Stripping and Humiliation

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The Controverser
Sat Sep 8, 2018 10:42am

"I'll make you a deal," she said. "I'll keep the video to myself but it's going to cost you."
"Uh oh. I thought this wasn't blackmail. What's it going to cost me?" Melanie asked.
"It's simple. Just treat me like you treat everyone else on the cheerleading squad. Also, knock off the newbie talk... I hate it. Just call me Sarah," she said, extending her hand.
Melanie laughed. "It's a deal!"

They both shook hands and Sarah started to skip towards the door, once again showing her grace and quickness. She stopped and turned around, a grin forming at her lips.

"By the way, nice tits!" she called out before disappearing through the door, leaving Melanie gob-smacked.

Melanie finished getting dressed and when she was fully dressed, she realized that the judge was still in the room. Together, they walked towards the exit and Judge Wilcox paused right outside the door. There, on the wall was a bronze plaque that read "... And Justice For All".

"I think that has been achieved today, don't you?" Judge Wilcox asked.
"Definitely. I've learned my lesson. I can honestly say that my bullying days are behind me," Melanie said with a solemn nod.
"Glad to hear it," Judge Wilcox said.

  • ...And Justice For AllThe Controverser, Sat Sep 8 10:41am
    AND JUSTICE FOR ALL... Melanie Combs stared at the television screen. Her heart was racing and although she was smiling and laughing in the video that her friend had recorded, there sure wasn't... more
    • (Ending) — The Controverser, Sat Sep 8 10:42am
      • Good OneBlondie., Sat Sep 8 11:00am
        Nice story. I really enjoyed your writing and the unexpected turn of events. Thanks a lot for all your recent contributions.
        • Blondie replying to my stories!The Controverser, Sun Sep 9 7:11am
          I appreciate your feedback Blondie. This is not a knock at any other writers on this board but you and Hooked6 are two of my favorite writers and you both have posted stories that led to me making... more
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