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The Humidifiers
Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:18pm

The Humidifiers

The following is a fictional account.


Well, I must say, it’s been quite a run. It was quite a few years ago that I made the decision to go into the “humidifier” business. Since then, my employees and I have claimed many a victim, and we managed to have quite a bit of fun in the process. Now that I’m retired, I can kick back and enjoy the memories.

But I’m getting waaaay ahead of myself. Allow me to back up and fill you in on the roots of this crazy idea I had.

You see, ever since I can remember, I have had this interest—maybe you could call it a fascination—with humiliation. I love hearing, reading and fantasizing about people being humiliated. Some may call it a fetish. I believe the experts in the field of sexual practices would call it paraphilic behavior. Well, they can call it whatever they want. The fact is, it has given me many hours of pleasure. Young people, old people, male, female, gay people, straight people—it doesn’t matter, as long as humiliation is in the equation. And if some form of coerced, non-consensual removal of the victim’s clothing takes place, then my interest level rises significantly.

But now I’m digressing. To get back on track, many years ago I was moderator for a site on the Internet called “Stripping and Humiliation.” When I started the site, I really wasn’t expecting much interest. Oh, how wrong I was! Gradually, people with the same proclivity came out of the woodwork. I never dreamed there were so many people with the same fascination. This discovery went a long way towards achieving my small fortune.

At the time, I was in between jobs, and the idea occurred to me to find something I was genuinely interested in, instead of just taking the first eight-to-five job that came around. I started racking my brain, and it hit me: Maybe there is money in humiliation. Now bear with me here. At first I scoffed at myself. But think about it. How often has some asshole really pissed you off? Be it your boss, a co-worker, a fellow student, a friend, or even a family member that betrayed you…the possibilities are seemingly endless. And when this person pissed you off, how much would you have been willing to pay to see this asshole get his or her comeuppance? Well, I can tell you from years of experience that many people are willing to pay. A lot.

I’ll spare you most of the details of the foundation of my business venture, but my idea was to accommodate these aforementioned pissed off people by carrying out their revenge for them. And what better way to carry out revenge than utilizing humiliation, I ask you?

I used the Stripping and Humiliation site to get the word out initially. Through that venue, I was able to gather up a few willing accomplices, a crew that grew over time. As word gradually spread about my endeavor, business started booming. We made quite a bit of money, and had one hell of a good time in the process.

Originally I planned on calling our company “The Humiliators.” But, realizing that some of our work may not be on the up and up as far as the law was concerned, I needed a cover. So I opened up a small shop selling humidifiers. Okay, laugh if you want, but it proved to be quite effective. I sold enough humidifiers to cover the bills. My shop is in a dry, desert area, and I always managed to undercut my competition. And, with the side humiliation business, I was able to live quite comfortably. I would say that about one in every twenty customers or so came in looking for humiliation instead of a humidifier. They had to use a secret code. I used my real name for the humidifier customers, but if someone was looking for some action they would simply say, “I need Blondie’s help.” I would set up a meeting with the client and get all the necessary details on the future victim. I’d come up with a plan, and if we agreed on a price (the range was from $5000 to $50,000 per job, plus expenses, depending on the course of action) then we were good to go.

In the following chapters I will describe, in no particular order, some of the many different jobs we carried out. The only two rules I had were that the humiliation could not be carried out on pre-teens, and that no physical harm would be used (though the threat of physical harm was available for use if necessary). Payment was up front in cash only. Expenses were collected when the job was done. Satisfaction was guaranteed. I’m proud to say that no customer ever requested a refund.

    • Re: The HumidifiersKelly Slimspank, Fri Jul 4 6:07pm
      Well done Blondie, a great job. I do remember reading the first part some time ago; probably a long time ago, and looking forward to the following parts, but they didn't arrive. They're here now... more
    • Chapter 1Blondie., Sun Jun 29 3:25pm
      The following fictional account is for age 18 and older only. I have to confess that I have a soft spot for humiliation in a school setting. Perhaps it stems from being in a school when I witnessed... more
      • Chapter 1Blondie., Sun Jun 29 3:27pm
        One of my favorite parts of any humiliation job was hearing the accounts of the humiliation from the participants and/or witnesses. After the dirty deed was done on young Mr. Scully, I heard all the... more
        • Hold StillShyboy, Mon Jun 30 5:08am
          Thank you Blondie for reposting one of my favorite stories of All time. The part I remember and enjoyed the most came in this section of the story. I think it's interesting how the main male... more
        • Chapter 1Blondie., Sun Jun 29 3:28pm
          It was a few minutes later that Amy decided to continue with her participation. She finished her taco, wiped her lips with a napkin and slowly strolled over to the distraught Bobby Scully. She knelt... more
          • the humidifierslaperreradigital, Sun Jun 29 5:30pm
            Excellent!, perfect! I love the humiliation stories in which the main character is an arrogant boy. The humiliation is complete! Thank you very much! More stories, please!
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