Stripping and Humiliation

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The Controverser
Targeted - Chapter Five
Fri Nov 25, 2016 10:08am

Chapter Five

“Brittney, can you hand me that brake lever?” I asked from my crouched position next to my motorcycle.
“Um, okay,” Brittney said, picking an item up off the workbench nearby. “Here you go.”
“Thanks,” I said grabbing it without looking up.
“No problem,” Brittney said with a smile.
“Actually,” I said jumping up. “This is the clutch lever.”

Heading over to the workbench, I set the clutch lever back where I had it and picked up the brake lever. Returning to the workbench, I waved off Brittney's apology and assured her that it was an honest mistake. While I was putting it in place, the doorbell rang and Brittney rushed off to answer it without even being asked to. By the time I had the brake lever in fully connected and working with the right amount of resistance, Brittney and I were joined by Jane and Becka. Becka had a fairly nervous expression on her face while Jane looked furious.

“Uh oh. What's wrong now?” I asked.
“We haven't been given the disc yet and his parents arrived home four hours ago,” Jane said, seething.
“Jane, you aren't being fair. You know that Billy tried,” Becka told her.
“What?” Brittney asked, her eyes lighting up slightly. “You've heard from him?”
“Not exactly,” Jane said with a smile.
“What did you do, Jane?” I asked, with a sigh.

It was hard to imagine that I could still be surprised by Jane's form of vigilante justice but lo and behold, I was. Jane had her laptop set up in moments and what I saw next took my breath away. We were connected to a website entitled "Naked Billy Price's House" and there were dozens of different links, each link named for a part of Billy's house. Jane quickly clicked a link entitled Dining Room and several different views of the Price's dining room table. I didn't have to click any of the other links to know that each room had several different angles.

“Wireless cameras. I've been tinkering with them for months and I figured this was a perfect use for them,” Jane said with a grin.
“Not cool,” I said, shaking my head.
“I think it's very cool,” Becka said. “Payback is a bitch.”
“Wait, there is Billy's mom. Why is she still dressed?” Brittney asked, pointing to Billy's mom, a blonde woman who could definitely be considered a MILF in every sense of the term.
“Billy explained what happened and what he had to do. His mom not only refused but she pulled his naked butt over her lap and gave him a good thrashing,” Jane explained.

I shook my head and went back to working on my motorcycle as the girls started to decide the next action to be taken. Brittney wanted to make good on her threat to turn the video over to the police but that was quickly shot down by both Jane and Becka who wanted Billy to suffer much more than he already had. I suddenly felt like a head vampire who had just turned three innocent girls into blood-lusting vampire chicks who were ready to suck every ounce of blood from their victim's pride. I had done this. Me.

“That would work,” Jane said with a nod.
“What would? I wasn't paying attention,” I told her.
“Well, I think you, Brittney, and Becka should go over there, introduce yourselves and sort of explain how things are going to go,” Jane said.
"Okay. Jane has gone completely mad. Does anyone else want to come up with a sane suggestion?" I asked.
“I'm with Jane,” Becka said with a shrug.
“So am I,” Brittney chimed in.

I had to laugh. All three of them were completely insane. Not only did they install cameras in this family's house, ensuring that none of them had a lick of privacy, but they wanted to go over and make sure that they knew the rules that they had to follow. Honestly, I didn't even know what rules they were supposed to follow. I think the entire situation has already gone way beyond ridiculous and yet it was like a car wreck, I couldn't turn my back on it. I had to find out where this was going. As much as it made me uncomfortable, it was beyond intriguing.

“Do I even want to know what rules you are talking about?” I asked.
“No. Probably not. There have to be consequences for not getting that disc into our hands. Obviously, Billy's mom isn't adverse to spanking his butt and yet it appears she hasn't done a good enough job raising him. So, I think it's only fair that she learns how humiliating her son's choices have been,” Jane explained.
“Okay then. Let's go ahead and get this over with. Jane, if you receive a phone call from me, I want you to deliver the video to the police. A phone call from me would indicate that something has seriously gone wrong,” I told her.
“You betcha,” Jane said, with a nod.

We decided to take Brittney's car over to Billy's house, which was fine with me since I didn't have to concentrate on walking. Instead, I sat in the passenger's seat, thinking of any argument that I could make to get the girls to tone down their viciousness before we arrived. I couldn't blame either girl. Billy had pretty much tried to force both of them to give him a blowjob and he succeeded with poor Becka. Both of them were nothing but mere sex objects in Billy's eyes and no argument, no matter how strong, would change that fact.

