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Chapter 1
Sun Jun 29, 2008 3:28pm

It was a few minutes later that Amy decided to continue with her participation. She finished her taco, wiped her lips with a napkin and slowly strolled over to the distraught Bobby Scully. She knelt down and took hold of the bunched pants at his ankles.

“Lift your leg,” she commanded without looking up.

“Please, Amy…” Bobby was on the verge of tears.

“Lift your leg, now, or your underpants are coming off, too,” she responded. Her tone was matter-of-fact but forceful. Bobby lifted his right leg and Amy released the pants from his foot. “Now your other leg,” she commanded. Bobby complied submissively, and Amy stood up, holding a pair of corduroys. As she walked away with his pants, she said, “Of course, your underpants are coming off anyway.” She delighted in the look of horror that her remark elicited.

She walked a few paces and handed the pants to Rod Gunderson, who added them to the mounting pile of clothes on the floor in the corner. She walked purposely to her victim. She cupped her fingertips on the inside of the band on either side of his BVD’s.

“Let me hear you beg,” she demanded. He needed no further prodding.

“Oh, please, I’m begging you! I’m sorry! Really, I’m sorry! I’ll do anything, Amy, please! Don’t pull them down!” His voice betrayed his state of panic.

“Oh, you’ll do anything all right. But you’ll do it completely...and totally...nude,” replied Amy. Amy stepped to the horrified lad's side in order to give the captive audience a clear view, and in a slow but continuous motion she pulled Bobby’s underpants all the way down to his ankles, much to the amusement of the students in the now packed cafeteria. She backed off to observe his reaction. While the sounds of laughter echoed throughout, the near-naked student frenetically tried—in vain—to return his underpants to his waist by lifting each leg one at a time and using his toes to raise them up. He was able to get them as far up as his knees, but his subsequent struggles would prove to be fruitless.

After allowing to play out what for her was a most delicious scene, Amy bent down and again lowered Bobby’s underpants to his ankles.

“Leg up!” she commanded. Bobby was resigned to his dismal fate, and complied obediently. Amy pulled the underpants free from his left foot and clutched his right ankle. “Leg up!” she again instructed. When her order was obeyed she took the underpants in her right hand, stood up and twirled them high above her head before flinging them as far as she could. They landed on the floor, and a coed pushed them under her table with her foot.

Bobby Scully was now as naked and helpless as the day he was born, only with a much larger audience.

Amy backed up a couple of paces and surveyed her agonized victim. The two made eye contact, and Amy grinned in total satisfaction. She looked down and glanced at his midsection before returning her gaze to his burning face.

“How humiliating it must be to have that tiny, hairless nub on display for the whole school.”

While Bobby blushed even brighter, she turned and strutted triumphantly to her seat.

The cafeteria was buzzing now. The scene before them was one that would most assuredly be remembered and recounted in conversations for years to come.

But there would be even more that the mortified Bobby Scully would have to endure before all was said and done.

After standing naked for all to see for a full ten minutes, Bobby was approached by Rod Gunderson.

“Okay, Scully,” he was told, “I’m going to undo your wrists. But here’s the deal. Before we let you leave the cafeteria, with your clothes, I want you to go over and climb on top of Amy’s table.” He looked at the frightened student’s wide-eyed reaction. “If you don’t, I’m leaving you here and dumping your clothes down the garbage chute. Got that?”

Bobby nodded slowly, realizing he had no recourse.

“And that’s not all. You’re to stay there…let’s see,” he said as he looked up at the clock high on the wall. “It’s almost 12:15 right now. You can come down from the table at 12:30. Then you can grab your clothes and get the hell out of here if you want…I’m pretty sure that’s what you want, right?” Rod smiled, and again Bobby, now whimpering softly, nodded affirmatively.

“Hand me that can, Steve,” called Rod to one of his fellow football players. Rod’s teammate immediately produced a half-gallon sized can and handed it to Rod. The can was open, and a wooden tongue blade protruded from its contents. Bobby looked on horrified as he read the label of the can: “HEET!” He recognized it as a balm often applied to athletes to relieve sore muscles. When his antagonist dipped the stick into the paste and dug out a large amount, he cried out while retracting his hips.

“No! Please!” he pleaded.

But Rod was merciless. He knelt down to one knee and began applying the balm to Bobby’s scrotum. He spoke while carrying out his task.

“One other thing, Bobby. When I let you down from here, I want you to put your hands on your head and keep them there. If you move your hands even once, you’re coming back here, and you won’t see your clothes again.”

Rod meticulously used the tongue blade to spread the balm, completely covering Bobby’s testicles. The pungent smell permeated the surrounding area.

“I have to warn you, Bobby, this stuff gets pretty hot.” He dipped into the can again, coming up with a smallish wad of the contents. He reached between Bobby’s legs and behind his sac and started spreading the ointment. The naked student flinched at the contact. “You’ll be okay for a couple of minutes, but then I think you’re really going to feel the heat. I’m guessing you’ll be dancing around for everybody, putting on quite a show.” Rod chuckled to himself at the mental image. He looked up at his subject. He was not surprised to see the look of wretchedness on his face. He dipped one more time into the can, extracting a fair amount this time. He stood up and walked behind his victim.

