Stripping and Humiliation

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my dad's a clean freak
Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:40pm

Hi, my name is Noah. I am 15 years old.
I am coming home after a game of soccer but I slipped and got all muddy.
I would go shower with my friends after the game but my dad doesn't think the showers there are clean so I have to use the one at home.

As I got inside the house, I took my clothes off and put them in the clothes bin placed right next to the door. I walked down the corridor in my underwear and indoor shoes, carrying the bin and trying to find my dad. I found him and my 17 year old brother in the hall brother, was naked!

"Hey Noah, I am just in the middle of giving Nikolai here a lecture," he said, suddenly turning back to my brother, "put your hands back behind your head!"

"Noah! Your underwear, it has mud all over it! Take it off!"
I have no intentions of disobeying my father as I was scared of him, "don't worry, you're not in trouble like your brother, you can cover up and I'll get to you in a minute," so I covered up.

I don't know if it is because I was naked in front of my brother but I was starting to see him become erect! Seeing this, I became erect! the point where my penis became larger than my hands, I turned around! Wanting so bad to touch it but couldn't cause of my situation but eventually died down.

My brother was sent to the bathroom to shower after my dad's lecture and I thought I had to wait for my brother. But, no.
"Noah, you are covered in mud, you just have to use the pipe in the backyard and I'll let you in once you dry up,"
WHAT?! I thought! I didn't want to but I dare not disobey.

I had to go outside, praying that no one would look up the fence. I took a quick shower but got rid of all the mud for sure. The scary thought of being caught naked made me erect and got me twice as scared Being a sunny day, I dried up very quickly and I was more than ready to go outside, but, the sliding glass door was stuck! My friend and neighbour Jacob decided to take a peek through the fence and started laughing at me. Was never more embarrassed in my life! He as also on a small stool so he was able to show me his abs and telling me how his are better but karma got the better of him. As he was laughing and teasing, the stool broke and Jacob grabbed onto the branch of a tree. The branch, being higher that his original position, I was able to see more, I was now able to see that he too, was naked and I could see his flaccid dick and started to laugh too. Jacob let go and ran away!

My dad eventually heard me and tried to open the door but he could not. Now what?!
I had to do the impossible, the only way in was through the front door, where I could possibly be seen by countless people!
I made a run for it but no matter how fast I tried I bumped into a few of my soccer friends, I did not speak, I just ran inside and closed the door behind me, never to speak of it again/

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          • wowSexpack, Sat Dec 1 3:13pm
            cool story bro
        • love itDaniel Manely, Tue Feb 20 3:28pm
          good job love the story
    • more Daniel Manely, Sat Feb 17 12:43pm
      love to read more maybe some naked humiliation at the hands of his friends
    • yes fun storydazed, Tue Feb 13 6:57pm
      thanks for posting it
    • Fun storygocarty, Tue Feb 13 6:15pm
      Love this story. Well-told.
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