Stripping and Humiliation

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You've been pranked - part 2
Wed Mar 13, 2019 12:21am

What had I done! It had all gone so quickly. One moment I was going up in the lift and the next I was standing in the hotel corridor with nothing on. It all seemed like a dream. Why had I done it? How had she made me do it? I looked round in panic for my clothes. The doors to the lift were just closing with my clothes inside. I watched as it started going back down. The panic started to rise in me. I was standing there with no clothes on. My face was burning, my legs were trembling, all I wanted to do was run.

Then I felt a hand on my bum. The girl with blue eyes laughed.

"Smile for the cameras," she said, grinning, "you've been pranked!"

"Pranked? Cameras?"

"Yes, precisely."

"But I've got no clothes on," I gasped, standing there, bright red, trembling, trying to hide my private parts with my hands, but aware that I was otherwise completely nude.

"Well, that is the point of the prank," she said, "to make you walk round the hotel with no clothes on. It's only funny if you're not wearing anything."

"But you told me to."

"I did didn't I?"

"Please can I go to my room." I stammered.

"You certainly can, but you haven't got a key, have you."

"No but..."

"But what?"

"You can get one for me."

"I don't think they'll give me a key."

"But.. What can I do?"

"I'll tell you how to get you into your room. An easy little task, except of course you have to do it with no clothes on."

"What task?"

"You see that room there?"


"Well you have to knock on the door and ask the person if you can use the phone to call reception. Tell the girls on reception that you took all your clothes off and now you're locked out your room in the nude."

"But I can't do that..."

"I don't see why not. You decided to take all your clothes off. Nobody made you. Now go along. There's a good boy."

"But we don't know who's in the room."

"That's the fun of it! The surprise element!"

"But what if it's a girl in there!"

"I rather hope it is."

"But she'll see me with no clothes on."

"Well I can see you with no clothes on. And very amusing it is too. You've gone bright red and you're trying to hide your naughty bits with your hands. You look really embarrassed. And that's the whole point isn't it! For people to see you with no clothes on and embarrass you. And you took them all off. Nobody made you. Go on now. Knock knock.

I knocked on the door. Knees trembling, face burning. The door opened slightly and a woman's face peered out.

"I've got no clothes on," I stammered.

"Sorry?" she looked puzzled rather than interested.

"I've got no clothes on," I could feel my face burning, my legs were trembling and my mouth had gone all dry.

"No clothes on?"

"Yes," I knew I was starting to gabble but I couldn't help it, "I'm locked out in the nude and people can see me with no clothes on and.. And.. And... They can see me with no clothes on and..."

"And what..."

"Can you help me please..."

"What about her?" Pointing at the girl with the blue eyes.

"She can see me with nothing on as well."


"He lost a bet," the girl piped up.

It seemed a reasonable explanation, more credible than the real one, "Thats right," I said, "It's like a dare. I've got to get help with no clothes on..."

"That must be embarrassing for you."

"It's supposed to be embarrassing for him," said the girl, "the more embarrassing the better."

"Then I have to do something to embarrass him?"

"That," said the girl, "is entirely up to you."

"Please," I stammered.

"Did anyone say you could speak?" snapped the woman in the room.

"No Miss."

"And stop standing there shivering with your hands over your privates. Stand up straight, legs apart, with your hands on your head. Let me see what you're made of."

"Yes Miss," I did as I was told. Standing there without a stitch on, being bossed by two girls, I was completely subservient.

"And turn round. I want to see everything."

"Yes Miss."

I turned around so she could see all of me. Completely nude. She'd done it on purpose to cause maximum embarrassment.

"Now stand there. Legs apart!"

"Yes Miss."

I knew why she'd wanted me like that. My... Well my vulnerable orbs, if I can put it delicately, hung between my legs. Her foot twitched. Oh my Gosh. She was kick me in the balls! I flinched slightly.

"Good. Now if you grovel nicely we might just see if reception can get you a new room key."

She had me. With my balls dangling and her foot twitching I'd do anything she said.

"Yes Miss. Anything Miss."

"Well ask nicely then"

"I er..."

"Ask nicely. Beg."

"But I can't Miss...l

"Have you got any clothes on?"

"No Miss."

Her foot twitched.

"Well in that case I suggest you start asking nicely."

"Yes Miss."

I was still out in the corridor completely nude, shaking with embarrassment, terrified that the party of schoolgirls I'd seen in the lobby would suddenly appear.

"Please Miss. I've got no clothes on Miss. Please help me Miss."

"That's better," she said, "come along."

"Where Miss?"

"Down to reception. That's where you get a replacement key."

"But people will see me!"


"But I've got no clothes on."

"Well you shouldn't have taken them off should you?"


I'd told him there were hidden cameras like they did on the real show, and it wasn't just to embarrass him. Sarah on reception is a good friend. She'd let me have the security camera footage.

He chose a room at random. That's part of the fun. It could be anyone. It was one of those bossy city girl types. The sort that like to boss men about. The sort who eat naked men for breakfast. She made him show her his willy. Just like that! "Put your hands on your head and show me your willy!" She knew that once she'd made him show her his willy. Then she'd be the boss!


Business trips are boring, even for a senior executive like me. Just turned 28 and already senior sales director of a lingerie firm. Not bad for a girl with just a bossy personality to help her advancement.

