Stripping and Humiliation

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Consequences 1.
Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:58pm

There was once a guy named Leon, he was handsome, tan, had an athletic body that anyone would adore and is also incredibly smart. As a teenager, he had been interested in learning magic to make his powers better. However, any misuse or abuse of that power that can cause embarrassment or pain towards anyone will be dealt severely. That was what happened to Leon.

He was in his final year when he managed to combine 2 different spells and got something extraordinary. Leon mixed a transportation spell with clothes spell in order to make someone's clothes immediately go away. However, as he tested in on a dummy, Leon found out that you can't make the clothes come back. This is when Leon decided to drop the experiment but as his rival was spying on him and secretly done the spell himself on some classmates he was quick to expose and blame Leon for this.

Unfortunately, Leon was going to receive consequences for something that he didn't do, such as the first was, having to apologise naked in front of the whole school to every student who was affected by his spell, one by one. This was incredibly embarrassing for Leon to do this and it certainly did not help when he sprouted an erection at the moment as well.

Leon was ''honoured'' to be the first person after 25 years to have done something rewarding enough for this punishment. You may think this would be the end of it, but no. Leon had to do one other thing, he for a week is going to be in an imaginative world where he will be part of quite embarrassing stories and scenes, however, in each scene, he loses his memory and gains a fake one, his memory of everything will be restored the minute he gets back. The stories were written, obviously, by his rival, who was awarded this task for revealing Leon.

Who knows what Leon will experience in that portal

    • Consequences 2.Michigan, Tue Nov 14 12:18pm
      Leon had just passed the portal into this imaginary world, but as we said, he had lost his memory and gained a fake new one in return. The alarm clock went off as Leon started what was in his normal... more
      • Consequences 3.Michigan, Thu Nov 16 2:29am
        Day 2 of 7 for Leon. Today he woke up as a regular guy going to a swimming pool. As he got there, he took off his shirt abd sandals and placed them in a locker. It was part of the busiet time of day, ... more
        • Consequences 4.Michigan, Sat Nov 18 4:03pm
          Day 3 of 7 for Leon. Today he woke up as a doctor, who had a lack of good sleep. His job required him that his uniform is only to be worn in the work place and that he takes a shower before work. As... more
          • Consequences 5.Michigan, Fri Dec 15 3:52pm
            Day 4 of 7 for Leon. Today Leon shall be an early bird. He is going to the beach early so he can enjoy it while there barely is anyone. The sea was cold at the time but he managed to get in, as well... more
            • Consequences 6.Michigan, Thu Mar 1 3:48pm
              Day 5 of 7 for Leon. This day was a different awakening for Leon. Instead of getting himself in a situation where he ends up naked, he wakes up naked in a park. Leon had been partying and drinking... more
    • Re: Consequences 1.shaisad, Mon Nov 13 11:11pm
      Hmm, sounds pretty interesting ;)
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