Stripping and Humiliation

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The Felicity Chronicles: My Exploits As a Humiliator
Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:51pm

The first thread of his story was starting to get a bit elongated, so it's time for a fresh one.

If interested, the first eleven chapters can be found here:

Felicity Chronicles, Chapters 1 thru 11

    • Tone and styleoffending angel, Wed Feb 14 8:38am
      I like the way you are writing the different threads of this with different tones and overall vibes. The Miss Joplin parts (my favorites) are slow-building psychological attrition, the Blondie parts... more
    • Chapter 12: Johnny BoyBlondie., Mon Feb 12 1:51pm
      One afternoon Natalie, Andrea, Kayla and I were finishing up our lunch when there was a brief pause in the conversation. I was in a playful mood, and thought it might be fun to pay a visit to a... more
      • Chapter 13: Blondie, Part 1Blondie., Sat Feb 17 11:53am
        I'll try get back to my ongoing account of Blondie's humiliation during my thirteenth birthday again someday, but I thought it might be a good time to relate our first encounter I had with him once I ... more
        • Chapter 13: Blondie, Part 2Blondie., Sat Feb 17 11:54am
          I knelt down in front of Blondie and began tugging on his shorts. My adrenalin was pumping as the noise level gradually rose while his penis came into view. I continued to pull down until letting his ... more
          • Chapter 14: Miss Joplin, Part 1Blondie., Tue Feb 27 2:37pm
            Three weeks had gone by since I received that wonderful selfie of the topless Miss Joplin. Since then I have gradually escalated my control over her. I usually don't achieve quite the sexual thrill... more
            • Chapter 14: Miss Joplin, Part 2Blondie., Tue Feb 27 2:50pm
              The next day did not disappoint. Miss Joplin was dressed exactly as I instructed. Plus, she had her hair down, and I could smell her perfume. Oh, and I did glimpse a bit of the lace of her stay-up... more
              • Chapter 15: Johnny Boy, Part 1Blondie., Mon Mar 12 1:31pm
                A few days had gone by since we had our latest fun with Johnny Boy. As enjoyable as that was, there had been something gnawing at me ever since. I had told his friend Bobby that he was to be with... more
                • Chapter 15: Johnny Boy, Part 2Blondie., Mon Mar 12 1:34pm
                  "I think he's at the soccer field. He really likes soccer," he said, trying to be convincing. "That's great, Johnny. I hope you're right," I answered. Johnny turned and started to walk towards the... more
                  • My Honest Point of Viewshyboy84, Sat Mar 17 12:01pm
                    Blondie I'm certainly a big long time fan of yours Loved the classroom scene with Felicity and Johnny way back... and love the way you create multi-part stories of humiliation, this latest one... more
                    • Felicity's Control/Story Worn Out?Blondie., Sat Mar 17 1:05pm
                      Shyboy, I appreciate your interest in having the tables turned on Felicity, but that is not going to happen. The whole premise of this storyline is Felicity being in complete control of her victims,... more
                      • Thanks!Blondie., Mon Mar 19 11:12am
                        Thanks for all the feedback, folks. I really was starting to question whether this story had any juice left. My gut told me it did, and I guess I should have just trusted that. @dazed - You have been ... more
                      • Kelly SlimspankKingLama, Sun Mar 18 3:39pm
                        Oh wow. That google search turned out to be a treasure trove. I'll have things to occupy me for like, forever?
                      • You Will Know When To Stopflagship37, Sun Mar 18 2:50pm
                        Hi Blondie, We have all been there. After putting in a lot of time and effort in writing a story it is disappointing when you get only a few comments posted. I remember once upon a time, a writer... more
                      • Keep going!stonejulius54, Sun Mar 18 11:41am
                        Blondie, you yourself have told us not to be discouraged about little or no feedback. I've been writing a lot here lately, and have gotten nada. Sometimes, we write for ourselves! This is a perfect... more
                      • Don't give upBritguy, Sat Mar 17 10:39pm
                        Your Felicity story actually has attracted a lot of interest and positive comments. Obviously I can't be sure but the 'waning interest' that you mention may simply be a result of posting one or two... more
                      • Keep WritingSteam Train, Sat Mar 17 9:19pm
                        Hi I donít post too often but I do read everything. No way is this tiring ... as I posted some time back I patrticulary like the Johnny Boy chapters. Steam
                      • Kelly Slimspankcyberphoto, Sat Mar 17 7:41pm
                        Yes, she had some outstanding stories, I remember the one she did called the gang, but she never finished it and then just disappeared from the internet.
                        • SlimspankSteam Train, Sat Mar 17 10:50pm
                          I think the author asked for the stories published to be withdrawn. I know however privately the total number of chapters written ( most not published ) was over I think 500 chapters! An amazing... more
