Stripping and Humiliation

For Age 18+ Only.
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Good story!
Sun Dec 10, 2017 12:34pm

Cant wait to see what they make him do to get his clothes back.

  • Stripped by Girls-Part 2Jeepman89, Wed Dec 6 4:41pm
    What happened next shocked the hell out of me. Cindy then got on her bike and rode off with my clothes in her saddlebags! "NO! No, come back please. My clothes!" I cried and all the girls laughed... more
    • Good story! — dazed, Sun Dec 10 12:34pm
    • An old favouriteBritguy, Sat Dec 9 2:22pm
      You, or someone, also posted the first part of the story on this site here under the name of Spartacus and it's always been one of my favourites. It's nice to see it being continued. Thanks.
      • I am SpartacusJeepman89, Sat Dec 9 3:50pm
        Yes Britguy, I now remember posting this story under that name years ago. I go by Jeepman89 now and have decided to continue the story with more episodes to come. I hope you enjoyed Part 2 but more... more
        • GreatBritguy, Sat Dec 9 4:01pm
          Good, I'll look forward to reading it.
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I'd like you to remove every stitch of your clothing and put your hands behind your head.