Stripping and Humiliation

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Best Friends Part 1
Fri May 11, 2018 4:03pm

My name is Mark Larson, my friend Ryan Callahan and I had just turned 17. We have lived in the same neighborhood and been best friends since first grade. Hardly a day went by that we did not spend time together.

I don't know if you ever had a friend who was this close but, if you did, you probably knew everything about your friend, just like Ryan and I know everything about each other.

Growing up we shared everything we considered important especially when it came to sex. We eagerly shared such milestones as when we got our first pubes, the first time we ejaculated, the first time we saw porn or when we got to first or second base with a girl. Neither of us had reached third base yet but often shared our fantasies about what that next step would be like.

Having just finished our junior year in high school, we were at a pool party at our friend Johnny's house. Ryan was getting out of the pool when, as a prank, I grabbed the back of his bathing suit and pulled it down exposing his butt.

If that were the end of it, Ryan would have just laughed it off. Unfortunately, Johnny and another boy named Steve who were close by pushed me out of the way, grabbed Ryan's suit, pulled it down to his ankles. Still not satisfied, after a brief struggle, they managed to get Ryan's suit all the way off.

Ryan dropped back into the pool to retrieve his suit but several laughing boys and girls started using it to play keep away. Try as he may, Ryan could not get it back. When the group grew tired of the game, Steve gave Ryan's suit a heave. To everyone’s amusement, it landing on top of the patio cover.

I started to get out of the pool to get it for him but Steve held me back and told me to stay put or I'd end up naked too. I hate to admit it but I was not brave enough to risk ending up naked and chickened out.

This left Ryan with two options, he could either remain in the pool or he could get out, take the naked walk of shame across the yard and then climb up on top of the patio cover and retrieve his suit.

Ryan, to the delight of the girls, elected to climb out of the pool and take the walk, or rather the run of shame. After retrieving his suit from the patio cover, he put it on, put on his shirt and flip flops, picked up his towel and left without saying a word to anyone.

He must have thought I had betrayed him, because, despite my many attempts over several days, I could not get Ryan to even speak to me much less forgive me.

My parents were going out of town for 10 days on business and it was planned that I would stay at Ryan's. I had never told my parents what had happened and time was running out.

On a par with wanting to get back in Ryan's good graces was my desire to avoid going with my parents on a business trip. No matter what it took, I was determined to find some way to make things right between Ryan and me.

One week later, just days before my parent’s trip Ryan finally agreed to speak to me giving me the opportunity to apologize I had been looking for.

“Ryan, I am so sorry, I only meant to expose your butt for a laugh, it was not my idea to take your suit all the way off” I told him. “Please believe me Ryan, that was all Steve and Johnny's doing”.

“Listen Mark, it may have been Steve and Johnny who pulled my suit off but it was you who started it. If you had not pulled my suit down in the first place the rest would never have happened. Where were you after they got me naked? Please tell me what you did to help me”?

“Nothing” I replied, “they threatened to strip me too and I was too chicken to do anything. You're right I didn’t have your back when you needed me, I let you down big time and I apologize. Can’t we please go back to being friends”?

“Just like that, you think simply saying you're sorry will make amends and get you off the hook” Ryan asked?

Ryan had a point, even to me, my apology sounded pretty weak considering how much humiliation I had caused him to suffer.

Really wanting to hit the reset button and get our friendship back on track I told Ryan he was right and offered to do anything to make things right between us again.

“Anything” Ryan ask? Knowing I was really putting it on the line, I replied “yes Ryan, I said I'd do anything and I meant anything”. Ryan thought for a few minutes before telling me that if I wanted to make things right and to go back to being friends it would take 10 days.

“What do you mean by it will take 10 days” I asked? “Starting next Friday, you supposed to stay with me for 10 days when your parents go on their trip, right”?

“Yes, that was the plan” I said “but I’m not sure I understand how you want me to do to prove I’m sorry for not having your back”. “If you want me to forgive you and reset our friendship, you'll have to agree to spend the whole 10 days in sack cloth and ashes”.

“I still don’t understand, what do you mean sack cloth and ashes”? “You have to agree that you will do anything I say for the entire 10 days” Ryan answered.

“Anything you say for the entire 10 days”? “You heard me right Mark”, replied Ryan with a devious little smile. “You said you would do anything and I intend to make sure you’re going to keep your word”. I could not help but noticed the strong emphasis he put on anything.

“That seems pretty harsh” I said. “After the humiliation your actions caused me I don't think I'm being harsh. A lot of pictures were taken of me during my walk of shame, not just pictures, but a video too, a video that shows everything and I do mean everything. Now someone is trying to blackmail me and threatening to send my naked pictures and the video to everyone at school and even post it on the internet unless I do something they want”.

“What do they want you to do”? “That's not important right now, let's just say it's something I don't want to do” he answered.

