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The Humiliation of a Supervisor, Part 2
Tue Feb 5, 2008 6:04pm

For the next week, Gloria would remain baffled about the lost time. It would be Monday morning when she would discover the shocking truth.

Steve, meanwhile, had a most enjoyable week. When Gloria went home Monday evening, he removed the tape from the video camera. He anxiously sped home and enjoyed the results, achieving his own self-induced climax as he watched the naked Miss Baxter writhe seductively on her desk. He waited for the right moment to put the evidence to use. When Miss Baxter again forced him to work on Saturday, he knew it was time.

Gloria Baxter entered her office at 8:00 sharp the next Monday morning. This time, she closed the curtains of her window, not wanting to be bothered. She had made up her mind to put the previous Monday’s mystery out of her mind. As she sat down at her desk, she glanced at her computer screen. Again she saw the unusual icon with the “Personal” tag to it.

“What the…”

Somewhat apprehensively, she clicked on the icon. Within seconds, a video began playing on her monitor. There were no sound effects, but the picture was enough to make Gloria Baxter want to vomit. The first thing she saw was herself standing in the middle of her office, unbuttoning her blouse.

“Oh my God!” she said aloud.

As she watched in horror, the woman in the video proceeded to strip totally naked and dance around the office like a wild woman. Gloria was wide-eyed and frantic as she stared at her monitor. Then the naked woman in the video was on all fours on her desk, licking and sucking a dildo.

“Oh, dear God, help me,” she moaned.

Then, to her utter terror, when Gloria looked closely at the reflection behind the woman in the video she could see the grinning faces of all nine of her subordinates. The woman watching the video screamed at the top of her lungs.


Her office door opened, and Steve Conrad poked his head in.

“Is everything all right, Miss Baxter?”

“GET OUT! GET THE F*UCK OUT OF MY OFFICE!” she screamed at him, her face as flush as the woman in the video.

“Whatever you say, Miss Baxter.”

Steve calmly shut the door.

This would be the last time he would see Miss Baxter in her office.


Miss Baxter didn’t emerge from her office that day until Steve and his co-workers went home. When Steve came to work the next day, Mr. Steinbach, one of the partners, greeted him.

“Good morning, Mr. Conrad. I have some interesting news. It appears that Miss Baxter has resigned from the firm, quite unexpectedly. She called me yesterday, crying uncontrollably. I have no idea what happened to the poor lady…she seemed quite distressed, I do say.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Mr. Steinbach,” Steve lied.

“Yes…yes. In any case, we do need an immediate replacement. You’ve been doing a fine job for us all these years. Would you be interested in filling her position? It will be more responsibility, but your salary will double. I do hope you’ll consider the opportunity.”

It was all Steve could do to keep from jumping up and down with glee.

“Certainly, sir, I accept. I appreciate your confidence in me.”

The two shook hands.

“Wonderful. I’m sure you’ll live up to expectations. Make yourself at home in your new office,” said Mr. Steinbach as he motioned towards Miss Baxter’s old office.

Steve smiled as he pictured in his mind what took place in there just the week before.

That night, Steve Conrad relaxed at home in his easy chair with a scotch and soda. As he set his drink down, he spotted a videotape on the table. He picked it up, looked at it, and rose to insert it in his VCR. As he sat back and watched Gloria Baxter strip and dance naked around her office, it occurred to him that a private show might be quite entertaining. As he watched her sucking passionately on a dildo, there was no doubt in his mind how he would proceed. He simply must track down the star of this videotape in the very near future. He was quite confident that she would be willing to do some wonderful things for him.


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