Stripping and Humiliation

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patrick 778
Douglas's Second Humiliation
Mon Oct 9, 2017 2:23am

Encouraged by the response to my first story about this young man I have penned a second story.

Douglas’s Second Humiliation

My first girlfriend and I had an on and off relationship for several years which started when I was sixteen and she was fifteen. An early meeting with her mother ended in them both seeing me naked, much to my great embarrassment.
By the time I was twenty I had got over that incident and after a break of a few years had started going out with Helen Rose once more. I think my mother was keen for me to leave home and she encouraged me towards getting married. She was fond of Helen and several times told me that if I didn’t get on and propose to her I might lose her to someone else.
Eventually I came around to the idea, and asked her advice about the etiquette of proposing marriage. She told me the tradition was first to ask the consent of the bride-to-be’s father before making the proposal. She went on to say that asking the parents for permission shows that you understand the seriousness of combining your two families. Proposing is a huge step and it’s only proper to make the most important people in your special person’s life aware of your intentions. Only then you should buy an engagement ring and go down on one knee to ask for her hand in marriage.
I objected on the grounds that it was the 1970s and not the 1930s and getting the consent of the father was old hat. However, asking around soon gave me the impression that sticking to the tradition was definitely the way to proceed. I decided I would follow the trend and would ask Helen’s old man for her hand before proposing. I would then take her out for dinner and at the end of the evening propose and give her a lovely ring.
Helen was still keen on tennis and we spent many summer days playing the game. I would usually call at her house and we would go off to the local recreation ground in my little white Wolseley 1500 car. I worked out that if I called early while Helen was still changing and showering after work I could have a few minutes with her father.
I turned up a good half hour early in my tennis kit, except that my usual shorts were in the wash and I was wearing an old pair of gym shorts from school days. They were white, and very close fitting, which, even though most shorts were in those days, were more revealing than most, though my underpants, brief white Skants, kept everything under control.
Helen’s mother answered the door and was a little surprised when I said I’d like a private talk with her husband. However, she led me into the back-sitting room where he was smoking a pipe, and left us alone, saying to her husband, “Don’t forget, Jack, what you must do.”
I explained the reason for my visit and Mr Rose seemed very affable and happy that I should be his son-in-law. He said he and Edith had been expecting my request. He questioned me about my work prospects, where we might live and my financial situation. He then said, “You seem a very healthy young man. When I wanted to marry Edith, her parents wanted to make sure of my health.” I said, “I had a medical examination before starting work and everything was okay.”
Mr Rose said, “That’s very good, but Edith’s mother wanted her husband to check what she called my “wedding tackle”. It was traditional to do that where their family came from. Edith thinks I ought to make sure of you in the same way. What do you think?”
This made clear what Mrs Rose had said a few minutes before to her husband and I at once remembered the incident when I was sixteen and spilled cherryade on myself and was seen naked not only by Mrs Rose but also by Helen. As a horny teenager, I had totally embarrassed myself and had an erection which they had both seen.
I said, “I think Mrs Rose has a good idea about me, she has seen me undressed.” “Ah, yes,” said Mr Rose, “I remember you had to borrow my Y-fronts and shorts to go home in – she told me about it, but I didn’t know she had seen your “wedding tackle”.
I said, “It was all very embarrassing, but I think she knows I’m okay in that department.” “Well,” he said, “that’s as maybe, but perhaps she thinks I should be the judge, just like her father was. You just have to slip off your shorts and let me check you over. I can see you are quite well developed already.” He was looking at my tightfitting shorts and which bulged somewhat at the level of the crutch.
I was not going to get out of another humiliation if I wanted to keep him and his wife on my side so I quickly lowered my shorts and put them on a chair. My tennis polo shirt only came down to my waist so he could plainly see my little white briefs. Already thinking about what might be about to happen my male member was beginning to stiffen and push the stretchy nylon forward. Mr Rose put down his pipe and leant forward in his chair. He gripped the waistband of my briefs and gently lowered them pulling the material forward to clear my stiffening manhood.
