Stripping and Humiliation

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Panties Part 1: Caught
Sat Sep 6, 2008 11:53am

1. Caught

It was Thanksgiving weekend and David and his wife Sarah were staying at David's in-law's house. It was an annual gathering, and all the family were expected to gather from across the country. In addition to David and Sarah, there was Sarah's mom and dad, Uncle Ted and Aunt Madge, Sarah's older brother Jim and his wife Sandy, her younger brother Todd and his wife Sue, and her little sister Karen who was between boyfriends (or at least between boyfriends she would be willing to subject to the long weekend). Karen was the youngest sibling, having just past her 30th birthday.

Everybody had gone skating at the local rink down the road, which was one of the many traditions invoked in the family this time of year. Despite the usual prodding, David had persisted in bowing out, having never learned how to skate and not about to start now. To his great relief, David found himself entirely alone in the big house this Saturday afternoon. He lounged around in front of the TV for a while. However with nobody in the house David was feeling very free, and slightly naughty.

Only a little guiltily David wandered into his wife's younger sister Karen's bedroom. His wife Sarah was a beautiful woman, but her younger sister was hot and David fantasized about her considerably. He had once mentioned to Sarah that he thought her little sister was smoking hot, but the comment was met with a chilly reception, and David had never repeated the sentiment.

David and Sarah occupied one of the guest rooms. Karen had her old room. It was still decked out as when she had left it as a teenager: painted in soft pastels, stuffed animals on the bed, and posters of teenage boy band idols on the walls. David snooped around in her night table drawers hoping to find something compromising like a dildo or a dirty book. Finding nothing of the sort he made his way to her dresser drawers and looked in there.

Opening the top drawer he saw Karen's panties, which excited him. He pulled out a pair and held them out. 'Wow!' he thought. The pair he had pulled out were really skimpy and sexy, and David immediately started getting hard thinking of Karen in those and nothing else. Putting them down carefully he pulled out another equally sexy pair and held them up. These he put to his nose and sniffed long and deep, imagining he smelled Karen's pussy-scent on the fresh-laundered panties.

"Ahem" said a female voice seemingly out of the blue.

David was startled and whipped around to see Karen leaning nonchalantly in the doorway.

"I... i... i..." stammered David "how... how long have you been there?"

"Long enough." said Karen. "Do you mind putting those down? Like, right now, ok?"

David quickly put the panties back in the drawer and slammed it shut.

"I was just looking for something..." said David weakly.

"Yu-huh. And it looks like you found it." replied Karen sarcastically.

"I'm really, really sorry, Karen. Honest I don't know what got into me. You won't tell anyone, will you Karen? Please?" begged David.

"Maybe we can work something out." said Karen.

"Whatever you want Karen. Anything at all." promised David.

"Oh my God, if I told Sarah what you were doing in here, she would have a bird!" said Karen.

"Please don't. Please don't" pleaded David.

"Well I won't tell her and ruin her Thanksgiving, but you need to get punished." said Karen.

"What do you mean, punished?" asked David.

"I mean you either agree to do whatever I tell you to until I think you've learned your lesson, or I tell Sarah, and EVERYBODY else what you were doing in my room!" stated Karen.

"Don't do that. I'll do what you say." said David.

"So you agree to be punished by me, in any way I see fit, for as long as I see fit?" asked Karen by way of confirmation.

"Yes" promised David.

"I haven't decided yet, but it will probably involve you losing your clothes and getting whacked on your bare backside. You agree to that? And anything else I tell you to do? Even if it's really, really embarrassing for you?" asked Karen.

"Yes, ma'am" said David.

"Oh I like the 'ma'am' touch, sweetie. Sarah must have trained you well. You keep using that for me." Karen walked up to David and patted him on the cheek as she said this. He blushed brightly.

Grabbing David by the ear she walked him to her desk where she pulled out the straight-backed wooden chair and faced it outwards into the room. Sitting down, still grabbing David's ear, she made him bend awkwardly.