Sure enough, by the time we pulled up in front of Billy Price's house, I was no closer to an argument in the Price family's defense. The fact was that if I had been a girl in Becka's shoes, I'd want revenge too. Being forced to suck someone off wasn't only humiliating but it was violating as well. While Becka didn't show signs of being totally traumatized by that event, I knew for sure that she was going to have some serious hang-ups when she found herself a nice boy and started to get serious with him. How could she ever attempt to have oral sex with a boyfriend without flashing back to that awful occasion?

Without another word, I exited the car and followed the girls up the wide, paved driveway and then onto the pathway leading to the front door. The house was fairly new and was your standard brick house. I couldn't help but wonder if they owned it free and clear or if they had a mortgage on it. The former would just back up the fact that Billy Price was a spoiled, over privileged bully that liked to pick on those who can't defend themselves. Meeting his parents would answer several burning questions in my mind.

Nearly as soon as I pressed the doorbell, the door opened and Billy's mom appeared in the doorway with a big smile on her face. Her appearance looked identical to what I saw back in my garage over the laptop screen. Her dark hair was braided over her right shoulder. She smiled at us with perfect white teeth and then the smile faded slightly as she explained that her son wasn't feeling well and couldn't receive any visitors. Both Brittney and Becka giggled together and I just shook my head.

“Mom, let them in,” Billy said from behind the door.
“I will not. There are two young ladies here,” his mother said horrified.
“Mom. They've both seen me naked. Trust me, it'll be better for all of us if you let them in,” Billy said with a loud sigh.
“And why is that? Are these the ones blackmailing you?” Billy's mom asked, her tone turning harsh.
“Yeah, mom. That's them,” Billy answered.

“All right, I'm calling the police,” Billy's mom said, slamming the door shut.

I chuckled softly as both Brittney and Becka looked as if they were ready to bolt, terror on their faces. I wasn't fooled, however. If Billy's mom had any idea what we had on her son, the police would be the last ones she would want to involve. On the other hand, if she didn't know, I was absolutely sure that Billy would inform her. Sure, we'd be arrested but we wouldn't be labeled as sex offenders for the rest of our lives.

I heard a heated conversation coming from inside. I looked over to Becka and then Brittney, both girls still looked terrified. A few minutes later, however, both girls jaws nearly dropped to the floor as Billy's mom came to the door again, this time without a stitch of clothing on. Her face was beet red and she posed in the classic ENF fashion with one hand over her breasts and the other covering her pubic area. With a nod of her head, she welcomed them to come in. Billy's father, however, was still dressed in lounge pants and a polo shirt. His expression told me that he wasn't ready to play any games with us.

“Okay, let's cut to the chase. You have seen my wife and my son naked. It's time to end this. How much do you want for the video?” Billy's father demanded.
“A million dollars,” Becka said, drawing a gasp from Billy's father and myself as well.
“Be serious,” Billy's father scoffed.
"Oh, I'm being absolutely serious. If you want you, your wife, and your son to just get off scot free, it's going to cost you," Becka blurted out.

“I think what young Becka here is trying to say is that I wanted to turn the video right over to the police. Statutory rape is a horrible crime and needs to be dealt with as such. Brittney and Becka here convinced me that Billy's life shouldn't be thrown away so quickly. Now, I'm not sure what Becka was thinking but I assure you, we are not after money,” I explained.
“I can understand why my son is naked,” Billy's mother said meekly. “Why do my husband and myself have to be as well?”
“If Billy turned out to be such a bully, it can only be from bad parenting. So, I decided that after Billy attempted to rape me in the park that you both needed to be taught a lesson as well,” Brittney said.

Apparently, Brittney struck some sort of nerve with Billy's father. His face turned red and it looked as if a vein was going to burst in his forehead. He suddenly started marching towards Brittney with ill intent. Without thinking, I placed myself in between Billy's father and my girlfriend. Angered by my decision, Billy's father reared back his hand in an attempt to smack me with the back of his hand. Around the time his hand had reached mid-swing, he was on the ground, holding the back of his head from the fall.

“Don't try to hit me again... it just pisses me off,” I told him coolly.
“Jamie, are you okay?” Billy's mom asked.
“Yeah... lucky shot,” Billy's father said, getting up.
“Not hardly. My boyfriend is a black belt in Karate,” Brittney said. “Now, you attacking him is going to cost you. I'm not going to say another word until all three of you are naked.”