                          • RE: Slimspankcyberphoto, Sun Mar 18 7:26am
                            yes I know, I have 520 chapters of the gang story that she sent me via email a very long time ago, but I just saying in general she just basically just disappeared.
                            • 520 chaptersmale humiliator, Sun Mar 18 8:45am
                              Hi. As great follower of Kelly style of writing, I would love to have the 520 chapters of "The gang". Do you can send it via email?
                              • Kelly storiesKingLama, Sun Mar 18 3:43pm
                                It's not 520 chapters but it is close.;article=4724
                                • Re: Kelly storiesmale humiliator, Mon Mar 19 12:31am
                                  Ok. Thank you very much.
                                • Kelly stories - the Gangcyberphoto, Sun Mar 18 4:27pm
                                  King , she did not post them all, I have 520 chapters and I don't even think I have them all.
                                  • KElly stories - the gangKingLama, Sun Mar 18 4:47pm
                                    Aha. What i meant was that the link i provided, was not 500+ chapters. I didn't imply anything about how many were actually made, but i see how it could have been misunderstood.
                      • Love this story tomrom95, Sat Mar 17 5:36pm
                        Personally really loving this story. Iím preferring the later stuff where itís all original rather than the retelling of Blondies original humiliation, but loving the story never the less
                      • Also duckdude318, Sat Mar 17 5:34pm
                        Loved the boys admission of his size !
                      • Re: Felicity's Control/Story Worn Out?duckdude318, Sat Mar 17 5:32pm
                        Chapter 15 of this story was probably my favorite I personally think this was brilliant . The classroom scene was also nice but the whole long slow stripping of Jony was just great. I get how it is... more
                      • My Two Centsdazed, Sat Mar 17 2:20pm
                        I personally cant get enough of this story. Love each installment.
                  • Canít waitoranjpeel, Wed Mar 14 7:11pm
                    Weíve never seen Felicity truly mad before, have we? Sheís spanked Blondie a bit, but a truly mad Felicity is going to be something to see!
              • So damn addictingdazed, Wed Feb 28 9:42am
                I just can not get enough of this story. Love it!
              • Great storyBoris666, Wed Feb 28 7:57am
                Enjoying this Blondie. Particularly like the Miss Joplin chapters
          • Hmmmoranjpeel, Tue Feb 20 8:24am
            This really makes me suspect Blondie lied about a point or two Iím his story of Felicity shaving him before. She didnít want to touch him then, but in her account here it doesnít bother her a bit.... ... more
            • ConsistencyBlondie., Tue Feb 20 8:49am
              Unless I'm mistaken, I'm pretty sure there are no discrepancies between the original story involving Felicity and the current one. Becky and Brenda shaved him then, sparing his pubes. Felicity... more
              • Re: Consistencyoranjpeel, Tue Feb 20 8:51am
                Definitely not a discrepancy on your part; as I recall in the shaving scene felicity avoids touching him when she finishes the job. Works either as her growing more confident or as blondie being too... more
          • Hall of Famedazed, Mon Feb 19 2:40pm
            This story belongs in the hall of fame on this site. It just gets better and better. Awesome work Blondie!
            • Many ThanksBlondie., Mon Feb 19 9:48pm
              Gosh, thanks dazed, so nice of you. I put a lot into that chapter, so it is gratifying and much appreciated to hear that someone really enjoyed it.
          • Master strokelil tommy, Mon Feb 19 2:05pm
            Oh how humiliating for a 16 year old boy to be stripped by a 13 year old girl and then ridiculed for his size. everyone is looking at your little pee pee
      • Are you wearing your tighty-whities?shyboy8484, Tue Feb 13 4:17pm
        With those words: "Are you wearing your tighty-whities" Johnny's latest ordeal is underway, and Blondie thanks for the continuation... Very clever situation you've come up with...I believe it you've... more
      • Love it!Jeepman89, Mon Feb 12 4:56pm
        Love it! Can't wait for the next part.
      • Absolutely fantasticdazed, Mon Feb 12 3:34pm
        What an inspired continuation. I love the way the antagonist toys with their emotions and subtly strips them, even when they know its coming. I must admit a little let down when she did not strip his ... more
        • NudityBlondie., Tue Feb 13 10:50am
          Funny, as "Felicity" wrote, she had fully intended on stripping Johnny Boy naked. As I was writing the story that was my full intent, but I really did feel it might be a tad anticlimactic after the... more
          • Blondie, you never disappointstonejulius54, Wed Feb 14 11:07am
            As always, Blondie is proving to be the master of his domain.
            • Lord of My ManorBlondie., Wed Feb 14 1:49pm
              Thanks a lot, stonejulius, and BTW a Seinfeld reference is always welcome here. :)
          • Can't waitdazed, Tue Feb 13 12:09pm
            It will be worth the wait I'm sure
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