Stripping and Humiliation

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Swimwear Part 1
Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:02pm

Working with Karen! A dream job! There we were together in the little office, me and the sexiest girl in the company. I looked at her and my mouth drooled. Petite, shapely, blonde, beautiful, that was Karen. And sexy with it - not just in the way she dressed, though that was sexy enough with her short skirts, heels and tight blouses, but sexy in the way she behaved. You know the sort, the sort that seems to say '... me' even when she's asking for some photocopying to be done.

"... me," said Karen. Her voice roused me from my reverie.


"For me. Photocopying..."

"Oh yes..." you see what I mean!

I picked up the sheets for copying. She had me running these errands although I was theoretically her superior. Iíd do anything for Karen, if it would get me into her knickers. People said that nobody got into Karen's knickers, but I hoped. I was sure I stood a chance of getting into them. That was if she wore any. I had a sneaky suspicion she wasnít the sort of girl who wore knickers.

"Do you like swimming?" asked Karen suddenly one day.

"Absolutely," I said. A total lie. Lying around the pool is my idea of swimming. But the thought of Karen in a sexy swimsuit floated before my eyes.

"Good, you can join the swimming club then."

"What swimming club?"

"The office swimming club."

"I didnít know there was an office swimming club."

"Well there is now and Iím recruiting members. You can join."

She had a habit of doing that, ordering me to do things.

"Well, I er..." I wasnít much good at swimming.

"... me..."


"For me..."

That did it. Sexy Karen in a sexy swimsuit. It might be a way into those impenetrable knickers.


"Youíve brought your costume then?"

Karen had instructed me to bring my swimming costume so we could go to the swimming club from work.

"Of course." I always did what Karen said

"Letís see then."

I pulled out my costume.

"You canít wear those!"

"Why not?" I held up the Bermuda shorts I used on the rare occasion I entered the water.

"I thought you said you were a serious swimmer."

"Serious swimmers wear proper costumes. Brief, slimline, ones that speed you through the water. This is a proper swimming club you know."

"Oh yes.. of course... I er..."

"We'll pop into the shop after work. Get you a proper costume."

"I mean I er..."

"... me."


"For me..."

We went shopping. One of those specialist shops for young trendy types. I might be young but Iím not trendy. Karen picked out a costume. It was that brand of rather brief ones that I find rather embarrassing to wear.

"Try these on," she said, "these are the sort proper swimmers wear."

I hesitantly took them into the changing room. There was a big mirror on the wall to admire yourself in. I took off my shoes and socks and picked up the costume. I took off my trousers and was just about to pull down my undies when the door opened and a girl came in. A young slip of a lass.

"Oops!" I said, "Sorry. I was just about to try these on."

"Of course," said the girl who looked as if she should have been at school, "the young lady asked me to come in with a selection and make sure you chose a suitable pair."

Karen had sent the shop assistant in.

"You? Help me?"

"Well the young lady didnít feel she could come in herself."

"No, well, of course not."

"Get your shirt off then. You canít model swimwear in your shirt can you?"

"No, I suppose not," I took off my shirt and stood there in my underpants, blushing bright red, completely flustered.

"Try these ones," she held up the skimpy pair of black briefs. I started to put them on. "Not with your panties on silly."

"Oh, Yes, of course..."

"What are you waiting for then..."

"Well I thought you would..."

"Would what?"

"Well... er... like to go out while I put them on."

"Whatever for?"

"Well... Iíll have to take all my clothes off to..."

"Yes. Go on then."

"Well, if thatís all right."

"Of course itís all right. But if youíre shy Iíll close my eyes."

"Thank you."

I pulled down my underpants and blushing furiously tried to pull on the costume. The girl stood behind me, but with the full length mirror I could see her. Her eyes were wide open and she could see everything.

I felt my face go red.

"I er..."


"I mean you er..."


I was so embarrassed at having no clothes on that I didnít know what to say. I struggled to pull the tight fitting costume up.

"Fits snugly," said the girl, "a man your size needs a snug fit. What is your exact size?"

"My size? Iím thirty-two waist."

"No, your gentleman's size. I would estimate six and a half inches?"

I realised what she meant. "Seven," I stammered.

"I think youíre being a little over generous there Sir."

She was right. She had a good eye.

"Itís... it's cold in here."

"Thatís what they all say. Here, try these ones." She handed me an even briefer pair.

"I donít think Karen would choose these. They are rather well..."

"Perhaps she wouldn't, but they will impress the young lady. Make you look more like a seven, or even bigger."

Blushing more than ever I stripped naked again and put them on.

"Well... er... how do I look."

"Very nice Sir. They really show off your... er... attributes."

"I'll take them."

"One last pair."

"Well, if you think... they look very skimpy."

"More like eight inches in these. She looks like a young lady who would be impressed by size. I mean... well take those ones off."

I did as I was told.

"Now, let's look at you in the mirror. See what I mean, you need a little help, donít you Sir?"

"Well... as I said... itís cold in here."

"It'll be cold in the water Sir."

I put them on. They were made of a thin white cotton material, very tight and very brief.

"I donít know. Theyíre rather..."

"Perfect," said the young lady, "they really contour your..."


"Penis Sir. That is the aim is it not. To impress the young lady. Your penis will look impressive in that costume Sir. Especially if you go in the cold water Sir. You'll really impress the girls if you go swimming in that costume. Why donít you go outside and model it for the young lady Sir."

"If you think..."

"Of course."

I crept out. Oh heck! What was I thinking of going out into the shop wearing that costume. I felt almost naked in it. A couple of girls stared at me.

"Very nice!" said one.

"Lucky girl!" said the other.

"And thatís the costume you want?" asked Karen, eyes wide open.

"Well, the girl said..."

"What girl?"

"The er... girl... the shop assistant..."

"I havenít seen any shop assistant. There was a young girl came in off the street. Looked like she was on her school lunch break. She went through the back with some costumes. You donít mean her do you?"

"I... I thought..."

"She got you to try them on didnít she!"

"She said... she said... I needed one to enhance my... my er..."

"Your what?"

"My er... you know..."

"How did she know that? Oh my gosh! She didnít get you to take all your clothes off did she? She did didnít she!"

"Well... she said..." my mouth was so dry I couldnít speak. Karen was in fits of laughter.

"Youíve been had!" she grinned, "Totally had. Stripped naked and sized up by a schoolgirl. And made to parade around in that costume. Itís absolutely hilarious!"

"Are you going to parade around in that costume all day?"

I looked round to see a rather formidable looking lady. Presumably the real shop assistant.

"I er..." I was lost for words.

"Oh... heís going to buy it," said Karen, "most definitely. The girls have got to see this!"

I was to embarrassed to resist. And the next thing I knew I was on my way to the pool. My new costume neatly wrapped and under my arm.

    • Swimwear Part 2Little Joe, Sun Feb 10 11:03pm
      The pool at the local girls school was reserved for the club. It was, explained Karen, cheap as the school had to open its facilities to the community in order to maintain its status as a charity.... more
      • FunBritguy, Mon Feb 11 11:39am
        Another amusing tale. Thanks. It's nice to see you posting here again.
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