I shook my head, realizing that my only job here was to protect Brittney and Becka. They clearly had all of this in hand. I was amused to find that Billy's father was actually considering charging me again but thankfully, his wife intervened and talked him down. I really hate being attacked and after he had tried it once, I was ready to really ring his bell. As his father started to strip, Brittney turned to Billy and told him to go and fetch (I loved the added emphasis on the word fetch) his parents clothes from the trip and a pair of scissors. Apparently, that part of Brittney's original plan wasn't going to change.

Once all of the clothes were in a pile on their living room floor (including the ones that Billy's father had been wearing), Brittney tasked Billy to begin cutting them into tiny little pieces. As he started his task, Brittney motioned for his parents to sit on the couch while she slid into one of the two armchairs across from the couch. Becka flitted over to the other and sat down. I kept my position on the side, ready to pounce if anything happened.

"Okay, I told you that was going to cost you. Well, to be honest, we weren't going to keep you two naked for long. We figured a week at most. Just enough to really make you sweat. Well, you can forget about that. You three will not be owning or wearing any clothes in the foreseeable future. So, you might as well get used to that. Now, I'm going to tell you something you won't want to hear. It doesn't matter, at all because nothing you can say will change it. There are wireless cameras hidden in every part of this house. The wireless cameras broadcast the videos, continually to a private internet site. It will stay private, that is, unless even one of you breaks any of the rules," Brittney explained.

“Cameras? Oh my God,” Billy's mom cringed.
“First rule,” Brittney said, ignoring her. “You are to remove all of the doors except the front door and the back door. No bathroom door, no bedroom doors. Since the goal is for the three of you to have absolutely no privacy, that leads to the second rule: no covering up with your hands, arms, or anything else. Since you have no curtains and you are not allowed to buy any, it won't take your neighbors long to realize that they will be getting free shows if they wait around enough.”

I was struggling again. Part of me, a dominant part, wanted to step in and put an end to this. I had no idea how absolutely vicious Brittney could be. The only thing stopping me from doing so was my utter contentment for Billy and his father. Billy for practically raping them both and Billy's father for taking a swing at me. I may try to be a decent guy but I am far from a saint so I decided to keep my mouth shut and let Brittney continue.

“Our other partner came up with rule number three and it applies to all three of you. As I look at the three of you, I can see that you will all benefit from rule number three. Absolutely no pubic hair. Not even stubble,” Brittney said with a grin.
“Fine. It's not like anyone outside of a few nosy neighbors will see anything,” Billy's mom said with a shrug.
"The Fourth rule, you have to go about your lives as usual. No hiding in the house all day," Brittney's grin got wider. "I believe you are serving on the PTA, correct? I imagine PTA meetings will be quite interesting from now on. No covering goes for PTA meetings as well."

The rules were getting rougher and rougher. I wasn't sure how much worse it could get until Brittney announced that the final two rules would be given by Becka. Billy groaned from his place by the pile of cut up clothes, knowing that Becka really had it out for him. As soon as Becka started grinning like the Cheshire Cat, I felt a sudden twinge of sympathy for Billy. This wasn't going to be good.

“My first rule is as follows. You, just today, turned your son over your lap and gave him a pretty hard spanking. You are going to do it, every morning before school, with a hairbrush or a belt. So not only will the football star, Billy Price, be going to school bare naked, not allowed to cover up I might add, but he will be going to school with a nice red butt. Imagine, everyone will know he gets spanked every morning!” Becka said with a grin.
“And the last rule?” Billy's mom asked, gritting her teeth.
"Your son made me give him a blowjob in front of cheerleaders and football players while they filmed it. I blame you, as his mother, for not showing him that that is wrong. So, the final rule is this. Every evening, before it gets dark, you need to give your husband a blowjob. Oh no, not inside where you might get seen. Oh no, I want you to feel the humiliation I felt. I want you to know what it's like to have people watch you do it. You are going to give him a blowjob at the end of your driveway," Becka told her.

Billy's parents both exploded in anger and I felt that it was time to finally interject myself into the situation. What Becka was asking was way beyond justice. It was revenge that no couple should ever be put through. Just as I was about to put an end to it, Brittney whispered in my ear that this would be the last acts of both Brittney and Becka as they would both feel even for what Billy had done. I leaned over and asked Becka if this was true to which she nodded her head.

    • Chapter Five (ending)The Controverser, Fri Nov 25 10:08am
      “As much as I don't really agree with this...” I said with a sigh. “It's not my call. Billy hasn't done anything to me personally. I can assure you, however, that no further actions will be taken... more
      • The endBucket, Sun Nov 27 6:52am
        Great story. Thanks, I enjoy reading these. I could never find myself is such a compromised position. But it is fun to fantasize!
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