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Re: The Humidifiers
Fri Jul 4, 2008 6:07pm

Well done Blondie, a great job.

I do remember reading the first part some time ago; probably a long time ago, and looking forward to the following parts, but they didn't arrive. They're here now though and well worth the wait.

I don't have this need for 'justice' that some readers have, so for me whether its revenge or not makes no difference to me either way, what's important is that it's a good himiliaiton story. And this certainly is.

Having the victim the author his own demise is always an excellent technicque, and alowing him to keep his trousers on so long as he remains still is a very effecive torment, especially when he's given every reason to not remain still. I suspect he would have lost his trousers anyway, even if he had remained still, but that's not the oint. The point is he was tickled and he couldn't stop himself but squirming even though he knew the consequences would be the humiliating loss of his trousers. This places the victim in a terrifying situation where his doom creeps inexorably upon him and although he can do something to stop, he can't do anything to stop it. For the audience, both in the auditorium and the reader, is forced to wait, in suspense for what they both know is inevitable, hence heithening the tension and the drama.

Although this was the piece de resistance of the piece, the 'Heet' and the dancing came close. We have a similar situation here. One the 'Heet' is applied he suffers the discomfort and then the agony as it slowly takes effect. Of course, yet again, the victim knows what is going to happen and can do nothing to avoid it. But he still has a chance. He is not forced to dance or jerk about in spasmodic mania. But he isn't strong enought to resist. The pain is too much and he too weak and so his humiliating performance is in a sense voluntary.

In both cases, the victim is brught down by his own weakness. He can withstand both humiliations, avoid them (if we allow that he wouldn't be forced if he could resist) totally, but he is unable tosummon the will and the conrol to do so. And in the end he is defeated by his own inadequacies.


Thanks Blondie. I will definitely look forward to the next installment. There will be a next installment right?



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          • the humidifierslaperreradigital, Sun Jun 29 5:30pm
            Excellent!, perfect! I love the humiliation stories in which the main character is an arrogant boy. The humiliation is complete! Thank you very much! More stories, please!
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