Stripping and Humiliation

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Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:36am

They all hated the lead actress in the play. This was a local theatre community, but you'd think she was Meryl Streep or something. She had been on ONE episode of the TV show "Sex and the City". She had only one line: "I'd love some coke, I mean cock." So she had a SAG card.

Her name was Wendy. She was a willowy blonde with ample breasts, curvy behind and she was beautiful. People did compare her to Jayne Mansfield. But she could be a bitch.

The play the Wurbyfield Arts Group was doing was called "The Hot Tub." It was written by a local and starred Wendy Woolritch, Andrew Jason, Linda Mollybarbon-aka, and Jim Brewster.The writer and director was Wally Barzan, who was studying at Juilliard. Barzan's family had operated a community theatre in Wurbyfield for over a hundred years. It was well known in the entire USA and had its own lavish website.

"The Hot Tub" was the story of two young couples: Shawna and Rollins (Wendy and Andrew), and Ginger and Phil (Linda and Jim). The couples were neighbors in a small town. Shawna and Rollins have just installed a hot tub in their backyard. They've invited their neighbors over to christen it. Sexual hijinks ensue.

Wally's play contained extensive nudity required from all four actors, especially the men. The local school board had been warned of this, and council members had read the play but the Barzan name and the quality of the play (it was very well written and most of the nudity was necessary) erased any misgivings. The show was on.

They were in rehearsal. They were at the beginning of a pivotal scene in Act One, which introduces the hot tub set (donated by a Barzan admirer) and requires all four actors to strip naked on stage before they enter the hot tub. The actors had discussed this scene extensively and rehearsed all of it without any nudity. It had been carefully choreographed by Wally, although Wally had said at the last rehearsal: "There's something off when they're undressing. I'll have to fix that."

Andrew Jason was particularly mystified by that remark. The undressing sequence was fast and loose. None of the characters were shy at this point; they were all high and stoned. It read like this:

SHAWNA, ROLLINS, GINGER and PHIL are now stoned. They enter the backyard from the porch. Phil turns on the hot tub. It roars to life. Ginger strips naked quickly and hops into the tub firs. Phil is so drunk he has trouble getting off his clothes. Rollins Is naked next. He goes over to help Phil undress. Shawna is down to her bra and panties. She hesitates, then takes them off and jumps into the water.

Both women giggle. They watch Rollins pull off Phil's pants. Phil is now clad in briefs.

SHAWNA: Rolly, go back in and get us some wine. We have cups.

ROLLINS: Iím trying to help Phil get his clothes off.

PHIL: I can do it.

Phil yanks off his briefs, grinning. He stumbles over into the hot tub, goes underwater, and sobers up a bit upon reemergence. Rollins exits, naked. He returns with a bottle of wine. He pours wine into the women's outstretched glasses. He has to bend over a bit to do this.

GINGER: I've never seen your penis, Rolly. Beautiful.

SHAWNA: GingerÖ.you're drunk.

ROLLINS: Why thank you, Ginger! We have our moments.

PHIL: Get in, man.

Rollins enters the hot tub with a cup of wine. Everyone stares at him. He has a terrific body. Rollins ignores the adulation.

And that was the undressing scene. This rehearsal was the first time they'd be going all the way.


