Stripping and Humiliation

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patrick 778
Practice makes Perfect
Wed Mar 13, 2019 7:05am


My mother was very friendly with Mrs Stamford who lived in the next village to ours at Rose Cottage. She often visited Mrs Stamford and if I was not at school would take me with her.

I was generally bored by their conversations about people I didn’t know but enjoyed tea and cakes which Mrs Stamford used to serve after a short while in her home.

I always looked at magazines in her paper rack while their conversation floated over my fourteen-year-old head. I was reading an interesting article about a local historical character when I heard them mention ‘Andrew’. Since that was my name, I pricked up my ears but pretended still to be reading the magazine.

“I think he would,” my mother was saying, “I don’t do it anymore – I let him do it himself since he was about eleven.” Mrs Stamford said, “It would help Judith no end, she failed the first time, and needs to practice.”

I realised they were talking about Mrs Stamford’s niece who was a couple of years older than me, and who sometimes came to stay with her. I think she was from Hull – she had one of those accents with flattened vowels. However, I couldn’t guess what it was Judith needed to practice, but I was soon to discover.

My mother turned to me and when she knew she had got my attention said, “Andrew, Mrs Stamford has asked me if you would be kind enough to help her niece who is doing an exam in caring. Judith is coming over next week and Mrs Stamford thought as its half term holidays, you might be free to help with her practice.”

Knowing that a refusal would upset my mother I said, “I suppose I could help, what is she wanting me to do?” “Mrs Stamford said, “Thank you Andrew, you are a good lad. We thought you would be ideal as you are tall for your age and as big as some of the old people she will have to care for. She needs to practice bathing a male patient, because it didn’t go well the first time she tried, and she failed that part of the exam.” I was quite well developed for a fourteen-year-old, already taller than both my mother and Mrs Stamford and nearly as tall as my father.

It slowly dawned on me what I was letting myself in for. Judith was going to bath me – no one had bathed me since I was at Junior School and our teacher had told us to tell our mothers we were old enough to bath ourselves. This had been a relief to me as I’d begun getting erections when my mother towelled me dry after my bath.

I had committed myself already without checking the details (a lesson learned for later in life), and I could hardly now refuse. My mother arranged to take me over on the Wednesday of the following week when Judith would spend the afternoon practicing for her caring qualification while no doubt mother and Mrs Stamford enjoyed tea and cakes and conversation.

Wednesday arrived and mother and I set off to the next village. Although it was autumn it was still warm weather and I was in my polo shirt and khaki shorts. We were welcomed at Rose Cottage by both Mrs Stamford and Judith. I hadn’t seen Judith for about a year and now she seemed to have turned from being a schoolgirl into a young woman although I knew she was only sixteen.

Judith seemed quite excited to see me and asked me lots of questions about my progress at school and my favourite music.

Mrs Stamford said, “You two go upstairs and get on with it. I shall make a cup of tea in about an hour for us all, and you can come down then.”

I made my way upstairs with Judith. She said, “I’m very grateful that you said you would help. I don’t know anyone else who would, and I need to get good at this before the exam next month.”

We were talking in the guest bedroom which I assumed was Judith’s during her stay. She said, “We have to pretend you are my elderly client and I am your carer and I am going to give you a bath.”

I said, “What shall I do?” She said, “Just sit on the bed until I come for you. I’m going to run a bath and when the temperature is right you can go in – all right?” I nodded.

I heard the water running in the bathroom and when it stopped, she returned. She said, “I’ve made sure it is not too hot and I’m going to give you a bath, so you need to get undressed.” I was about to start disrobing when she stopped me. “Say ‘will you help me please’ as if you were not capable”. I did as she asked, and she told me to stand up. I did this slowly as if I was an old gentleman.

She began to unbutton my polo shirt and then pulled it off over my head. I was not wearing a vest. She knelt and unfastened my shoes, slipping them off one by one, and then took off my socks.

Next came the bit I was rather nervous about as she turned her attention to my shorts. While I was used to being naked as school in the showers after gym or sports with my thirty or so schoolmates, I was no longer used to a female seeing me undressed. I was worried that I might not be able to control myself and feel humiliated with an erection, like I used to when my mother towelled me dry when I was eleven years old.

Judith unfastened my snakehead belt, the top button and the fly, letting my shorts fall to the carpeted floor. I stepped out of them. Now all I wore was my brief underpants, and I was aware that Judith was looking at them. Judith said, “I have to respect your modesty, so you had better keep your pants on.” She took my hand and gently led me to the bathroom.

I stood beside the bath, and she said, “I’m giving you a stand-up bath because a single helper can’t lift an old person out of the bath. Let me take your pants down.” With that she put fingers either side of my waist on the elastic of my briefs and slid them down. “I’ll hold you as you step into the bath,” she said, and with that guided me into the warm water.

Almost immediately she began to wash me down, wetting my hair, applying shampoo, rinsing and then flannelling the rest of my body. As she reached my lower abdomen she said, “This is where I failed the previous test, they said I wasn’t thorough enough, so I’m going to be very thorough. I’m supposed to roll back your foreskin and clean the end of your penis first, but I can see you are circumcised so I’ll just wash your penis carefully.”

Embarrassed enough, already this talk about my penis was making me feel humiliated, but how could I get out of the situation. She began to wash my penis and seemed to take forever, then continued with my scrotum holding my testicles up as she flannelled underneath them. I was beginning to get an arousal and my penis was throbbing gently even though not erect. I knew that I would lose control soon if she continued handling my private parts.