“Hey Steve, do me a favor and pull his little ass cheeks apart for me.”


Rod heard the scream and smiled. Bobby felt his rear cheeks being spread, then felt the intrusion into his rectum. The feeling of being violated was as intense as his feeling of abject humiliation.

“This ought to really do the trick,” said Rod as used the tongue blade to delve into the exposed orifice. He seemed to take extra pleasure in smearing the balm all around the depths of Bobby’s anal canal. Rod stood up, and as a final gesture, shoved the tongue blade in a little further, electing to leave it embedded there. About two and a half inches of the stick protruded from Bobby’s buttocks. Rod laughed aloud at the comical sight before walking around to the other side of his angst-ridden prisoner. He reached up to undo the manacles.

“Remember, hands on your head until 12:30, or you’re back here and your clothes are history.”

After both of his wrists were freed, Bobby, who was breathing heavily in anticipation of the ghastliness that awaited him, put his hands on his head. Rod slapped him on his rear with an open palm and shoved him towards the cafeteria.

“Off you go, lover boy, up on the table,” he directed. “It’s show time.”

The besieged Bobby, while careful to leave his hands clasped behind his head, climbed up onto the long, rectangular-shaped table. There were fourteen students, all female, planted on either side in their bench-styled seats. They, along with over three hundred others, were laughing merrily. Bobby looked hopefully up at the clock. It was 12:17, which meant that he would have to endure this staggering humiliation for another thirteen minutes. As the seconds ticked off ever so slowly for him, he stood facing the doorway, perfectly still with his eyes clenched shut.

It was somewhere between 12:18 and 12:19 when that began to change.

It started as a slight itch on his scrotum. Bobby twitched slightly, then lifted his leg in an attempt to scratch himself. Then his whole groin, along with the nether regions of his anus, quickly became warmer and warmer. Bobby opened his eyes wide as the feeling became more intense. By 12:20 he felt like a fire had been set in his most private areas.

For the next ten minutes, the students of Harrison High were treated to a mind-boggling performance, the likes of which they had never seen, nor would likely ever see again. A naked sophomore, with a small, flat stick jutting from his ass, staged what may have been the most passionate dance ever witnessed by mankind, all without the aid of music. “Oh God!” he screamed as he ran from one end of the table to the other, then back again. “Oh, shit!” he yelled, while hopping up and down in a magnificent impersonation of a madman. Occasionally he would kick his leg back and forth, seemingly in an ill-fated attempt to do the can-can. All the while, he kept his hands clasped behind his head, while his miniature-sized genitals bounced around wildly. If his objective was to entertain, then he achieved his goal to the utmost degree, if one was to use the laughter that resonated throughout the cafeteria as a barometer.

At precisely 12:30 Rod Gunderson stood at the head of Amy’s table and addressed the extremely troubled Bobby Scully.

“Okay, Scully,” laughed Rod. “You’re almost done. But before you go, I want you to get down on your hands and knees and apologize to Amy.”

Bobby, already beside himself over the burning sensation and the overwhelming humiliation, would have to endure one final shame. He lowered to his hands and knees on the table, and found himself face-to-face with Amy Carmichael. Amy delighted in his flushing face and his anguished expression.

“I’m sorry, Amy,” he blurted out anxiously. He still felt like he was on fire, and he writhed and jerked his hips, much to the hilarity of the onlookers. Amy decided to let the scene play out just a little bit longer.

“I don’t know, bare Bobby, that doesn’t sound very sincere to me,” she answered with a grin. Bobby continued to gyrate his hips feverishly.

“Oh, please, Amy!” he pleaded. “I’m really, really, really, really sorry! Believe me, I’m sorry!”

“Okay, Scully,” laughed Amy. “Get out of my face. And don’t even think about ever coming near me again.”

With that, the totally beaten Bobby Scully jumped from the table and made a mad dash to the corner of the room, where he grabbed his clothes and made a hasty exit from the cafeteria. As he ran down the hallway towards the sanctity of the locker room, the laughter still ringing in his ears, he broke down and sobbed uncontrollably.

Amy, meanwhile, began working on her other taco.

“Poor Bobby still hasn’t eaten his lunch,” she commented to her friends. “Do you think he’ll be coming back to join us?”

Amidst the laughter, a wave of satisfaction swept through Amy Carmichael’s body.

At a later date I’ll relate in Chapter 2 the account of another job I remember fondly. The victim, a female, most certainly does not remember the event with the same fondness.

  • Chapter 1Blondie., Sun Jun 29 3:27pm
    One of my favorite parts of any humiliation job was hearing the accounts of the humiliation from the participants and/or witnesses. After the dirty deed was done on young Mr. Scully, I heard all the... more
    • Hold StillShyboy, Mon Jun 30 5:08am
      Thank you Blondie for reposting one of my favorite stories of All time. The part I remember and enjoyed the most came in this section of the story. I think it's interesting how the main male... more
    • Chapter 1 — Blondie., Sun Jun 29 3:28pm
      • the humidifierslaperreradigital, Sun Jun 29 5:30pm
        Excellent!, perfect! I love the humiliation stories in which the main character is an arrogant boy. The humiliation is complete! Thank you very much! More stories, please!
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