Stripping and Humiliation

For Age 18+ Only.
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Sat Mar 16, 2019 1:49pm

Very enjoyable story. I was glad that you had Judith short-circuit the "it's rude to get an erection" nonsense by pointing out that it's natural for boys, etc., etc. It makes no sense for adult women (who certainly know better) to say such things (I suppose one should interpret it as a deliberate lie, used as a ploy to punish the boy). This dialog seems much more natural and honest and the humiliation is both gentler and (to me) more erotic.

  • Practice makes Perfectpatrick 778, Wed Mar 13 7:05am
    Practice My mother was very friendly with Mrs Stamford who lived in the next village to ours at Rose Cottage. She often visited Mrs Stamford and if I was not at school would take me with her. I was... more
    • Practice - Chapter Twopatrick 778, Thu Mar 21 4:23am
      I have been much encouraged my your responses to write a second chapter which hot off the press follows:- Practice - Chapter Two Friday soon came around and mother and I got on the bus and headed for ... more
      • Nice storyRick Kink, Wed Mar 27 1:42pm
        I enjoyed both parts of this tale very much! The only shortcoming was that each time, Judith stopped cleaning his penis before he could cum! But the story was still very sweet and erotic.
      • Very nice sequel!gocarty, Thu Mar 21 8:13am
        I liked this follow-up very much. Consistent with the first in tone, there is still an underlying erotic element in the comments and attitude of Miss Harmsworth. Hope to see more from you soon on... more
      • Nice Addition Chapter 2Hooked6, Thu Mar 21 6:33am
        Loved your additions in chapter two. Again the dialog was quite realistic. Loved the entire story - well all except the fact that it is now concluded but other than that I enjoyed it very much.... more
    • Loved your writing styleHooked6, Wed Mar 20 3:16pm
      Very nice story, Patrick778. Your writing style made the entire premise believable and interesting. The dialog among the characters in your story rings true and sets up circumstances for Andrew to be ... more
    • Nice storyLittle Joe, Wed Mar 20 12:11am
      Thank you for this story. You might want to expand on it a little! It reminds me of a story I wrote years ago called "No Baths in School". Itís here... more
    • So there's going to be another practice?sailorbarsoom, Mon Mar 18 6:19pm
      I'm looking forward to it. Exactly how you can escalate things (which I'm sure you want to do and I want to read) without it getting silly (Judith sells tickets to Andrew's female classmates... and... more
    • Love this story — gocarty, Sat Mar 16 1:49pm
      • Thankspatrick 778, Sun Mar 17 4:37am
        My thanks, Gocarty, for the critique, and am pleased you enjoyed my story. I am glad you feel my dialogue seems natural - I based it on memories from my youth. In fact Judith was based on a girl from ... more
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