Judith had spotted what was happening. “Don’t worry, Andrew, I don’t think old men get an erection, but I know it happens to boys all the time.” This further attention to my young manhood resulted in my penis stiffening and rising to point to the ceiling. Judith gave it a further soaping and seemed to delight in handling it. “I often wondered what you had in your shorts, Andrew, now I know!” She said, “There is a brown mark round here and I can’t get it off,” she was pointing to the shaft of my penis, and I remembered, when I was about four years old, an aunt of mine saying the same thing when she bathed me. “It’s always there – its natural,” I said as my penis was being closely scrutinised in a humiliating way.

It was at that moment I heard footsteps on the stairs and a moment later the unfastened door opened. Mrs Stamford entered and said, “I wondered how you were getting on and whether it was time to put the kettle on.” She stopped and I saw her gaze rivetted on my erection.

Judith said, “We’re doing fine, he’s a good patient, I think we will only be another ten minutes so you can put the kettle on.” Her aunt responded, “I can see he’s fully developed – have you told him its rude to do that?” She pointed at my arousal protruding from my loins. “Oh auntie, its quite normal in boys, we are taught not to worry about it.”

“I’ll go and put the kettle on, I expect you will want some cake, Andrew, won’t you.” Said Mrs Stamford. I nodded and said, “Yes please.” This was now my second humiliation. I now had no secrets whatever from my mothers’ friend and I knew that my aroused state would be their next topic of conversation.

Judith completed washing me and my erection subsided a little. She towelled me dry taking particular care around my genitals to see they were completely dry. She held out my briefs and I gratefully stepped into them. We returned to the bedroom and she dressed me in my shirt and shorts.

“That’s it,” she said, “I think it went well don’t you. Did you feel I was thorough enough especially with your private parts?” I told her she had been quite thorough enough and was still conscious that my penis had failed to subside completely and now my khaki shorts had a distinct bulge at the front.

I went downstairs as Judith cleared up in the bathroom. As I descended the stairs, I heard my mother saying, “He embarrassed me when he was a baby, he used to stick out of his nappy when the district nurse came to weigh him. He takes after his father.” Mrs Stamford said, “I expect he does, he is certainly well set up down there.”

I coughed and then entered the sitting room and the conversation ceased. Tea and cake were on offer. Judith joined us after a few minutes. She was questioned by her aunt as to how the practice had gone and was assured that it had been a very useful exercise.
Judith said, “Andrew was very good. We pretended he was an old man unable to help himself and he played along very well. He let me give him a thorough wash – I wasn’t used to doing that with a male which is why I failed the exam. I didn’t like touching the patient there during the exam, but Andrew was very co-operative”.

My shorts were still bulging, and I covered up with the plate my cake was on. I hoped this was the end of my embarrassments, but it was not to be. “Perhaps,” said Mrs Stamford, “it would be a good idea to repeat the practice before you go back to Hull, Judith, what do you think?”

With a mouthful of cake, I was unable to object before my mother and Mrs Stamford had agreed that I would be available for a further practice on the following Friday at Rose Cottage.

    • Practice - Chapter Twopatrick 778, Thu Mar 21 4:23am
      I have been much encouraged my your responses to write a second chapter which hot off the press follows:- Practice - Chapter Two Friday soon came around and mother and I got on the bus and headed for ... more
      • Nice storyRick Kink, Wed Mar 27 1:42pm
        I enjoyed both parts of this tale very much! The only shortcoming was that each time, Judith stopped cleaning his penis before he could cum! But the story was still very sweet and erotic.
      • Very nice sequel!gocarty, Thu Mar 21 8:13am
        I liked this follow-up very much. Consistent with the first in tone, there is still an underlying erotic element in the comments and attitude of Miss Harmsworth. Hope to see more from you soon on... more
      • Nice Addition Chapter 2Hooked6, Thu Mar 21 6:33am
        Loved your additions in chapter two. Again the dialog was quite realistic. Loved the entire story - well all except the fact that it is now concluded but other than that I enjoyed it very much.... more
    • Loved your writing styleHooked6, Wed Mar 20 3:16pm
      Very nice story, Patrick778. Your writing style made the entire premise believable and interesting. The dialog among the characters in your story rings true and sets up circumstances for Andrew to be ... more
    • Nice storyLittle Joe, Wed Mar 20 12:11am
      Thank you for this story. You might want to expand on it a little! It reminds me of a story I wrote years ago called "No Baths in School". It’s here... more
    • So there's going to be another practice?sailorbarsoom, Mon Mar 18 6:19pm
      I'm looking forward to it. Exactly how you can escalate things (which I'm sure you want to do and I want to read) without it getting silly (Judith sells tickets to Andrew's female classmates... and... more
    • Love this storygocarty, Sat Mar 16 1:49pm
      Very enjoyable story. I was glad that you had Judith short-circuit the "it's rude to get an erection" nonsense by pointing out that it's natural for boys, etc., etc. It makes no sense for adult women ... more
      • Thankspatrick 778, Sun Mar 17 4:37am
        My thanks, Gocarty, for the critique, and am pleased you enjoyed my story. I am glad you feel my dialogue seems natural - I based it on memories from my youth. In fact Judith was based on a girl from ... more
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