Stripping and Humiliation

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Panties Part 4: Party Panty Training
Sat Sep 6, 2008 11:52am

4. Party Panty Training

After David exited the change room, dressed again, Karen told him that she and Amanda had decided to continue his panty-training at Amanda's nearby apartment in a semi-public setting with several of Amanda's girl friends in attendance. David groaned at the expectation of his continued humiliation at the hands of his wife's little sister.

Karen made David get into the back of his car, and drove it to Amanda's place with her directing from the passenger's seat. They then went up to Amanda's apartment and greeted her two roommates and their three friends who had already arrived. Karen explained to everybody why they were there, and all the girls were eager to help her out.

"Time for some panty training, David. Every stitch off except for your delightful pouty-pink-dot panties." Ordered Karen.

David stripped as instructed and stood there bare but for a small pair of pink panties. All the fully-clothed women hooted and hollered at David's shame.

"A proper panty-training involves you modeling those for us." Said Amanda. "Pretend you're on a runway and show them off for us just like a Victoria's Secret girl."

David hesitatingly walked back and forth, parading his pantied state much to the women's amusement. Two of the girls, who had some modeling training, showed him how to do the model's walk, crossing one foot across the other, and how to do proper runway turns. It did not help David's state of mind that all the women were laughing uproariously at his panty-shame. As he walked to and fro and turned he was smacked and pinched numerous times on his pantied rear-end.

"Excellent show, David. But now you’re going to put on another show for us. A little dancing and crying show as we redden your cheeky little cheeks with your new wooden spoon."

Karen made David bend over the back of a sofa, and showed the girls the wooden spoon. There were seven girls there in total, and Karen decided they would each take 20 hard swats at David's backside: 140 strict swats in all.

Bending over the back of the sofa, David's panties did little to protect him as the cheeky high cut in back effectively bared the lower two thirds of his backside. He was paddled mercilessly by each of the girls, as they all were offended by his behavior in Karen's panty drawer and the betrayal of trust that it implied.

The first girl left his butt bright red after only twenty strokes. David yelled out more than once.

The second girl deepened the red to a deep blush and David became more frantic.

The third girl smacked so hard that white rings at the contact points could be seen, and some mild bruising became evident. David was begging and pleading to be let off, but to no avail.

"No please no!!!" SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK,...

The fourth girl paddled him hard and fast, concentrating more on the area where thigh meets butt, raising some pretty good bruises all on her own at that sensitive juncture.

The fifth girl grabbed the back of his panties, and pulled up wedging them deeply into his crack. The wedgying pulled painfully on his panty-encased sac. She held him like that as she visited the previously covered areas higher up on his butt.

Saying, "hard to find a fresh patch", the sixth girl parted his far cheek away from his near, and visited the strict spoon up and down both sides of his bottom crack.

"No! SPLAT Please! SPLAT Owwwwy! SPLAT Owww! SPLAT Not there please!!! SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, ... "

She ended by spreading his cheeks as wide as she could and delivering five strict smacks directly to his panty-covered anus: SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

"He'll feel that in the morning" said one of the women quite unnecessarily.

Karen was last. She made David blubber out an apology through his tears. She then sentenced him to have his panties removed in front of all the girls, and to receive his final twenty on the bare bottom, bent over completely nude, with his legs spread wide open.

Karen grabbed the waistband of his panties and slowly pulled them down to below his bottom cheeks, to his knees, to his ankles, and the all the way off. She instructed him to hold his panties between his teeth "so he wouldn't lose them". She then made David spread his legs, encouraging him with smacks of the spoon to his sensitive inner thighs.

David's position was such that his cock and balls were fully visible to all the girls between his widely spread legs.

To emphasize his exposure, Karen suggested that next time he would not think so much with "this" as she patted his balls with the wooden spoon. Karen then laid on his remaining twenty, hard and fast directly on the crown of his cheeks, blistering his backside quite thoroughly, as promised.

  • New story: Pantiesdasser, Sat Sep 6 11:49am
    A story about a very naughty husbnad caught snooping in his wife's younger sister's panty drawer. Spanked. A trip to the mall. Panty-trained. Paddled. Milked. And finally humiliated in front of his... more
    • Re: New story: Pantiesbabyryan2121, Thu Feb 6 9:35pm
      Dasser.. your stories are amazing... cant wait to hear if you are working on something new!
    • panties and spoonvictoreastman, Sat Feb 2 6:53am
      The punishment fit the crime and I speak in all respects from first hand experience( albeit privately enforced, not publicly ) The wooden spoon in my case was perhaps not as large but made to punish... more
    • Thank you for the commentsdasser, Sun Sep 7 8:37pm
      Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you liked it. I hope you appreciated my extensive on-line research on the Victoria's Secret website finding just the right pair of panties for david ;-)
    • Re: New story: PantiesShyboy, Sun Sep 7 7:18am
      Bravo Dasser Me too, I really enjoyed this story. I really liked the way the trap was set by his wife and younger sister and how he was caught "pink handed" ....(AHEM, what are you doing?" that was... more
    • Re: New story: Pantiesgeorgejetson1954, Sun Sep 7 5:49am
      A well written story with lots of humiliation. Fits right into the board. Even though panty training isn't one of my faves the other parts of the story was enjoyable. If you have any other stories or ... more
    • Re: New story: PantiesKand, Sun Sep 7 4:17am
      An entertaining read, and certainly well written and paced, although more spanking involved than to my tastes would have liked. Nice twist at the end where it's revealed that the entire thing was the ... more
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      • Pantiesazpop, Sun Jul 16 2:26pm
        Awesome story, loved every word, please continue!
      • Re: Panties Part 6: Home Sweet Homebbbinz, Sun Jan 8 10:08am
        after all those previous spankings,I simply can't imagine a trip to The Woodshed. when Sarah's Dad applied the leather across his sore bare bottom,you could hear him howling for miles,even with a... more
      • DAVIDKraftty3, Fri Feb 1 8:28pm
        ARE YOU DONE WITH DAVID AND SARAH? or will there be more? great series, thank you. panty boy paull
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