Stripping and Humiliation

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Re: timmy - part five
Thu Mar 7, 2019 1:46pm

great to read another sequel of poor little Timmy's ordeal.

... and HOW he's going to put on the little girls' panties! I guess they'd fit him perfectly.
Would be cool if the girls took pictures of him posing with them and all the while ridiculing him ;-)

  • timmy - part fivequestioner, Tue Mar 5 1:49am
    The girls chant "teeny tiny 2 inch timmy" as Timmy sinks his head trying to avoid the look of glee and laughter on each of the girls faces. Unable to cover his now stiff penis he tries desperately to ... more
    • timmy - part sixquestioner, Thu Apr 4 7:01am
      "IIIII can't wear that!" Timmy stammers again. Zoe reaches behind Timmy spanking him hard on his bottom and causing his minuscule little penis to jolt to the laughter of the assembled girls. "That's... more
      • Re: timmy - part sixMike101HH, Mon Apr 8 11:20am
        man, these girls are really wicked and merciless! thanks for including my ideas. How about the girls making some money by inviting further strangers to take pictures with poor Timmy? I imagine a... more
        • Re: timmy - part sixquestioner, Fri Apr 12 7:26am
          thanks for your ideas and comments, really helps keeping the story going!
    • More?Rick Kink, Tue Mar 26 12:57am
      Are you going to write another chapter for poor Timmy? The girls are going to make him wear Little Mermaid panties, well they should also find him a cute little dress to wear! Hope you write more... more
      • Re: More?questioner, Fri Apr 12 7:27am
        Thanks have written part six and part seven will be out soon
    • Re: timmy - part five — Mike101HH, Thu Mar 7 1:46pm
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