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Hold Still
Mon Jun 30, 2008 5:08am

Thank you Blondie for reposting one of my favorite stories of
All time. The part I remember and enjoyed the most came in this section of the story. I think it's interesting how the main male character has his hands tied and secured about his head just as Kelly has done in Covern 59-60.

In your Humidifers there he was, pants undone, unzipped, but staying up until first Amy, then Melody, Cahterine, and finally Suzie tickled him just so. Each time his pants slipped down more and more until, once Suzie was finished, they were down around his ankles in front of uncounted classmates.

Just as Kelly dished out Poetic Justice and recounted on schoolboys "Worst nightmare" in her Coven 58-60, you have been completely successful with both of these themes with The Humdifiers.

Once again thank you finding and reposting and of course for this wonderful story Board for us.

  • Chapter 1Blondie., Sun Jun 29 3:27pm
    One of my favorite parts of any humiliation job was hearing the accounts of the humiliation from the participants and/or witnesses. After the dirty deed was done on young Mr. Scully, I heard all the... more
    • Hold Still — Shyboy, Mon Jun 30 5:08am
    • Chapter 1Blondie., Sun Jun 29 3:28pm
      It was a few minutes later that Amy decided to continue with her participation. She finished her taco, wiped her lips with a napkin and slowly strolled over to the distraught Bobby Scully. She knelt... more
      • the humidifierslaperreradigital, Sun Jun 29 5:30pm
        Excellent!, perfect! I love the humiliation stories in which the main character is an arrogant boy. The humiliation is complete! Thank you very much! More stories, please!
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