Stripping and Humiliation

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After School
Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:06pm

Word gets around quick, and the word had spread that there was going to be a girl fight after school. Thirty or so students gathered, a mixture of male and female and sure enough Brittany and Jade had come to square off. Brittany was a fair sized girl with light brown hair and was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Jade was slightly smaller than Brittany, but ran track and was in good shape. She was also dressed in jeans and a pull over shirt.

There was the usual name calling and verbal taunts from the two before they actually got down to scrapping it out. Hair pulling, tit slapping and various leg locks took place as the two rolled on the ground trying to get the other to surrender.

Everyone was shouting for their favorite to win and the cell phones were busy capturing the fight, which was almost certainly destined for the internet. After twenty minutes both girls were a mess. Their hair was disheveled, their faces red with blotches caused from their opponents slaps. Brittany finally managed to straddle Jade and was sitting on her chest, grabbing her hair with both hands and shaking it.

"STOP! I GIVE!" Jade wept as the crowd jeered and taunted them.

"Then tell everyone I am the best. Shout it so everyone can hear," Brittany hissed as she continued to slap Jade around with a free hand.

"Brittany is the best!" Jade shouted, her voice breaking with sobs.

"That was good, but there is no way you are getting off that easy bitch!" Brittany growled victoriously.

"I want you to stand up and strip naked!"

"NOOOOO!" please no. You won the fight, let me up!" Jade wept as the crowd was heard yelling "Take it off!"

"If you don't stand up and strip naked, this fight is not over. I will beat your ass blue!" Brittany threatened.

Everyone yelled and tried to get the best view for taking pictures as the two girls rose to their feet. Jade was weeping and shaking as she bent over to take her tennis shoes and socks off.

"Please don't make me do this," Jade wept as she pleaded with Brittany who stood victoriously with hands crossed watching Jade's humiliation.

"Get em off bitch, oh and hand your clothes to me. You are not keeping them," Brittany fumed.

"What?" How will I get home?" Please Brittany, don't do this," Jade wept as her shaking hand reached to pull her shirt up.

"How you get home is your problem. Strip and hand me your clothes. To the victor goes the spoils," Brittany beamed as she held her hand out.

The minute Jade took her shirt off practically everyone noticed that her bra was stuffed. They began pointing and laughing as Jade wept from embarrassment.

"Baby tits, how cute. Can't wait to see them," Brittany teased.

Jade fumbled with the snap of her jeans and snaked them down her lets, reluctantly stepping out of them.

The defeated girl now had to unhook her bra and when it came off, the toilet paper she was using to pad it with fell the ground and she began weeping in shame as her tiny tits were exposed.

Brittany grinned wickedly as Jade handed her clothes over and then slipped her fingers into the elastic bands of her panties for the final humiliation. Her bald pussy was soon the object of everyone's cameras as they zoomed in for the degrading shots.

Brittany, enjoying every moment of her victory, then grabbed Jade by the hair and paraded her naked around the field. She would stop and pick up a switch and strike Jade's bare ass, taunt her abut her little tits, and joke about her exposed pussy.

When the fight was over everyone saw Jade begging Brittany for her clothes, but Brittany refused, instead walking off the field holding them over her head triumphantly.

Jade's humiliation grew when she was forced to ride home in a car with some boys. How she got in her home butt naked no one knows, but the videos proved very popular to watch.

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