Stripping and Humiliation

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You've been pranked - part 1
Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:18am

It was a big hotel and a bit old fashioned so the lifts clanked up and down taking about ninety seconds in all. So ninety seconds was all I had if I was going to achieve my goal, and I just had to do it. It had to show I was right.


There is something very intimate about being in an elevator with a pretty girl. You are thrown together in this enclosed space for perhaps ninety seconds at the most. And she smiles with you with her big blue eyes and says...

Well, I'm a big sucker for pretty girls with big blue eyes and so when she opens them wide and says.

"Will you do something for me? It's very important. And we've only got ninety seconds."

Of course I say

"Yes. Anything."

"Anything. Really! You'll do anything? You won't regret it. I promise."

"Yes, of course."

"Thank you. Thank you. You won't regret it."

It's so wonderful to be thanked by a pretty girl with big blue eyes.

"What is it. Just tell me."

"Take your shoes and socks off."

"But.. Why?"

"Because I ask you to. And it's very important. And you said you'd do anything. You promised!" And you won't regret it. Don't you believe me?"

"Of course I do, but..."

"And you promised..."

"Yes I did but..."

And she looked t me with those big eyes.

"Come on. You promised. It's simple enough. And you've only got another sixty seconds. You've got to do it and quickly. Believe me. You wont regret it."

So I took my shoes and socks off. How stupid you're thinking, but I didn't know how to say know and it seemed a simple thing to do. I could always stop. But once I'd started it seemed like I'd committed myself.

"Thank you, thank you," she said, "you really won't regret it. Quickly quickly, now take your shirt off, there's only another thirty seconds."

I didn't have time to think. I felt committed. The lift had reached the twenty-seventh floor. Only a few seconds to go."

"Come on. We're nearly there! Take your trousers off."

Big blue eyes. Appealing look. I didn't have time to think. Of course I did it.

"And your underpants."

"But I can't. I can't. I'll having nothing on..."

"You said you would. You said you would..."

"Yes but..."

"Get them off... Now!"

She stood with her hands on her hips.


I did as I was told.

In another few seconds I was standing in front of the elevator doors waiting for them to open. Completely nude. It was only then that it occurred to me that there might be other people waiting outside. Waiting for the door to open.

She picked up my clothes, stuffed them in her bag and burst out laughing.

I looked at her open mouthed.

"You're so funny!" she said, and the doors clanked slowly open.


I've always loved You've Been Pranked! The rather naughty hidden camera show on the Naughty Girls channel. It's a subscription channel for girls who well, to put it bluntly, like to see men humiliated. The form of the humiliation generally being to deprive them of their clothes and then display them in public with nothing on. Pranking men to persuade them to take all their clothes off looked quite easy. I mean nobody was forced to do anything, that would have been really mean, no it was simply a matter of persuasion and a little trickery.

I was telling the girls about it. The three of us, Samantha, Lisa and me were having a girly weekend at this hotel in.... Well I'd better not say exactly where. Anyway it was one of those big old fashioned Victorian places. Anyway we were having a drink in the lounge, well,a few drinks actually, they had an impressive range of gins to sample, and I was telling the girls about "You've been pranked'.

"These men," I said, they're so stupid, they just take all their clothes off because you ask them."

"Don't be daft," says Samantha, she's dead pretty, nearly as pretty as me, well I'm like dead gorgeous, but she's got bigger boobs, anyway, "don't be daft," she says, "they're all staged them things. They use actors. They'll do anything them actors."

"They're not actors, just stupid men!"

"They're actors," butts in Lisa, "tell me this then... How big are their cocks?"


"Well they're in the nuddy, so you say, so you must have seen their cocks. I mean they don't pixieate them out do they?"


"You know make them all blurry."

"You mean pixelate. No they don't. Wouldn't be much fun if they did."

"Well, how big are they?"

"Well they're... They're quite impressive if you must know."

"Exactly. If you're putting on a peep show for girls you want men with big willies. Stands to reason. Now your average man hasn't got a big willy, not in my experience at any rate, so they're using actors."

"I tell you they're not. They probably prank hundreds of men and just use the ones with the big cocks. I tell you, they're such suckers anyone could do it. I could do it."

"Go on then. What was that last show you told us about. 'Strip him in the lift' was it?"

"Elevator, they've gone all American."

"All right, elevator then. If it's so easy, you do it. Next man to go in the lift, sorry elevator, I bet you can't strip,him naked before he gets out and parade him through the lounge with his willy on display."

So that was why I was in the elevator. Exactly like on the show. I had to get in the elevator with a suitable subject on the ground floor, and in the ninety seconds it took to reach the top, persuade him to take all his clothes off. No force, no blackmail, no promises, just pure persuasion.

Well, I've always been persuasive, it's not just the big eyes and the eyelashes, it's just knowing that most people just don't like to say 'no'. And I'd seen the technique on the show. You get them to promise to do something before they know what it is they're promising, then you just don't let them back out. And no matter how embarrassing it is ninety percent of people, well men - girls aren't so stupid, will do it, rather than say 'no'.

And how embarrassing it was. I'd pushed him and pushed him and pushed him, not giving him time to think, not giving him time to realise that when the elevator arrived in his floor I would push him out into it with no clothes on. And the look on his face when he realised! It was so funny! I looked him up and down. He had been a good choice as a subject, slim, fair, good looking rather boyish figure. And he'd have been good for the show, a nice bum and a nice figure and, yes I had a good stare at it, a really big cock. The girls who watched the show liked to see a nice firm bottom and a well proportioned cock. That's what they paid good money for.

And he was shy. The best victims were always the shy ones, they got the most embarrassed. And of course the whole aim was maximum embarrassment for the victim. Talk about panic! He'd gone bright red and just stood there shaking with embarrassment as the doors opened. I couldn't help laughing as I pushed him gently out. Now the fun would really start.

I'd completed the first part of the task. I'd got him into the corridor in the nude, now I had to parade him in front of the girls. That's what they did on the show. You see the natural reaction of the victims on the show finding themselves nude in public is to panic and run, and although that was funny when it happened, and was often the climax of the show, I wanted a climax in a way that would cause maximum embarrassment and humiliation. The girls expected it. How mean, you're thinking, well I repeat, nobody had forced him into anything, anyway he would enjoy a naked public humiliation. He wouldn't be in this predicament now if he didn't secretly want it, would he?

    • You've been pranked - part 2Little Joe, Wed Mar 13 12:21am
      What had I done! It had all gone so quickly. One moment I was going up in the lift and the next I was standing in the hotel corridor with nothing on. It all seemed like a dream. Why had I done it?... more
      • Loved this talepatrick 778, Wed Mar 13 7:14am
        How very humiliating for the poor chap. I like the way the story is told from various perspectives. It lets you enjoy the same situation over again and again. Thanks very much.
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