Anyway, this trip was turning out more interesting than I might have expected. There was a knock at the door and when I opened up who should be standing there but a girl and a man. She was perhaps in her early twenties, the sort of baby faced blonde that men drool over. He was young, fair, slim, quite good looking in a delicate sort of way. She was dressed in a bright red rather short dress. He was dressed in nothing at all.

He stood there completely in the nude stammering about needing some help. It was apparently some silly dare. I guess he'd lost a bet. Well, I thought, it would be churlish not to help, but... May as well have some fun first.

I opened the door wide. He was standing in that characteristic 'embarrassed man caught with no clothes on' position. That is to say knock kneed, blushing scarlet, hands trying to hide cock and balls.

We couldn't have that could we. Cock and balls would have to be displayed if he was going to get any help.

"Hands on head," I said, of course he obeyed, men do obey bossy girls when they've got no clothes on.

So I got a good look. Made him do a little twirl. That's what men get girls to do when they want to ogle them isn't it. So he could do a little twirl for me.

Nice legs, cute bum, very cute bum in fact, not muscular, but nicely toned, the sort of cute chubby bottom that's just begging to be smacked. Slim figure, smooth all over. I don't like hairy men. I mean who does. Of course I paid particular attention to his cock and balls. Once you've seen a man's cock he's always embarrassed and he'll be putty in your hands forever after. That's been one of the secrets of my success. Get a man to show you his cock (easier than you'd think girls) and he's yours to boss around forever.

So, I had a good look at his cock. As I said, I usually get the men who work for me to show me their cocks. Rank, as they say, has its privileges, and if a man wants to work for me he shows me his cock. I say it when I interview them, "Show me your cock," I say, "If you want this job show me your cock." It separates the wimps from the twerps (men are always one or the other). The wimps show me their cock. They get the job. I don't want twerps working for me. You know what girls? Some surprisingly virile looking men have surprisingly little ones. This wimp might have been slim and delicate featured but his cock was really impressive, and a pair of cannonballs, if you'll excuse the expression, dangling invitingly. Here's a tip girls - if you want control over a naked man, as we all do, make him stand with his legs apart. In that position his balls dangle, unprotected and vulnerable. If he doesn't do as he's told a quick tap with the foot will quickly bring him to heel. It's not usually necessary, just move your foot a little and the fact that he knows his balls are dangling invitingly is enough.

He was, apparently, to suffer a nude humiliation for losing whatever bet they must have made. If he'd won no doubt he would have been parading the girl around in the nude, so basically he deserved whatever he was going to get.

"I tell you what," I said, "I've an idea..."


"I've an idea," she said, "so you won't have to go down in the nude"

"Yes, anything..."


"Yes, yes... Please."

"Well," she said grinning, "I am chief sales executive for a ladies lingerie company. I'm sure we can find you a nice pair of sexy panties to wear."

"But... I can't.."

"Well, it's that or well, you go as you are..."


"Here's a lovely pair," she held up a pair of sheer, pink silk panties.

"I can't wear those!"

"Why ever not? They're designer label."


"These or displayed completely nude for all the world to see."

"Well... I... er.. Suppose so..." I put them on. "They've a slit in them!"

"Of course. Sexy knickers are always crotchless."

"But my.... My... er... It won't... I mean it's..."

"You mean your willy's so big it won't stay in."

"Well... Yes..."

"In that case I suggest you let it poke through."



She'd wrapped him round her little finger. He stood there in his little panties with his willy sticking out. It was too funny for words. I know what you're thinking girls, when you're reading this, you're thinking I was really mean parading him through the lounge with his willy on view, but do you know what, it was really funny!

"There you are girls." I said, and yanked his knickers to the ground.


Tracey had like made this bet. All because of some silly on-line thing she watched where girls got men naked. Anyways me and Lisa told her, it'll be all staged like with actors cos they'll all have big ones won't they. Apparently they did all have big ones, Tracey likes a big one does our Trace.

So, Tracey was like having nothing of it. Men always want to show off to a girl, she says, I could get any man to do it.

So that was how we ended up with the bet. Tracey went off to try and get this bloke naked for us, like stand in front of us with nothing on. And he had to have a big one. Fat chance we thought. Tracey was going to be mega embarrassed when she lost. Considering like what the bet was.

Lisa and me had a couple of shots, getting quite squiffy we was, and laughing at the thought of Tracey's mega embarrassment, when stick a banana up me whatsit (no that wasn't the bet it's an expression we use like) in walks Tracey, and the bloke in a pair of bleeding knickers and his willy on view.

And I'll tell you what. It was a bleeedin big one!

He stood there in the lounge in front of us two girls completely nude except for a pair of silk knickers round his ankles.

A round of applause broke out from the guests in the lounge.

"I think you lost something," I said..

"Like these," said Lisa, holding up a bag containing his clothes.

"I don't understand," he stammered.

"You've been pranked!" we chorused in unison.


It had all been some silly prank to do with a television show. Well, you have to be a good sport don't you?

And the two girls had apparently lost a bet. They're on their way down to the front desk now. They can have their clothes back when they return

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        How very humiliating for the poor chap. I like the way the story is told from various perspectives. It lets you enjoy the same situation over again and again. Thanks very much.
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