As if it was something he did all the time he cupped my scrotum and rolled my testicles in his fingers. “Nothing to worry about there,” he said, as his fingers moved to lift my penis. The touch instantly aroused me further and my penis stood stiffly as he wrapped his fingers around it. I knew I was blushing deep red. Mr Rose said, “Have you young people been getting together?”
I understood what he meant, but I was still a virgin, and Helen had never seen me undressed after that first incident with the cherryade. I told him we both thought that should be left until after the wedding day. He said, “But Helen must have some idea about you.” I said, “Well she did err…, see me when I spilt the cherryade, and when we have a cuddle, she err… sometimes feels my hard-on. She runs her hand over my shorts or trousers, which gets me err… going.”
Mr Rose seemed to find my halting explanation amusing. “I see,” he said, continuing to feel my penis. He was gently rubbing the loose skin on the shaft up and down. “I suppose if I keep doing this you might ejaculate.” I said that I certainly would as I could feel the fire building in my loins and it was all I could do not to thrust my hips forward. He released my organ and asked me how often I ejaculated. I told him it was three or four times a week, but sometimes more often. He said, “I don’t think we need worry about you then. Before you get dressed I’d like Edith to look you over, would you mind?”
My privacy had now been so far invaded that this further suggestion was met with my agreement. This situation was way beyond anything I had expected and not only was I blushing but I felt quite flustered, in contrast to Helen’s father who seemed cool and very much in control. Mr Rose went to the door and called Edith Rose into the room. He said, “I’m pleased to say, young Douglas, wants to marry our daughter, and I think we should agree. He seems a sound young man with good prospects and is fairly secure financially.”
As I stood there naked from the waist down, Mrs Rose said she was pleased to hear it. Mr Rose continued, “and I’ve had a look at the “wedding tackle”, and he seems to be in good fettle – have a look yourself.” Mrs Rose, I noticed, had been eying up my “wedding tackle” already, and this contributed my failure to get my erection to subside. I was relieved she didn’t seem inclined to touch me, and she just said, “It looks fine to me, Jack, but then I knew he was quick on the trigger and a good big boy!”
As I mentioned, I still had an erection, and had that sort of frustrated feeling you get if you get half-way to orgasm and are interrupted so you don’t release your build-up of sperm. I was amazed when my mother-in-law to be suddenly said, “Oh Jack, don’t you think you should get him to go all the way, now you’ve got him going. You shouldn’t leave him like that.”
I was a mix of embarrassment, and humiliation, yet grateful that this lady had such insight. I yearned to have release and had nearly come to that point when Jack had stopped manipulating my phallus. He said, “I think you are right dear.” With that he began once more to bring me to the boil, my hips heaved and I thrust my penis into his fingers. My manhood began to gush forth semen, as my pent-up life-fluid sought exit. He had the presence of mind to have ready a couple of large tissues to collect my hot steaming milky liquid, and then gently wipe clean the tip of my penis.
Despite me seeking the best advice as to how to go about a proposal of marriage, no-one had given me the least inkling that I would end up in this embarrassing way in front of my prospective in-laws. My proud phallus at last had begun to relax and I sought the cover of my briefs, glad that my genitals were now only visible as bulges in the white nylon. My shorts then provided almost complete modesty, although I was conscious that Jack Rose had noticed the way their tight fit was quite revealing.
Fully dressed in my tennis gear I asked the Roses to keep our discussion from Helen until I had made my proposal to her the following evening. They seemed most affable and happy to do as I asked. Helen came downstairs a few moments later ready for tennis, while I sought to calm down and gather my energies for the game.

(A Third Story may follow if you like this one).

    • From Another Point of Viewpatrick 778, Sun Oct 15 3:40am
      Gaining a Son-in-Law (Part 1) My wife, Edith, and I were very pleased when our daughter Rose took up with a young man who lived locally called Douglas. She had known him for a few years, but had... more
    • wowMichigan, Fri Oct 13 12:50pm
      i like your story, please make more parts, i suggest you can make a pretend future where you had a daughter/s and you do this to each new son-in-law :o btw i continued my embarrassed on television... more
    • Great story!gocarty, Mon Oct 9 12:23pm
      Please do continue with a third part. The first two were excellent. (And then maybe a fourth, and a fifth . . . well, you get the idea.)
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