Stripping and Humiliation

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Alex Newt
Teen sidekick stripped to his undies
Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:03pm

Ms.Brand was a 9th grade English teacher and cheerleading coach by day. But by night she lead a life of adventure battling crime as Teachbabe. But after her humiliating defeat at the hands of the villianess Zenex, left her tied up in her bra and panties in public, she knew it was time to get a sidekick.

Alex was one of the smaller boys in her class. Short, skinny, lean with dark blond hair. He might not have been her 1st pick when compared with the most muscular jocks. But as cheerleading coach he had seen him play baseball, and the quick twitch muscles of his lean agile legs. These were the kinds of speed and reflexes she needed in a sidekick.

Alex was thrilled when the teacher he had had a crush on, since the 1st day of high school suddenly took an interest in him. And even more so, when she introduced him into the world of superhero crimefighting.

But their 1st night out crimefighting did not go so well, and they both ended up captured in the hands of Zenex. Zenex had a great hatred for Teachbabe, her arch-nemesis, and when she found out about her teen boy sidekick now at her mercy, she knew she would take great delight in both their humiliations. Having learned their secret identities, she managed to stalk Alex's civilian life, and kidnapped all the cute girls from his grade.

She had them tied up and on display to watch the humiliation of their boy hero. She also wanted to punish Teachbabe by showing her the pain and destruction she had gotten her young student into. In front of all the high school girls and Ms.Brand, Zenex stripped Alex of his cape, mask and costume. Until the freshman boy was left exposed in nothing but his tighty whities briefs. He looked so vulnerable outside of his costume. Just a hairless undeveloped little boy in his undies, exposed in front of all his crushes, and adult women. Ms.Brand blushed in shame at the humiliation she had gotten her student into. Zenex delighted in humiliating the poor boy, pulling hard on the wasteband of his briefs.She gave him a hard spanking in front of everyone. And she would tie him up in his underwear to the superheroine Teachbabe and his classmates, and mock his tiny little boner pressing up against them. Alex was humiliated beyond belief. He never imagined that his life as a superhero would lead to the destruction of his masculinity in front of all the girls he cared about. He had been so proud of his secret life, that none of his classmates knew about. Now it was exposed to them in such a shaming way.

Zenex was not finished. She wanted to strip Alex and Teachbabe of every ounce of their dignity.

    • Great!Jeepman89, Thu Jun 15 8:50pm
      Great! Please continue soon.
      • continuesamos, Fri Jun 16 5:18am
        I see big potential in this story. I hope after punishment of Ms.Brand there will be an unexpecting twist and Zenex will get her lesson. It would be nice to see her downfall and tasting her own... more
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