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Complete degradation!
Fri Sep 3, 2010 3:30am

What a wonderful story of a pretty little sissy's descent into male on male sexual slavery! Bruce has handled his helpless hetero-sexual slave boy with a mastery that can only be admired. I'm sure that he has many friends who would be more than happy to avail themselves of the services of a completely broken in cock sucking wussie. May I suggest a trip to the local sleazy movie theatre with sissy dressed fully as a young girl. There are always plenty of randy guys at the matinees, with full testicles, who will be delighted to have them drained by a weeping pansy for a few bucks! Bruce will be pleasantly surprised just how much cash he can make out of sissy's sweet warm mouth once the word gets round. As for sissy - who cares about him/her!!!

  • Stripped by Friends (Epilogue)Blondie., Tue Feb 5 6:02pm
    Epilogue It is now a week later. I am here to tell you that, much to my dismay, the rest of the evening played out exactly as Donna said it would, with a couple of variations. The... more
    • blondie wanted itashcan90, Sat Feb 19 3:17pm
      Clearly Bondie wanted it... I assumed Blondiw was a girl when I read the B class room spanking story.. but now I see he likes to be humiliated totally! Are you straight, bi or gay? If gay or bi no... more
    • Complete degradation! — sammiboyduchams, Fri Sep 3 3:30am
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