Stripping and Humiliation

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Big Suze
First time heard of strippings (before experiencing)
Sun Feb 11, 2018 12:44am

I was going to post some genuine stories on here. Legitimately real stories so not as sexy as the stories that have been created but probably of interest to some people.

Im going to share stuff that Ive seen or been involved with but thought Id start with detailing the first time Id even heard of a forced stripping.

Every year until I was 10 my family would take me and my brother to Blackpool. Wed stay at a B&B run by a Scottish couple from Ayrshire. The man had worked as a miner and I cant remem what the woman did. I think they moved down and opened the B&B with his redundancy money.

One day during conversation with all the guests in the bar area they told a story about one of her friends hen nights. It seemed a boozy affair with nothing happening to the bride in the pub other then receiving doubles to drink all nights and mixed drinks. The woman and another lady took her home. The hen was out for the count and rather than leave her in bed they decided to give her a surprise in the morning.

Essentially the woman woke up sat tied to a chair facing her dressing table mirror. All theyd left her in was her knickers and tights. And the tights were pulled down to above her knees. Theyd drawn happy faces on her boobs with a permanent ink marker and theyd cut in the knees of her tights and soles of the tights. Theyd shaved one eyebrow off and shaved slits in the other. Plastered on make up so she looked like a clown. And put eggs in her pants before sitting her down on the chair. Then for good measure some talc and silly string was sprayed on her, and hair mousse sprayed in the front of her knickers.

Apparently when she woke up they heard her shouting calling them all the names under the sun! Talk about not believing your own eyes! Apparently they had a good laugh and took a few Polaroid pics to spread round the local pub before untying her.

I can still remember this vividly. And then didnt expect to see stag and hen pranks when out and about that week. Will probably share them next as probably easiest to go about things in some kind of chronological order.

    • Fun readdazed, Sun Feb 11 4:45am
      True stories are fun too. Now I wish the ladies had stripped her completely naked, but it was still fun to read of her waking up to see her own reflection.
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    I'd like you to remove every stitch of your clothing and put your hands behind your head.