a fool out of yourself running around starkers!

Finally I decided on a plain white tee and a pair of shorts, when shortly after they arrived.

The entire way as my future brothers chatted about the fraternity and what I had to do my stomach was in knots and I could feel myself trying to come up with a million ways to get out of it.

Finally we arrived and Jason let us in before departing with a wave and a grin. “Good luck pledge! You’ll need it.” He had already been walking away when he started speaking so the last part was too faint for me to hear and all I heard was ‘Good luck pledge’. I wondered briefly what it was but then shook my head. I needed to focus, or I’d surely chicken out. I was going to become a brother of Alpha Delta Phi. This was my chance to prove my worth and show them how cool I could be. After this it’d be parties with the sororities and hooking up with said ladies of the sororities every night.

“Okay Pledge,” Marc said shocking me out of my personal pep talk. “I’m gonna leave and start to walk down to Sears. Mason will let you leave a couple minutes after, and in order for it to qualify you need to come up to me and give me a high five before you go back to Mason.” At this Marc looked over at Mason and they shared a quick smile between each other. Unfortunately since I was too focused on preparing myself I heard only what he said and missed the look they shared.

“Okay,” I answered taking a deep breath. “I think I’m ready.”

“That’s a first, but we’ll see.” Marc replied “Good luck to you pledge.” He said this laughing while he walked out of the service corridor we were hiding in.

“Okay Emmet. Strip.” Mason commanded.

I decided to get this over with and began disrobing by pulling off my shirt. As soon as it was off I felt myself shiver and rubbed my hands on my arms.

“It won’t be getting any warmer.” Mason teased “Hand me your shirt, I’ll hold your clothes.”

I handed Mason my shirt when I started to unbutton my shorts and he interrupted me.

“Socks and shoes too.” He added with a grin. “We don’t want a stitch on you.”

I proceeded to remove my shoes and then pulled of my socks sticking them inside my shoes and then slid them over to Mason. I continued to undo my shorts until those were off as well and I stood there in only my boxers. With everything else off and my bare feet touching the cold concrete I really started to understand what I’d be doing, I shivered wrapping my arms around my body and felt my face flush.

“I hope this cold doesn’t cause any, problems, for you.” He said this jokingly while giving me a very obvious look at my boxers.

I wanted to get this over with and I felt time slow down as I lost control of my body and my hands pulled my boxers off before kicking them over to Mason.

At the sight of myself fully nude Mason let out a mock whistle of appreciation while looking me up and down. “If that’s what you look like in this state you’ll have no problem with the girls from Theta Beta.” He joked.

I shuffled in embarrassment and tried to hide the fact that I was embarrassed being naked around another guy, although the way my face was getting red I’m sure it was obvious.

Mason went over to look out the door before he came back to tell me “You’re all in the clear,” He said this while grabbing me by the shoulder and steering me towards the door. “One quick dash and you’re one of us.” He said smiling “Good luck pledge.” I felt his hand strike me sharply on the ass and I felt myself jump in shock as the door opened and I was shoved out roughly, the door clanging shut behind me.


I tripped when I was shoved out of the door and had to pick my nude body up off the cold tile floor. As I looked at the door behind me I noticed there was no exterior handle. I would be out here without my clothes until I completed my task!

I started moving at a slow pace creeping softly throughout the mall making sure my hands completely concealed my manhood. Anytime I heard any sort of noise I quickly dove behind whatever was nearby before making sure the coast was clear. Eventually after many of these false alarms and a minute or two of making my way through the empty mall I started to realize there truly was no one here.

I let out a small whoop to myself and then a louder shout as I threw my hands into the air and picked up the pace, now leisurely jogging. It actually felt quite nice with the air conditioning keeping me cool, the air touching parts of my body that would normally be clothed.

It wasn’t until I was about halfway through my run when I saw someone. An old lady who was there in a jogging suit walking around briskly. At first when I came near her I felt a sense of shame surround me as I lowered my hand and once again covered my privates. It wasn’t until I started to move away and I heard her noise of disgust that I started to laugh when I realized I didn’t care if she saw me! Who was she, some old bag? As a point of fact when I came across a couple of other older people also walking and jogging I forced myself to keep my hands in the air and shout a bit as I ran by. I was actually enjoying this. One group of three older women actually whistled and made some hoots of appreciation as I ran by. I felt my face getting red and resisted the urge to cover myself from these aging eyes.

I was actually having a good time there and was feeling pretty confident for a few minutes until I rounded the corner to Sears and I started to hear noise.


It looked like a couple hundred of them! I stopped in my tracks so fast I almost tripped over my own feet. What the hell were all these people doing here?! The mall wasn't even open yet I wanted to scream at them in frustration!

I quickly remembered how naked I still was and ducked behind the nearest trash can to shield myself. Okay this just got a lot harder. Suddenly my newfound confidence all just drained away and I was nervous and fidgety as I rediscovered my nakedness.

What was I supposed to do?!

There was no going back and getting my clothes unless I completed this but the hall was completely blocked with this spontaneous crowd of people blocking my way to Marc. As I was sitting there furiously thinking of what to do, I suddenly envisioned my fate: Marc and Mason quickly getting bored and leaving without me and then soon getting discovered by other shoppers, when I realized what was going on.

I remembered now seeing an ad in both the papers and on the tv about Sears having this huge sale. They were cutting prices on practically everything by half and giving away new appliances and all sorts of things to attract shoppers! I was wondering how I forgot this was happening today when it hit me.

They set me up!

Mason, Marc, and Jason planned it this way! They had all no doubt seen the ads and with Jason working at the mall he had probably given the others the idea! They knew all these people would be here and wanted me to fail!

Suddenly my task became a lot harder.

    • fun storykbmontrose, Thu Oct 13 11:30am
      What a great story! Looking forward to what happens next. Thanks for sharing!
    • Nice Startflagship37, Wed Oct 12 11:29pm
      Nice Start, look forward to seeing more.
    • Fab startryanm, Wed Oct 12 11:20pm
      Great start, really well written and love the fact he's completely nude and on his own! Looking forward to reading more about Emmets naked exposure.
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