Stripping and Humiliation

For Age 18+ Only.
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Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:42am

Fantastic! Please continue soon.

  • The cursed JewelSexpack, Mon Sep 10 8:08am
    Freddy's humiliation started soon in the morning. He loves to take a shower with the window slightly open just to let a little fresh breeze in. Freddy washed his pecs and six pack very carefully,... more
    • The cursed JewelSexpack, Wed Sep 12 6:17am
      Freddy continued his normal day as if nothing happened. Like most of his work buddies, he took off his shirt by mid day due to the heat and carried it in one of the pockets on his overalls. But one... more
    • Fantastic — Jeepman89, Mon Sep 10 9:42am
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I'd like you to remove every stitch of your clothing and put your hands behind your head.