    • THE HOT TUB, Part 2stonejulius54, Fri Jan 12 8:01am
      The scene had been on everyone's mind for obvious reasons. Jim was concerned because, well, he had a small penis. He had no idea how big Andy's penis was, but Jim was sure it was larger than his own... more
      • THE HOT TUB, Part 3stonejulius54, Sat Jan 13 8:50am
        The table read continued. Although all the actors in the room were fully clothed, on the page, Jim's character, Phil, was now naked. JIM: Hey, I'm naked! Let's wrestle, Rolly! WALLY: "The guys... more
        • THE HOT TUB, Part 4stonejulius54, Tue Jan 16 7:39am
          Jim was utterly hopeless at wrestling, especially naked wrestling, which completely bamboozled any type of strategy he could invent to get any leverage on the athletic Andy. Andy had wrestled in high ... more
          • THE HOT TUB, Part 5stonejulius54, Wed Jan 17 8:43am
            Jim Brewster was in the teachers' lounge with Amy, the school's drama teacher. She approached him shyly. Jim liked Amy and had pondered asking her out, but had never mustered the courage. "Jim," Amy... more
            • THE HOT TUB, Part 6stonejulius54, Thu Jan 18 8:30am
              Jim nearly spat out his booze. "Shave my pubes?" he hissed under his breath. "You must be joking." "We just want them to be able to see your dick," Andy cajoled. "Don't you want them to see it? Wendy ... more
              • THE HOT TUB, Part 7stonejulius54, Fri Jan 19 9:51am
                It was the day of the field trip when the drama class would sit in on what normally would be called a ďdress rehearsal.Ē Since the cast of THE HOT TUB would be going through the nude wrestling scene, ... more
                • THE HOT TUB, Part 8stonejulius54, Sat Jan 20 10:13am
                  What have you DONE?" Jim cried, looking at himself in the mirror, his bathrobe wide open to expose his newly shorn pubic area. Jim's genitals belonged on a pre-teen boy, not a 28 year old grown man.... more
                  • THE HOT TUB, Part 9stonejulius54, Mon Jan 22 9:43am
                    Wally remained in front of the curtain. He was setting up the scene. Behind the curtain, Sarah herded the actors onto the stage to get ready to perform. "This scene in THE HOT TUB is by far our most... more
                    • THE HOT TUB, Part 10stonejulius54, Wed Jan 24 8:27am
                      The actors stumbled through the rest of the scene as best they could. Everyone was very rattled. Unfortunately for Jim, Wally had added a bit where he had to get out of the tub and go back into the... more
                      • THE HOT TUB Part 12stonejulius54, Thu Jan 25 10:54am
                        To clear up any confusion: The Jan. 24 "PART 10" is really PART 11, and the following is PART 12. The actual PART 10 was written Jan. 23. Two phone conversations were occurring in different parts of... more
                        • THE HOT TUB, Part 13stonejulius54, Fri Jan 26 11:31am
                          Jim Brewster ranted on his cell phone while Amy listened. It did not take Amy long to figure out why Jim was upset. ďIím not going to basically pose nude for that little sneak,Ē Jim fumed. ďAnd Iíll... more
                          • THE HOT TUB, Part 14stonejulius54, Tue Jan 30 10:37am
                            The photo shoot was chaotic. All the actors showed up, disgruntled with this turn of events. Boong introduced himself gregariously and requested they run through the stripping/wrestling scene. He... more
                            • GirlsJufreyGhost, Tue Jan 30 11:26pm
                              Although this stage play is kinda odd I really love some of the humiliation parts as I'm very much into SPH. Maybe you can create some further female students ridiculing Jim's small dick as it is... more
                              • THE HOT TUB, Part 15stonejulius54, Wed Jan 31 7:59am
                                OPENING NIGHT Boong's website had resulted in a sold-out run. Opening Night tickets were going for twice the normal rate. To further spur sales (and unfortunately) Jim's humiliation, Wally had... more
                                • THE HOT TUB, Part 16stonejulius54, Thu Feb 1 11:14am
                                  Jim had a weird thought: At least my asshole isnít showing, because Andyís dick is covering it. He shuddered. Andy felt Jimís body shiver and took this as a sign to thrust one more time. The audience ... more
                      • The later PART 10 should be PART 11stonejulius54, Wed Jan 24 9:18am
                    • THE HOT TUB, Part 10stonejulius54, Tue Jan 23 9:34am
                      Jim Brewster had just ejaculated, naked, on the stage in front of an invited audience from the high school where he taught English. There had been no real warning. Jim's small penis had gained a... more
        • Re: THE HOT TUB, Part 3enthusiast, Sat Jan 13 10:54am
          One of my favourite themes is a female teacher exposed to her students but I haven't read a story where it happens to a male teacher before ( which looks like it may be the case here ? ) And it works ... more
          • Looking forward to each chapterenthusiast, Fri Jan 19 12:51pm
            Really enjoying this story. Hope it's not too much of a hassle writing in the library ! Pleased you approved of the shaving idea for Jeff.
            • Shaving for Jeff?stonejulius54, Sat Jan 20 10:16am
              Drawing a blank on that. Please enlighten me. DO you mean "Jim" instead of "Jeff"? 'Cause poor JIM just got ROYALLY SHAVED. Thanks for your feedback; it is always appreciated to receive. It's not too ... more
              • Jim is what I meant !enthusiast, Sat Jan 20 10:24am
                I did mean Jim of course. I noticed the mistake but don't think it's possible to edit posts on here once they are made ? I have a character Jeff in an interactive story of my own that I am writing at ... more
                • Poor Jim/Jeffstonejulius54, Mon Jan 22 9:49am
                  Check out what happens to Jim today. I really let the poor guy have it with the latest chapter. Wish this stuff could happen in real life!
    • Interesting setupdazed, Wed Jan 10 9:52am
      4 naked people in a hot tub could provide some good humiliation.
      • It willstonejulius54, Thu Jan 11 12:16pm
        Don't worry. I just need some free time for this one. And I'm doing it on a library computer, which is kind of a pain.
        • Re: It wille20131, Fri Jan 12 1:28am
          Please donít forget Roger!!!!
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