"Take your jeans down to your ankles." demanded Karen.

David did as he was told, wincing from Karen's painful grasp on his ear. When they were down Karen used his ear to pull him over her lap. David found himself upended, face down by the carpet, legs dangling, and bum high up over Karen's lap. Karen began spanking the seat of David's white jockey underpants and scolding him for being a "nasty little pervert". The spanking didn't really hurt all that much and was soon over, but David was nonetheless mortified to be treated in this manner by his wife's pretty kid sister.

"Pull your pants up. We're going shopping, David" announced Karen after she had finished her spanking.

Karen was a shopping fiend, and David groaned inwardly at what this would probably mean to his credit card balance.

  • New story: Pantiesdasser, Sat Sep 6 11:49am
    A story about a very naughty husbnad caught snooping in his wife's younger sister's panty drawer. Spanked. A trip to the mall. Panty-trained. Paddled. Milked. And finally humiliated in front of his... more
    • Re: New story: Pantiesbabyryan2121, Thu Feb 6 9:35pm
      Dasser.. your stories are amazing... cant wait to hear if you are working on something new!
    • panties and spoonvictoreastman, Sat Feb 2 6:53am
      The punishment fit the crime and I speak in all respects from first hand experience( albeit privately enforced, not publicly ) The wooden spoon in my case was perhaps not as large but made to punish... more
    • Thank you for the commentsdasser, Sun Sep 7 8:37pm
      Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you liked it. I hope you appreciated my extensive on-line research on the Victoria's Secret website finding just the right pair of panties for david ;-)
    • Re: New story: PantiesShyboy, Sun Sep 7 7:18am
      Bravo Dasser Me too, I really enjoyed this story. I really liked the way the trap was set by his wife and younger sister and how he was caught "pink handed" ....(AHEM, what are you doing?" that was... more
    • Re: New story: Pantiesgeorgejetson1954, Sun Sep 7 5:49am
      A well written story with lots of humiliation. Fits right into the board. Even though panty training isn't one of my faves the other parts of the story was enjoyable. If you have any other stories or ... more
    • Re: New story: PantiesKand, Sun Sep 7 4:17am
      An entertaining read, and certainly well written and paced, although more spanking involved than to my tastes would have liked. Nice twist at the end where it's revealed that the entire thing was the ... more
    • Panties Part 1: Caught — dasser, Sat Sep 6 11:53am
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      3. Lingerie "You really seemed to like my panties, David, isn't that so?" asked Karen. "I, ah, well, I..." stuttered David. "Of course you did. You went straight for my panty drawer, didn't you?"... more
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      4. Party Panty Training After David exited the change room, dressed again, Karen told him that she and Amanda had decided to continue his panty-training at Amanda's nearby apartment in a semi-public... more
    • Panties Part 5: Time Outdasser, Sat Sep 6 11:51am
      5. Time-Out When Karen was done she ordered David to stay where he was (sobbing and exposed, with his severely beaten bottom on display) while the girls opened a glass of wine and served some food... more
    • Panties Part 6: Home Sweet Homedasser, Sat Sep 6 11:50am
      6. Home Sweet Home When David was done his cleaning chore, the spoon was removed from his rectum and discarded (such a pity). Karen made him put his panties back on and re-dress himself. She thanked... more
      • Pantiesazpop, Sun Jul 16 2:26pm
        Awesome story, loved every word, please continue!
      • Re: Panties Part 6: Home Sweet Homebbbinz, Sun Jan 8 10:08am
        after all those previous spankings,I simply can't imagine a trip to The Woodshed. when Sarah's Dad applied the leather across his sore bare bottom,you could hear him howling for miles,even with a... more
      • DAVIDKraftty3, Fri Feb 1 8:28pm
        ARE YOU DONE WITH DAVID AND SARAH? or will there be more? great series, thank you. panty boy paull
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