“If you are really sorry and want to make amends Mark, those are my terms, you can take them or leave them, your choice. If you refuse, our friendship as we knew it is over and you will get to go along on your father's business trip and keep your mother company shopping while he’s working”.

The thing I wanted most in the world was to get our friendship back on track. The last thing in the world I wanted to do was accompany my parents. While I had no idea what I might be letting myself in for, the choice was still a no brainer, I agreed to Ryan's terms.

The following Friday I moved in with Ryan for my 10 days of penance as he labeled it. His parents were taking mine to the airport leaving the two of us alone.

“Dad wants me to clean the pool today but I think I might put you in charge of that Mark”. “Sure just show me what to do” I replied. We went to the garage and got out the tools and chemicals we needed.

Ryan gave me a quick demonstration on cleaning the pool and told me he would take care of the chemicals. I picked up the pool broom to start sweeping down the sides as he had shown me.

“Before you start Mark, there’s something I want you to do first”. “Sure, what's that” I asked? “I want you to strip”. “You want me to strip”? “That’s what I said Mark, take your clothes off, and I mean all of them”.

“You want me to clean the pool naked”? “That is usually the state you are left in when you take all of your clothes off” he answered.

This had to be a test, I had agreed to do anything Ryan said for all 10 days and this had to be his way of testing me to see if I would keep my word.

The back yard had a high solid fence, nobody could see in except perhaps from the upstairs windows of the house next door. Windows I knew were in the Anderson sister’s bedrooms.

“What if Amy or Karen look out their bedroom windows”? “I guess they'll get to see you naked, just like they got to see me naked at Johnny's pool party”.

Getting naked in front of Ryan was no big deal, I just shrugged my shoulders and took everything off. My only hope was that one or both of the Anderson sisters was not watching

While I was finishing cleaning the pool Ryan disappeared inside, returning a few minutes later, wearing his bathing suit and carrying a couple of towels and two cans of soda. “I be right back” I said as I picked up my clothes and headed for the house. “Where are you going” Ryan asked? “I'm going to put my clothes in the house and put my suit on”.

“You can put your clothes in the house if you want but you’re not putting on your suit. I'm the only one who will be wearing a bathing suit today. The only suit you'll be wearing for the rest of the day my friend is your birthday suit”.

As I said, being naked in front of Ryan is no big deal but this time it felt a little strange. Maybe it was because I was the only one who was naked and not naked by choice.

    • FantasticJeepman89, Fri May 11 5:30pm
      Fantastic story! Can't wait for the next part!
    • Best Friends Part 2flagship37, Fri May 11 4:05pm
      After two hours by the pool, figuring it was about time for his parents to be getting back from the airport, Ryan said “come on Mark, let’s grab a shower before dinner”. Ryan had a large second floor ... more
      • Best Friends Part 3flagship37, Sat May 12 4:59pm
        “Well, well as I live and breathe” said Karen, when they got me into the light, “if it isn't Mark Larson. I'm surprised at you Mark, I know you're a jerk but I'd never take you for a perverted little ... more
        • Best Friends Part 4flagship37, Mon May 14 3:07pm
          We drove across town and pulled into a neighborhood of expensive homes set on large plots of land assuring their owner some degree of privacy. Larry pulled up and parked near a large house. There... more
          • Best Friends Part 5flagship37, Tue May 15 2:47pm
            Leaving Mark to his suffering, Ryan went next door and found the gate was still unlocked. Instead of picking up the ladder or looking for his camera, he knocked on Karen's basement door. Karen peeked ... more
            • Best Friends Part 6 Conclusionflagship37, Tue May 15 2:53pm
              As much as Ryan feared the consequences, there was only one solution. Dreading the outcome, he said, “Mark, there is something I have to tell you, I did something bad and I mean really, really bad... more
              • Nice wrap upLBS, Tue May 15 5:20pm
                For one reason or another many stories never seem to end. Ones that do tend to be abrupt after the climax. But yours has a solid wrapup and brings some real closure. Good job on the escalation and... more
                • Comments Are Appreciatedflagship37, Wed May 16 12:07pm
                  Thank you for the kind words, I am glad you enjoyed the story. Like you, I tend to get bored with stories that seem to go on forever or, worse yet, just stop without a conclusion. For that reason I... more
                  • Hear, HearBritguy, Sat May 19 3:36pm
                    Thanks, Flagship, another interesting and original story. I really enjoyed the plot twists. Like you I never post a story until I've finished it, for the same reason. I'm glad you persevered with... more
      • More more moreJeepman89, Fri May 11 5:30pm
        More more more please!!!!
        • Thanksflagship37, Wed May 16 12:03pm
          Hi Jeepman89, T Thanks for once again taking the time to comment on one of my stories. Feedback from the readers is important and appreciated. Flagship
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